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Comment: Update for 2021.2 release


The Most Advanced Ruby and Rails IDE


RubyMine is a cross-platform Ruby and Rails IDE providing . It offers intelligent Ruby code-editing assistance and tools for web development with Ruby on Rails. It RubyMine has powerful navigation and refactoringsrefactoring features, provides on-the-fly code analysis, and integrates with various VCS, deployment, and database tools. It includes The IDE features a powerful debugger with a graphical UI for Ruby, JavaScript and CoffeeScript; , and provides an advanced GUI-based test runner. The IDE also supports JavaScript and CoffeeScript, ERB and HAML, CSS, Sass and Less with code insight and refactorings.

RubyMine includes a bundled evaluation license key for a free 30-day trial.

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RubyMine 20162021.2 is available (released: July 21Jul 27, 20162021)

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Start with RubyMine Quickstart Guide. Check Tutorials and Videos sections. Read our Blog. Follow us on Twitter (see also #RubyMineTip & #NewInRubyMine). Join us on Slack. Contact our Support Team. Talk to us on Discussion Forum. Review Development Roadmap.

Please report any bugs and file feature requests in the Issue Tracker.

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titleRuby Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA

Ruby plugin for IntelliJ IDEA is updated according to RubyMine's Development Roadmap.
Plugin is available in the Plugin Repository. You can also download Older plugin versions.


Due to differences in RubyMine and IDEA release cycles sometimes new features will be available in RubyMine earlier than in Ruby plugin.

Ruby plugin for IDEA supports Java/Ruby integration for JRuby code, but doesn't have RubyMotion support.


Works on Mac, Windows and Linux