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No subsystemBugEDU-3987NPE on `Open Course from Disk` and `Create Course Preview` actions
CodeforcesFeatureEDU-4005Auto-substitution of input for Run/Debug in Codeforces for JVM languages: Kotlin, Java, Scala
FeatureEDU-4004Auto-substitution of input for Run/Debug in Codeforces for Python
FeatureEDU-3841Mark tickets as completed even if some tests fail
BugEDU-3997Save check result after Mark As Completed Action in Codeforces
Course Selection ViewFeatureEDU-3161Add question mark hints
BugEDU-3909My Courses: categories are lost after search cancel
BugEDU-3939Delete "Open JBA project" action from "Learn and teach" menu
BugEDU-3966Course selection view: My Courses: incorrect behavior
BugEDU-3913Validation for location is missing in Course Selection View
BugEDU-3928BrowseCourses dialog isn't closed if user tries to open already existing project
BugEDU-3996"My Courses" has no scroll
EducatorUsabilityEDU-3911Make corrupted placeholder message more informative
Framework LessonsFeatureEDU-3883Support isTemplateBased flag for framework lesson
InfrastructureTaskEDU-3949Drop JavaFX support
JB Academy (Hyperskill)BugEDU-3856"Apply Submission" action applies to test files, but shouldn't
ExceptionEDU-3942Hyperskill lesson 210080 opens with exception in educator mode because of statistics service
Languages or Technologies SupportBugEDU-3936С++ Catch: catch.hpp file created empty
Project GenerationBugEDU-3952Course Preview window: weird artefact
Task DescriptionFeatureEDU-3850Support navigation and completion for path of in-course links
BugEDU-1758Task description: move the tool window button to the top
BugEDU-2534Presentation Mode Should Scale Task Description
BugEDU-3968Cannot open page <file-URL> ERR_ABORTED on IDE startup
4052EduTools corrupts existing run configurations