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Bug251154Incorrect inspection "Misordered 'assertEquals()' arguments" for JUnit 5Unnecessary semicolon is not reported in enums when preceded by commaEdit Source action doesn't work for added filesHover selection color in Darcula is incorrect for tables and popupsSVG with embedded base64 PNG is not rendered
No subsystemFeature IDEA-247610 New Welcome Screen: show only `ⅹ` (remove action) for deleted projects
Feature IDEA-261077 Drop project-wide analysis indexes on "Invalidate caches, restart"
Bug IDEA-260884 Convert to enhanced switch fix handles comments poorly
Bug IDEA-261080 JBCefBrowser can show with zero dimension
Exception IDEA-261660 NPE at com.intellij.ui.AppUIUtil.loadSmallApplicationIcon
AndroidBug IDEA-261064 Android plugin replaces the 'Project From Existing Sources' action with the "Import Project..." action
Build. MavenBug IDEA-260995 Maven: HTTP links are not secure warning in new projects
Code Analysis. DependenciesBug IDEA-261323 Add "This Module" scope to Call Hierarchy
Code Analysis. DuplicatesBug IDEA-255779 Code duplicates in headless mode does not work in IntelliJ IDEA 2020.2.3
Code Analysis. Language InjectionBug IDEA-196921 Kotlin: Wrong inspection errors at @Query in case of more then 2 string parts
Bug IDEA-196924 Kotlin: @Query. Adding/removing "newlines" should not lead to language injection disappearing
CoreBug IDEA-261020 FileInEditorProcessor.showHint leaks PsiFile from unloaded plugin
Bug IDEA-260332 Workspace model leaks Kotlin facets on Kotlin plugin unload
BugBugIDEA-261020FileInEditorProcessor.showHint leaks PsiFile from unloaded pluginIDEA-260361UAST ClassSetImpl leaks references to JSP plugin classes
Core. DebuggerBug IDEA-261405 java.lang.Object cannot be cast to class com.intellij.util.keyFMap.KeyFMap when starting scala REPL and debugger cannot be started afterwards
Core. DiagramsBugBugIDEA-261015i18n: Preferences/Settings: Tools: Diagrams: hardcode stringsIDEA-261035i18n: Diagrams: "New" Menu: "Constructor" is hardcoded
Bug IDEA-261015 i18n: Preferences/Settings: Tools: Diagrams: hardcode strings
Core. IDE SettingsBug IDEA-261409 Plugins are not shown anymore
Bug IDEA-255681 Editor's color scheme has IJ Light theme instead of Darcula after restoring IDE settings
Cosmetics IDEA-251453 Some description text of Inspections settings has non-consistent padding
Core. IndexingBug IDEA-256129 Make possible to discover a plugin which breaks indexing
Bug IDEA-257724 Indexing diagnostics: collect stats on SnapshotInputMappings
Bug IDEA-258515 Request full index rebuild if MapInputException caused by corrupted persistent storage
Core. InstallationBug IDEA-260909 CLion no longer starts after removing left-over files of older installations
Bug IDEA-260882 Broken index file in proxy-vole-1.0.5-jb.2.jar
Usability IDEA-247751 Startup script overwtites "UNAME"
Core. Navigation and SearchBug IDEA-261098 Go to usages (CMD+B) not working for variables declared with `var` in Java 11
Core. Plugin ManagementBug IDEA-235514 Terminal plugin requires restart on disabling
Bug IDEA-261296 Can't install or update any plugin
Bug IDEA-235514 Terminal plugin requires restart on disabling
Core. ProfilerBug IDEA-257420 [Help | Diagnostic Tools | Profile Indexing] doesn't work (no snapshot is created)
Core. Project SettingsBug IDEA-260512 Android facets are gone
Bug IDEA-259203 Code Style settings: tabs and indents & func call arguments are lost during dynamic plugin load
Bug IDEA-260512 Android facets are gone
Core. Run. ConfigurationsFeature IDEA-233142 Allow storing run configurations outside of .idea
Bug IDEA-259609 "<no module>" can not be selected
Bug IDEA-261491 RunConfigurationsComboBoxAction.myButton leaks reference to disposed project
Bug IDEA-259609 "<no module>" can not be selected
Exception IDEA-261037 RunConfigurationTypeUsagesCollector.lambda$getMetrics$0
EditorBug IDEA-242414 Inlay code vision hints can't be seen when using 'Hight contrast' theme
Cosmetics IDEA-260494 Font Settings: add a bottom panel with the help text "Enter any text to preview" to preview
Editor. Editing TextBug IDEA-261199 Right click resets selection of multiple lines
Editor. FormatterBug IDEA-239008 CodeStyleCachedValueProvider$AsyncComputation leaks reference to PSI File via TransientCodeSettings on plugin unload
Frameworks. LombokBugBugIDEA-260719Lombok compilation regression (EAP)IDEA-255979Collapse type to var/val (Lombok) intentions should be disabled for new java versions
Bug IDEA-260719 Lombok compilation regression (EAP)
Frameworks. MicronautBug IDEA-253930 Micronaut Data: @JdbcRepository: don't inject the Micronaut Data QL into the @Query annotations
Frameworks. OpenAPI (Swagger)Feature IDEA-251191 Inline referenced external objects before showing Swagger UI
Bug IDEA-261231 OpenAPI/Swagger: Can't use openapi generator 5 with parameters
Bug IDEA-257206 OpenAPI: Could not resolve relative reference
Frameworks. SeleniumBug IDEA-261018 Selenium: [Page Object Generator] Some elements added with @FindBy(id = "") by default even if ID is actually empty
Frameworks. SpringFeature IDEA-261442 Spring: inject SQL into the annotation
Bug IDEA-198712 Spring: method not used with annotation '@Schedules'
Bug IDEA-261410 Spring: No SQL highlighting in Spring JDBC repository Query
JavaBugBugIDEA-254959Can't run shebang filesIDEA-260755`Arrays.equals(byte[], byte[])` has incorrect implicit annotation `mutates = "param1"`
Bug IDEA-254959 Can't run shebang files
Task IDEA-260991 Make com.intellij.codeInsight.annoPackages.AnnotationPackageSupport an extension point
Java. Code CompletionBug IDEA-221623 Live template inserts variant without generics even when suggestion popup shows generic completion item
Java. Code GenerationUsability IDEA-261363 Surround with live template should be available even if extra space is selected
Java. DebuggerBug IDEA-261197 Unable to evaluate marked anonymous class instance
Java. InspectionsFeature IDEA-208588 "Simplify assertion" should know that literal is most likely the 'expected' value
FeatureFeatureIDEA-257412Update API list for Java 16IDEA-261005Too weak variable type leads to unnecessary cast: support for-each loop parameter
FeatureIDEA-257412Update API list for Java 16
Bug IDEA-260910 Unnecessary semicolon is not reported in enums when preceded by comma
Bug IDEA-261086 Simplify Assertion does not work like described in the inspection settings
BugIDEA-260910251154Incorrect inspection "Misordered 'assertEquals()' arguments" for JUnit 5
Java. JavaFXBug IDEA-261014 JavaFX: HTTP Usage Inspection is shown for fxml files
Java. Profiler. MemoryCosmetics IDEA-248696 Dirty error mesage when I try to open hprof
Java. Tests. JUnitBug IDEA-261130 i18n: Run/Debug configuration: Junit: hardcode strings in build and run configurations
Usability IDEA-160253 Warn if user attempts to use @RunWith(JUnitPlatform.class) on the JUnit Platform
JavaX. CDIBug IDEA-149648 CDI: Warning "Managed Bean must be a concrete class" when using DeltaSpike
JavaX. JPABug IDEA-260879 KT. JPA. Support @AttributeOverrides attribute references
Bug IDEA-260975 JPA. Not resolved attribute reference @AttributeOverride in case if Embeddable class is from another module
BugBugIDEA-260879KT. JPA. Support @AttributeOverrides attribute referencesIDEA-260892JPA. Removing of persistence-unit content leads to unit disappearing from the Persistence view and com.intellij.psi.PsiInvalidElementAccessException
JavaX. JavaEEFeature IDEA-261555 JakartaEE: add hibernate-validator library to Jakarta 9 project wizard
BugIDEA-261000260994JavaEE: HTTP links are not secure warning in configuration filesnew projects
BugIDEA-260994261000JavaEE: HTTP links are not secure warning in new projectsconfiguration files
Lang. XPath and XSLTBug IDEA-261002 i18n: Edit: Find: Find by XPath: hardcode string
Lang. YAMLBug IDEA-246131 Exception when injecting language into YAML quoted string literal using JSON schema
Plugin Development (DevKit)Feature IDEA-261580 plugin.xml: highlight EP properties marked with ApiStatus.Internal
SpaceFeature IDEA-260814 Deleting a draft comment to a Space Review should have a confirmation or better be undoable
Bug IDEA-260110 Space: can't call refresh on empty review list
BugIDEA-261180261489Reduce viewport jumps in reviewers selector
Bug IDEA-260617 Space Code Reviews: can't add comment in Unified diff
Bug IDEA-261180 Edit Source action doesn't work for added files
Bug IDEA-246083 Space plugin: no validation on empty organization URL
Bug IDEA-261489 Reduce viewport jumps in reviewers selector
Usability IDEA-260966 Show that discussion is resolved in review diff
Usability IDEA-260467 Space: it is inconvenient to edit the initial diff comment on the timeline
Tools. DockerFeature IDEA-261169 possibility of tag validation in fragmented UI
Feature IDEA-261079 Docker: Dockerfile: Multi-staging: Add visual separators between stages in the editor
FeatureFeatureIDEA-261169possibility of tag validation in fragmented UIIDEA-261275move BuildKit enabling to run configuration
Bug IDEA-261350 Docker-compose run configuration. Scale: it is possible to add some scales to one service
Tools. HTTP ClientBug IDEA-261343 HTTP Usage inspection is shown for the thymeleaf namespace
Bug IDEA-260232 Add "password" to "SSLConfiguration"
Usability IDEA-261392 HttpClient: Need some advice how to edit password for certificate
Tools. TerminalBug IDEA-253663 Separate background and foreground terminal/ANSI colors
Cosmetics IDEA-201445 The Terminal view has an ugly thick gray vertical scrollbar track that never goes away
User InterfaceBug IDEA-260688 New popups UI: Numbers disappear in menu item when opening submenu
BugIDEA-261403257145SVG with embedded base64 PNG is not rendered
Bug IDEA-261041 ToolTipManager leaks references to UI components holding PSI of plugin being unloaded
BugIDEA-257145261454Memory leaks via multiple DragHelper instances stored in IdeKeyboardFocusManager::keyEventDispatchers
Bug IDEA-260545 No indents in new popups UI
BugBugIDEA-261133Main menu is not shown on WindowsIDEA-261400New popups UI: schemas are switched on hover in DataGrip
Bug IDEA-243071 SplitButtonAction leaks reference to disposed project
Bug IDEA-261403 Hover selection color in Darcula is incorrect for tables and popups
Bug IDEA-261133 Main menu is not shown on Windows
Bug IDEA-250740 LightEdit: no menu on Linux with global menu support
Bug IDEA-261454 Memory leaks via multiple DragHelper instances stored in IdeKeyboardFocusManager::keyEventDispatchers
Usability IDEA-260866 Expand the minimized editor split on clicking the tab or its code area
UsabilityUsabilityIDEA-260546Pressing Esc in popup submenu should bring focus back to menuIDEA-141556Welcome Screen: Recent projects list: search should work within groups
Usability IDEA-260546 Pressing Esc in popup submenu should bring focus back to menu
Cosmetics IDEA-260683 New popups UI: Menu item is not highlighted when submenu is opened
User Interface. Action SystemBug IDEA-238354 Touch bar leaks actions on plugin unload
User Interface. Embedded Browser (JCEF)Task IDEA-261425 jcef: add method for setting css background color
User Interface. Find, Replace, UsagesBug IDEA-170038 Find in Path dialog does not close automatically when clicking the code area
User Interface. FocusBug IDEA-193427 Debug Tool window in Unpinned, Undock, Floating, Window modes disappears after clicking "New Watch", "Set Value"
Version ControlBug IDEA-250477 Option to view All changed files disapearing randomly
Bug IDEA-261046 Correctly dispose `ConfigurableUi` from `BaseCommitMessageInspection#createOptionsConfigurable` if it implements `Disposable`
Version Control. GitBug IDEA-251945 Can't resolve merge conflicts
Usability IDEA-260806 Git Rebase dialog shows the "Select a new base" error on opening
Exception IDEA-261251 Exception on diff preview opening after dynamic plugin unloading
Version Control. LogBug IDEA-261290 Navigation to a rebased commit from "Go To Hash/Branch/Tag" shows incorrect error message
Usability IDEA-254354 Branch list doesn't focus item on right click
No subsystemCosmetics WEB-48885 Help popup references WebStorm instead of PyCharm
Exception WEB-49409 InvocationTargetException when running Jest configuration with Coverage
CSSFeature WEB-8295 Show selector specificity for CSS code
Bug WEB-40212 The CSS env function is flagged as unknown
Bug WEB-49410 Don't show docs for HTML tag when caret is on CSS class selector
Bug WEB-40212 The CSS env function is flagged as unknown
Exception WEB-49193 ClassCastException: GruntfileManager cannot be cast to GruntfileManager
DartTask WEB-49464 Support new Dart syntax: Generalized Type Aliases
File WatchersBug WEB-49445 "$/FilePathRelativeToProjectRoot$" is not treated as a file specific macro
JSONBug WEB-49403 Empty .jsonl files show error
JavaScriptBug WEB-49429 Cannot fetch external documentation error in JavaScript doc popup for standard methods
Cosmetics WEB-49078 'Expand optional chaining and nullish coalescing to explicit checks': update intention's example
Unit TestsBug WEB-49534 Cucumber.js: run configuration for scenario outline
Bug WEB-49309 Cucumber.js plugin breaks when feature file uses Example/Rule syntax
No subsystemBug DBE-12264 Code: 417, e.displayText() = DB::Exception: Expected ANY or ALL in JOIN section, because setting (join_default_strictness) is empty, e.what() = DB::Exception
SQL HighlightingFeature DBE-12470 Support MariaDB Compound Statements outside of Stored Programs
Bug DBE-12371 MariaDB SQL dialect: Incorrect handling of 'FOR SHARE' and 'RETURNING'
Bug DBE-12493 Incorrect syntax with min_active_rowversion
Bug DBE-12499 Can't pass multiple values in the ROWS FROM clause