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  • JBR-1430 Problem with JNA when username contains unicode symbol
  • JBR-1718 [MacOS] Desktop Handlers About/Preferences/etc. don't work
  • JBR-2766 java/awt/Window/MinimumSizeDPIVariation/ Wrong size
  • JBR-3131 Use words instead of symbols in system menu shortcuts
  • JBR-3157 Maximized window with custom decorations isn't focused on showing
  • JBR-3182 transfer of JBR to a11y protocol based on roles
  • JBR-3187 NSAccessibilityStaticText
  • JBR-3188 NSAccessibilityNavigableStaticText
  • JBR-3239 MAke a11y component for ScrollView
  • JBR-3240 MAke a11y element for TabGroup
  • JBR-3241 MAke a11y element for combobox
  • JBR-3269 Disable subpixel antialiasing on MacOS Big Sur
  • JBR-3274 macOS: SIGILL at [libsystem_kernel] __kill -[PlatformAxNavigableText accessibilitySelectedTextAttribute]
  • JBR-3339 Window requests focus on horizontal scroll (on Linux)
  • JBR-3353 Sibling popup window is shown below dialog on macOS
  • JBR-3415 bkp from JDK17: 8076313 GraphicsEnvironment does not detect changes in count of monitors on Linux OS
  • JBR-3416 Introduce new client property for Linux: linux.awt.windowTitleVisible
  • JBR-3432 SIGSEGV at [libjvm] AccessInternal::PostRuntimeDispatch / -[JavaComboBoxAccessibility accessibleSelectedText]
  • JBR-3434 SIGSEGV at [libjvm] AccessInternal::PostRuntimeDispatch / -[JavaTableAccessibility selectedAccessibleRows]
  • JBR-3435 SIGSEGV at [libjvm] AccessInternal::PostRuntimeDispatch / -[JavaTableAccessibility selectedAccessibleColumns]
  • JBR-3436 SIGSEGV at [libjvm] AccessInternal::PostRuntimeDispatch / -[JavaTableAccessibility accessibleColCount]
  • JBR-3442 Native file dialog on OSX (for open file) doesn't allow pasting path
  • JBR-3443 Native file dialog on OSX enable filename filter by VM option
  • JBR-3444 SIGILL at [libsystem_kernel] NPE in -[AWTWindow _deliverMoveResizeEvent]
  • JBR-3466 Implement extended glyph cache