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Build 2020.3.14

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19 Fixed issues
19 Fixed issues
  • SCL-18196 support new naming scheme for dotty/scala3 artifacts
  • SCL-18115 Scala Compile server warning in a non-Scala project
  • SCL-18193 Illegal reflective access by com.intellij.util.ReflectionUtil to method java.util.ResourceBundle.setParent(java.util.ResourceBundle)
  • SCL-17721 Parser can't handle empty line after for condition
  • SCL-18191 Strange phantom inferred type annotation
  • SCL-18397 Use com.intellij.compiler.server.BuildManager#getBuildSystemDirectory instead of hardcoded $HOME/.idea-build
  • SCL-14460 trait parameters support
  • SCL-18402 NPE at MillProjectImportProvider when opening external file in sbt project
  • SCL-17978 Optimize Imports: an option to use "relative imports" relative to "base package"
  • SCL-17943 Improve scripts for updating dotty version
  • SCL-17407 Support Scala 3's "quiet" control syntax
  • SCL-18418 update tasty reader for dotty/scala 3.0.0-M1
  • SCL-18279 reference in extends list isn't highlighted
  • SCL-18183 Type alias signature are not compared correctly
  • SCL-18169 Wrong error highlight: Required AliasForString, found String when using .type - though code compiles
  • SCL-17714 Exclude from completion/auto-import settings is not applied
  • SCL-18050 intention to create scaladoc comments
  • SCL-18172 Good code red: Type mismatch
  • SCL-17955 Remove AutoBrace advertiser

Build 2020.3.12

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