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JBA Course card description suggests to log in for already logged in usersCourse Selection View: Reset filters action doesn't restore default filter headerDelete "Open JBA project" from "More actions" context menu on Welcome screenDialog for deleted courses removes course from list on esc on WindowsBug4100Stepik course not updatingSwing is default task description panel type instead of JCEFAdd example of in-course link to task description
No subsystemCheckIOBugEDU-41054192My Courses: Course Files Not Found dialog: Remove Course option does nothingCheckIO: IDE cannot check task with "Checking took too much time" message
CheckerBugEDU-4103Scala Tutorial: Checker panel: special symbols are not rendered in error description
BugEDU-3525Output JVM: Adding last line break to user output if it isn't presented.
CodeforcesFeatureEDU-40174019Auto-substitution of input for Run/Debug in Codeforces for C++Course Selection ViewGo
FeatureEDU-3912"Remove course" button for removing already started courses
BugEDU-4065Browse Courses dialog, opened from File menu, doesn't disappear after creating course via `Create course...`
BugEDU-4098On My Courses tab course is kept in the list after it was removed
BugEDU-40864018Auto-substitution of input for Run/Debug in Codeforces for Rust
BugEDU-4088Warning banner is shown in "Open Course From Disk" dialogBugEDU-39184155Codeforces: missing \n in input and output files causing false incorrect results when using the "Run Local Tests" button
Course Selection ViewBugEDU-40384084Course isn't added to "My Courses" if opened from files
BugEDU-40974111"Restart course" option isn't suggested for courses from Community and Stepik tabs
BugEDU-37744109"My Courses" tab: when course is deleted, progress counter isn't updated
UsabilityEDU-3898Welcome screen: add link to guide for learners on empty "My Courses" page
CosmeticsEDU-3902"Reset filters" on empty courses page should clear search field
CosmeticsEDU-3131"Start" button isn't bright enough in High Contrast Scheme
EducatorBugEDU-4026Start button is disabled in Create Course preview action
InfrastructureTaskEDU-4031Make EduTools compatible with 2021.1 version of IntelliJ IDEs
ExceptionEDU-4081Both new and existing courses can't be opened in IntelliJ 2021.1 due to NPE in YAML and JSON course formats deserializationC/C++ courses are not supported" error and missing icon for Stepik and Codeforces C++ courses in Course Selection View
BugEDU-3978An excepction in Edutools plugin always happens and offers me to disable the Plugin
UsabilityEDU-4113Replace Ok button with Cancel on Remove Course confirmation dialog
Course ViewBugEDU-4175Lesson wrongly marked as solved if at least one task is solved
EducatorFeatureEDU-2499Custom command for run button in Theory tasks
FeatureEDU-4082Support custom commands for run button in Gradle-based courses
GradleBugEDU-4176Reformat increases left indent to specific code block in default build.gradle for Edu courses
JB Academy (Hyperskill)FeatureEDU-New JBA problem's content is not created in recent projects
Languages or Technologies SupportBugEDU-4044NoSuchMethodError exception on task creation/deletion in Rust courses
Stepik3506Add theory task for JB Academy Topics
FeatureEDU-4025Group JetBrains Academy code challenges by topic
BugEDU-23794193Submissions for Code challenges are not loaded if the project is already created.
BugEDU-4032Clion: exception at course reopening
Task DescriptionBugEDU-3281JCEF Scroll bars are white in Darcula
3700Git object files from "Git Internals" JBA project are not encoded/decoded properly when navigating between stages
TaskEDU-4028Update content of default `build.gradle` and `settings.gradle` files for JetBrains Academy projects
Project GenerationBugEDU-40424158Scala sbt course creation actions don't respect JDK settings
BugEDU-4096Check panel: Next button leads to "Cannot Open the Page" error
BugEDU-2483Scrollbars are too light in task description in darcula
TaskEDU-3988Add header to new course task description template
TaskEDU-38534157Unexpected "Project JDK is not defined" warning for sbt courses
StepikTaskEDU-4139Stepik courses: do not add "Posted from EduTools" note for any submission made from EduTools
Task DescriptionBugEDU-2437Unnecessary context menu on Task description panel
BugEDU-4116Regression: IDE cannot load description after open page in browser