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Error updating EAP versionjava.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to get registered settings of #VueCodeStyleSettings when trying to open Code Style settingsBug261259Alternative coverage runner option disappears at reopeningOption to run only one stage or all stages of dockerfileAccess from EDT is not allowed in GitVFSListenerCherry-pick with dialog could miss some changesAmbiguous column name isn't reported in qualified with CTE nameAnalytic functions are marked as error for H2Can't use type cast inside "PARTITION OF" clauseESLint support for CoffeeScript filesLint Javascript in Laravel Blade files with ESLint
Code InsightFeatureFeaturePY-44026Try auto-importing modules when completing module names or the attributes of modulesPY-46668Support matching all parameters with arguments in code completion
BugPY-37362Infer types of decorated methods based on the type hints of their decorators
BugPY-27142Infer types of decorated methods based on the types of their decorators
DjangoBugPY-46857Vue.js plugin breaks templating on html files
FormatterFeaturePY-33060Wrapping settings for function call arguments
InspectionsFeaturePY-19917Support "type: ignore" comments from PEP 484
Interpreters SettingsUsabilityPY-45384Suggest creating WSL-based interpreter after opening a project in \\wsl$
Build. GradleBugIDEA-261818Cannot debug code in the gradle custom test sourceset if its name contains hyphens
Build. MavenBugIDEA-260995Maven: HTTP links are not secure warning in new projects
BugIDEA-261679WSL: Incorrect work with Maven projects that have space characters in their path
Code Analysis. DependenciesBugIDEA-261323Add "This Module" scope to Call Hierarchy
Code Analysis. DuplicatesBugIDEA-219100"Duplicate code fragment" reported for symlinked files
BugIDEA-255779Code duplicates in headless mode does not work in IntelliJ IDEA 2020.2.3
UsabilityIDEA-260645Duplicate finder sometime doesn't show file paths
Code Analysis. InspectionFeatureIDEA-237242"Unstable API Usage" inspection should work for sources as well as libraries
BugIDEA-261916JetBrains analysis annotations do not work on annotation methods
Code Analysis. Language InjectionFeatureIDEA-214466temporal language injection should support multi-line string literals with margins (Scala, Kotlin)
BugIDEA-196924Kotlin: @Query. Adding/removing "newlines" should not lead to language injection disappearing
BugIDEA-196921Kotlin: Wrong inspection errors at @Query in case of more then 2 string parts
Code Analysis. Structural SearchExceptionIDEA-260919Edit: Find: Search Structurally switch to Replace causes NPE exception
CoreBugIDEA-261020FileInEditorProcessor.showHint leaks PsiFile from unloaded plugin
BugIDEA-261794Throwing `ControlFlowException` on AWT thread may cause `AWT-EventQueue-0` to die and freezes the IDE's `AWT-EventQueue-1` thread
BugIDEA-260361UAST ClassSetImpl leaks references to JSP plugin classes
BugIDEA-260332Workspace model leaks Kotlin facets on Kotlin plugin unload
Core. DebuggerBugIDEA-261405java.lang.Object cannot be cast to class com.intellij.util.keyFMap.KeyFMap when starting scala REPL and debugger cannot be started afterwards
Core. DiagramsBugIDEA-261015i18n: Preferences/Settings: Tools: Diagrams: hardcode strings
BugIDEA-261035i18n: Diagrams: "New" Menu: "Constructor" is hardcoded
Core. IDE SettingsBugIDEA-261409Plugins are not shown anymore
BugIDEA-262228Code Style Settings are messed up
BugIDEA-255402'Default project directory' setting is ignored
BugIDEA-261026Nothing here in Preferences | Editor | File and Code Templates
BugIDEA-255681Editor's color scheme has IJ Light theme instead of Darcula after restoring IDE settings
CosmeticsIDEA-251455Some inspections' description texts starts with an extra empty line
CosmeticsIDEA-251453Some description text of Inspections settings has non-consistent padding
Core. IndexingBugIDEA-258515Request full index rebuild if MapInputException caused by corrupted persistent storage
BugIDEA-261754JSDetectingProjectFileScanner makes the scanning executor starve
BugIDEA-256129Make possible to discover a plugin which breaks indexing
BugIDEA-257724Indexing diagnostics: collect stats on SnapshotInputMappings
Core. InstallationBugIDEA-261720260909CLion no longer starts after removing left-over files of older installations
BugIDEA-260882Broken index file in proxy-vole-1.0.5-jb.2.jar
BugIDEA-261321Mac Launcher does not request Rosetta 2 to be installed, if run with x86_64-only JBR on Apple Silicon/M1
BugIDEA-261720Error updating EAP version
UsabilityIDEA-247751Startup script overwtites "UNAME"
Core. Navigation and SearchBugIDEA-261098Go to usages (CMD+B) not working for variables declared with `var` in Java 11
BugIDEA-261644"Data Flow To Here" yields no results for record constructor parameters
Core. Platform APIFeatureIDEA-207237New API for ConsoleInputFilterProvider
Core. Plugin ManagementBugIDEA-261981Web Services settings infinite loading
BugIDEA-261296Can't install or update any plugin
BugIDEA-235321Vagrant plugin can suggest restart on disabling
BugIDEA-235514Terminal plugin requires restart on disabling
TaskIDEA-173176Use the latest version of kotlin-runtime library for build process if several plugins depends on different Kotlin versions
Core. Project SettingsBugIDEA-261800260512Android facets are gone
BugIDEA-261802java.lang.Throwable: Can't find the language with ID Vue when disabling Vue.js plugin
BugIDEA-259203Code Style settings: tabs and indents & func call arguments are lost during dynamic plugin load
BugIDEA-261800java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to get registered settings of #VueCodeStyleSettings when trying to open Code Style settings
Core. Run. ConfigurationsFeatureIDEA-233142Allow storing run configurations outside of .idea
BugIDEA-261930Run configuration's working directory disappeared after setting it to an empty value
BugIDEA-259609"<no module>" can not be selected
BugIDEA-261259Alternative coverage runner option disappears at reopening
BugIDEA-261491RunConfigurationsComboBoxAction.myButton leaks reference to disposed project
CosmeticsIDEA-261879Edit configuration templates - configurations list is collapsed
Core. Run. TargetsBugIDEA-261637Run Targets: Can not download single file via SSH
BugIDEA-259877Run Targets: run junit with all in package type doesn't work on WSL target
BugBugIDEA-261178Support introspection for WSL run target
Bug IDEA-261637 Run Targets: Can not download single file via SSH
IDEA-255964"Run on" combobox in run configuration editor should show WSL under "New target"
BugIDEA-261178Support introspection for WSL run target
TaskIDEA-260008Target tests for WSL
Core. SSHFeature IDEA-120235 Support ForwardAgent option to forward SSH keysBugIDEA-261740Incorrect ServerAliveInterval=1 and ServerAliveCountMax=0 that disconnects SSH session immediately
EditorBugIDEA-242414Inlay code vision hints can't be seen when using 'Hight contrast' theme
CosmeticsIDEA-260493Add border to separate breadcrumbs and Font Settings
CosmeticsIDEA-260494Font Settings: add a bottom panel with the help text "Enter any text to preview" to preview
Editor. Code Completion. MLBugIDEA-2620905 second freezes in completion in Java Files
BugIDEA-262094Handle ignoring of matching case properly
Editor. Diff and MergeBugIDEA-261968Diff-view in editor: toolbar may remain black when LaF theme is changed
Editor. Editing TextBugIDEA-261199Right click resets selection of multiple lines
UsabilityIDEA-227988Add an option to change tab character rendering
Editor. FormatterBugIDEA-239008CodeStyleCachedValueProvider$AsyncComputation leaks reference to PSI File via TransientCodeSettings on plugin unload
Lang. JSONBugIDEA-261817261813JsonPath support: improve the colors for different types of literals'contains' operator is reported as error
BugIDEA-261921JsonPath: inject JSONPath language to com.jayway.jsonpath.WriteContext methods that accept jsonpath as parameter
BugIDEA-261817JsonPath support: improve the colors for different types of literals
BugIDEA-261815JsonPath support: operators completion doesn't work if it is partially typed
BugBugIDEA-261813JsonPath support: 'contains' operator is reported as errorIDEA-261920JsonPath: the strict (type safe) equals operators are not supported
Lang. MarkdownBugIDEA-255284Markdown mermaid ClassDiagram annotations generate syntax error
BugIDEA-255254Some Mermaid.js graphs are barely readable in dark themes
Lang. Shell ScriptBugIDEA-261571False "Typo" highlighting on certain `test` commands
BugIDEA-261684bash: fails to resolve a function with a parens "()" body
Lang. XPath and XSLTBugIDEA-261002i18n: Edit: Find: Find by XPath: hardcode string
Lang. YAMLBugIDEA-246131Exception when injecting language into YAML quoted string literal using JSON schema
Tools. DockerFeatureIDEA-261169possibility of tag validation in fragmented UI
FeatureIDEA-261079Docker: Dockerfile: Multi-staging: Add visual separators between stages in the editor
FeatureIDEA-261275move BuildKit enabling to run configuration
BugIDEA-172645261350Docker-compose run configuration. Scale: it is possible to add some scales to one service
BugIDEA-261768Container log not visible if the execution of the container is too quick
BugIDEA-172645Option to run only one stage or all stages of dockerfile
Tools. HTTP ClientBugIDEA-261343HTTP Usage inspection is shown for the thymeleaf namespace
BugIDEA-261717HTTP Usage inspection should ignore localhost
BugIDEA-260232Add "password" to "SSLConfiguration"
UsabilityIDEA-261392HttpClient: Need some advice how to edit password for certificate
TaskIDEA-261957Remove `com.intellij.ws` from HTTP Client plugin
Tools. TerminalBugIDEA-253663Separate background and foreground terminal/ANSI colors
BugIDEA-188414Default powershell colors are barely visible in Intellij theme
UsabilityIDEA-182750Darcula theme: unreadable errors in local and SSH terminals
CosmeticsIDEA-201445The Terminal view has an ugly thick gray vertical scrollbar track that never goes away
CosmeticsIDEA-196703IntelliJ terminal dosent match colors on iTerm ZSH theme
User InterfaceBugIDEA-261408Submenu that is shown on the left disappears before the cursor gets thereBugIDEA-261403Hover selection color in Darcula is incorrect for tables and popups
BugIDEA-261041ToolTipManager leaks references to UI components holding PSI of plugin being unloaded
BugIDEA-250740LightEdit: no menu on Linux with global menu support
BugIDEA-261454Memory leaks via multiple DragHelper instances stored in IdeKeyboardFocusManager::keyEventDispatchers
BugIDEA-243071SplitButtonAction leaks reference to disposed project
BugIDEA-261400New popups UI: schemas are switched on hover in DataGrip
BugIDEA-261133Main menu is not shown on Windows
BugIDEA-260545No indents in new popups UI
BugIDEA-260688New popups UI: Numbers disappear in menu item when opening submenu
BugIDEA-257145SVG with embedded base64 PNG is not rendered
BugIDEA-261958Fix context hints in Run Options
BugIDEA-236698List items are not shown on Mac Touch Bar
BugIDEA-261408Submenu that is shown on the left disappears before the cursor gets there
UsabilityIDEA-260546Pressing Esc in popup submenu should bring focus back to menu
UsabilityIDEA-260462Focus is moved to preview tab when opening HTML file in built-in preview
UsabilityIDEA-259215Incorrect numeration of themes and keymaps in IDE and Project Settings, if there are more than 9 items
TaskUsabilityIDEA-260101Group headers for lists141556Welcome Screen: Recent projects list: search should work within groups
CosmeticsIDEA-260683New popups UI: Menu item is not highlighted when submenu is opened
TaskIDEA-260948Updates settings dialog redesign
TaskIDEA-260101Group headers for lists
User Interface. AccessibilityBugIDEA-261695Choose Declaration list is no accessible
TaskIDEA-260436Add an UI inspector to display the accessibility hierarchy
TaskIDEA-261087Make com.intellij.ui.TitledSeparator accessible
Task IDEA-260436 Add an UI inspector to display the accessibility hierarchy
ExceptionIDEA-261841java.lang.ClassCastException when try to run the UI Inspector
User Interface. Action SystemBugIDEA-238354Touch bar leaks actions on plugin unload
User Interface. Embedded Browser (JCEF)TaskIDEA-261425jcef: add method for setting css background color
User Interface. Find, Replace, UsagesBugIDEA-170038Find in Path dialog does not close automatically when clicking the code area
User Interface. FocusBugIDEA-261798Modal progress dialog doesn't grab focus
BugIDEA-193427Debug Tool window in Unpinned, Undock, Floating, Window modes disappears after clicking "New Watch", "Set Value"
User Interface. Look and FeelBugIDEA-201293Some colors are not changed on switching theme
User Interface. Project ViewFeatureIDEA-248876Show horizontal scrollbar in trees only when visible area contains items wider than viewport
User Interface. Search EverywhereBugIDEA-261863"Make File Writable" action cannot be searched by "Writable"
Version ControlBugIDEA-250477Option to view All changed files disapearing randomly
BugIDEA-261046Correctly dispose `ConfigurableUi` from `BaseCommitMessageInspection#createOptionsConfigurable` if it implements `Disposable`
Version Control. GitFeatureIDEA-256885Git Stage: Support committing different git roots separately
BugIDEA-261638261593Cherry-pick with dialog could miss some changes
BugIDEA-261550choose upstream path - Git Root cut - path partial visible
BugIDEA-261593251945Can't resolve merge conflicts
BugIDEA-261638Access from EDT is not allowed in GitVFSListener
UsabilityIDEA-260806Git Rebase dialog shows the "Select a new base" error on opening
UsabilityIDEA-257569Cannot find Resolve conflicts... in the new Git menu
ExceptionIDEA-261251Exception on diff preview opening after dynamic plugin unloading
Version Control. Local HistoryExceptionIDEA-248074LocalHistoryLog - Assertion failed: not balanced 'begin/end-change set' calls
Version Control. LogBugIDEA-261290Navigation to a rebased commit from "Go To Hash/Branch/Tag" shows incorrect error message
BugIDEA-257628Typo in git "committed date" when committer and author differ
UsabilityIDEA-254354Branch list doesn't focus item on right click
DB IntrospectionBugDBE-12264Code: 417, e.displayText() = DB::Exception: Expected ANY or ALL in JOIN section, because setting (join_default_strictness) is empty, e.what() = DB::Exception
TaskDBE-12513Error while introspecting H2 database: Syntax Error
Data ViewsBugDBE-12410Unable to access referenced data
BugDBE-12575Filtering (and foreign Key referencing) does not work on binary columns
PerformanceDBE-11578Smaller page size limit for MongoDB
SQL CompletionExceptionDBE-12561Throwable at com.intellij.sql.psi.impl.SqlImplUtil.quoteIdentifier
SQL HighlightingBugDBE-1249212500Can't use type cast inside "PARTITION OF" clause
BugDBE-1255312493Incorrect syntax with min_active_rowversion
BugDBE-1250012371MariaDB SQL dialect: Incorrect handling of 'FOR SHARE' and 'RETURNING'
BugDBE-12528TODO comments ignored in procedure bodies for PostgreSQL
No subsystemPerformance WEB-48488 Webstorm hangs with resolving reference
BugDBE-12499Can't pass multiple values in the ROWS FROM clause
BugDBE-12553Analytic functions are marked as error for H2
BugDBE-12492Ambiguous column name isn't reported in qualified with CTE name
No subsystemPerformanceWEB-48133Freeze after sync with file system on WSL (PhoneGap, Jade plugins)
PerformanceWEB-48488Webstorm hangs with resolving reference
CosmeticsWEB-48885Help popup references WebStorm instead of PyCharm
ExceptionWEB-49409InvocationTargetException when running Jest configuration with Coverage
CSSFeatureWEB-8295Show selector specificity for CSS code
BugWEB-40212The CSS env function is flagged as unknown
BugWEB-49410Don't show docs for HTML tag when caret is on CSS class selector
ExceptionWEB-49193ClassCastException: GruntfileManager cannot be cast to GruntfileManager
DartTaskWEB-49464Support new Dart syntax: Generalized Type Aliases
File WatchersBugWEB-49445"$/FilePathRelativeToProjectRoot$" is not treated as a file specific macro
JSONBugWEB-49403Empty .jsonl files show error
JavaScriptBugWEB-49429Cannot fetch external documentation error in JavaScript doc popup for standard methods
BugWEB-49506Unwanted character escaping in `Template literals`
CosmeticsWEB-49078'Expand optional chaining and nullish coalescing to explicit checks': update intention's example
TaskWEB-48616Smart suggestion variable and function names based on file name
JavaScript. FrameworksPerformanceWEB-47515Slow syntax/error higlighting
JavaScript. InspectionsFeatureWEB-48305JavaScript: Add an inspection to check usages of void function
TaskWEB-49631Remove 'Using function arguments object outside function' inspection
LintersFeatureWEB-4783747511Lint Javascript in Laravel Blade files with ESLint
FeatureWEB-49181Support ESLint in MDX files
FeatureWEB-4751147837ESLint support for CoffeeScript files
BugWEB-47908TypeScript files are not linted when `@babel/eslint-parser` parser is specified in the config
ExceptionWEB-49593'Access is allowed from event dispatch thread with IW lock only.' when open a project
TypeScriptBugWEB-49327Webstorm auto import does not work properly with inherited aliases
PerformanceWEB-43639Resolution of augmentations may be slow
PerformanceWEB-49218Performance issue if the project contains many tsconfig-s
Unit TestsBugWEB-49534Cucumber.js: run configuration for scenario outline
BugWEB-49314Cannot debug karma v6 test code (error in karma-intellij-debug.js)
BugWEB-49309Cucumber.js plugin breaks when feature file uses Example/Rule syntax