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  • 11.0.10+9-b1319.6

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  • JBR-1752 Floating windows overlap modal dialogs
  • JBR-2124 remove JavaFX from JBR in IDEA 2021.1
  • JBR-3017 Focus issue in presence of third-party accessibility tool on macOS
  • JBR-3064 Can't connect to debug IDEA instance using JFR
  • JBR-3066 jbr 11_10 (1145-88) crashes on IDEA startup, jbr 11_09 (1145-77) works fine (problem commits were reverted)
  • JBR-3071 Remove naming workaround for Fira Code
  • JBR-3072 Deadlock on nested dialog hiding

  • JCEF related issues
    • JBR-2935 WebStorm crashes on MacBook with Apple M1 chips: libjcef.dylib [CefHandler shutdown]
    • JBR-2947 IDEA crash on macOS: JCEF at cef_time_delta
    • JBR-3057 Update jcef to 87.1.12+g03f9336+chromium-87.0.4280.88
    • JBR-3059 Update jcef to 87.1.13+g481a82a+chromium-87.0.4280.141
    • JBR-3065 do not change path to JNF for jcef mac x86_64
    • JBR-3073 jcef RenderHandler::GetScreenInfo calls JNI method on wrong object