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No subsystemBugRUBY-11618RubyMine 4.5 not opening various file types (*.haml, *.rhtml, *.rxml) in editor
BugRUBY-27884IDE stops responding when 'check regexp' with Repetition(less times) regular expression
TaskRUBY-27557RBS: Partially move parser logic to the lexer
CoreCosmeticsRUBY-18360RailsApps Sample wizard needs redesign
Core. ConsolesBugRUBY-278152020.3.2 broke all my run configurations
Core. LocalizationBugRUBY-27362Not all items in the Settings are extracted
Core. SSHBugRUBY-26823SSH session: Rsync link is a dead one
EditorBugRUBY-27498Rails associations are shown as ''
BugRUBY-27501Name of class variable is shown with @
UsabilityRUBY-27497Tests are shown as list of 'Ruby:Do block call' in the navigation bar
Lang. RBSFeatureRUBY-27396Add basic symbol support in RBS that provides declarations
FeatureRUBY-27627Add references in RBS
FeatureRUBY-27383Add lexer/parser for RBS language
FeatureRUBY-27733Remove reference from `bool` in RBS
FeatureRUBY-27625Add support for rename in RBS
FeatureRUBY-27670Add support for the "Comment line" action in RBS
FeatureRUBY-27701Allow resolving RBS references to RBS files in the ruby SDK/stdlib
FeatureRUBY-27626Add support for find usages in RBS
FeatureRUBY-27674Add support for "module self types" in resolve in RBS
BugRUBY-27673Add recursion management in RBS resolve
BugRUBY-27762Add support for highlighting declarations of the element under the caret in the editor for RBS
BugRUBY-27689RBS references inside installed gem doesn't work
BugRUBY-27830RBS reference doesn't work for singleton constants
ExceptionRUBY-27718NullPointerException when defining method inside .rbs
ExceptionRUBY-27719java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException when defining method inside .rbs
 Task  RUBY-27557RBS: Partially move parser logic to the lexer
RailsUsabilityRUBY-27534Unneeded warning 'This version is not fully supported' for Rails 6.1.0
Ruby. FormatterBugRUBY-25786New line in a multiline method call is deintented on typing a colon
BugRUBY-26933Incorrect Auto-Indentation for 'if then' and 'else' statements followed by a comment.
BugRUBY-27411Inconsistent indentation for brace blocks over multiple lines
BugRUBY-27553Comments before methods break indentation logic when a private accessor modifier is used
BugRUBY-27633Wrong caret position after visibility modifiers
BugRUBY-26757Incorrect indentation for methods with arguments and inline comment
Ruby. InspectionsFeatureRUBY-27428Allow additional comments after noinspection warning suppression comments
BugRUBY-27568False Pattern matching with the 'in' operator requires Ruby 2.7 with Ruby 3.0
Ruby. TestsFeatureRUBY-27660
Add inspection for unresolved references
 Add new file template for RBS
BugRUBY-26931Minitest fails to start with DRb::DRbConnError
BugRUBY-27797'No tests were found' if rerun failed tests for multiple tests
BugRUBY-27907Test Run Configurations are not created properly
BugRUBY-27818A test file must be provided (Exception) when trying to run minitest configuration from RM 203 in 211
RSpec run configuration is also suggested when multiple Minitest or Cucumber tests are selected
Multiple selection in the folder with tests have no file type validation
BugRUBY-27589Minitest fails with uninitialized constant Minitest::RubyMineMinitestParallelTestCaseManager::Set
Ruby. Tests. RSpecBugRUBY-27438Rspec example names field in Run Configuration editor actually doesn't support multiple examples
BugRUBY-27710No tests were found when trying to rerun rspec tests
EditorBugRUBY-27547"CACHED_SMART_POINTER" elements in navigation bar popup
Ruby. PluginBugRUBY-21465Ruby Facet is missing
Remote Interpreters. DockerBugRUBY-27650Cannot add new Docker, Docker-Compose or WSL SDK
Tools. BundlerBugRUBY-27784org.jetbrains.plugins.ruby.gem.GemManager.updateGemset in EDT