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Build 2020.3.23

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18 Fixed issues
18 Fixed issues
  • SCL-18568 Interpret raw-interpolated strings correctly
  • SCL-18475 escaped characters in string interpolation + multiline are not highlighted
  • SCL-5807 Wrong result of "Malformed format string" inspection when '%%' is used
  • SCL-18567 Language injection in raw string interpolator
  • SCL-18674 "Rerun failed test" feature doesn't work on scala Spec2
  • SCL-18584 "convert to formatted string" handles percent char `%` incorrectly
  • SCL-17122 convert from string concatenation in complex example doesn't work
  • SCL-18586 "convert to string concatenation" produces wrong result for string with integer arithmetic injection
  • SCL-18587 "convert to string concatenation" generates redundant operands for `%` char
  • SCL-5383 spurious warning for malformed format string with %n
  • SCL-18583 convert raw string to other string types should escape backslash
  • SCL-18615 convert string with escaped backslash + Unicode without backslash to a multiline string breaks string content
  • SCL-18617 convert interpolated string to some other string escapes escape sequence twice
  • SCL-5386 wrong conversion of formatted string to interpolated string
  • SCL-16500 Automatic conversion to triple quote string introduces extraneous quotes in presence of a \u escape
  • SCL-18585 inspection: malformed format string is broken for Scala 2.13
  • SCL-5275 Legacy string formatting inspection escapes slash '/'
  • SCL-18608 "convert to string concatenation" produces expression with a wrong type when string doesn't have any text parts and only contains injections

Build 2020.3.21

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