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Build 2020.3.9

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17 Fixed issues
17 Fixed issues
  • SCL-18302 Regression in 2020.3 EAP for incremental compilation with `Incrementality Type: Zinc`: Changing the super-classes of a class does not cause recompilation of users, results in `NoSuchMethodError` at runtime
  • SCL-17360 MUnit support
  • SCL-17971 error highlighting works very slow in on unknown identifiers with special names `parent`, `children`, `name`
  • SCL-18225 BSP setup: java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException
  • SCL-11662 Specs2 with Use sbt option appears to always run all tests
  • SCL-17977 Support base packages
  • SCL-13002 Can't launch Specs2 tests in configuration: all_tests_in_package|RegEx + use_sbt
  • SCL-18280 editor highlights random piece of code when placing caret at AnyFunSuite reference
  • SCL-18319 some references are not resolved in library sources or worksheets
  • SCL-18308 Don't insert pair brace inside interpolated string literal when Smart Keys | Insert paired brackets is off
  • SCL-10316 Test results show "pending" tests as literally "pending", as if still running.
  • SCL-17976 Support package prefixes
  • SCL-15288 highlight unresolved references in scaladoc as a warning
  • SCL-18333 wrong braces insertion on `val` typing
  • SCL-18317 Internal: Refactor collections and extensions
  • SCL-18366 Red code with cats.effect.Resource
  • SCL-18041 Autobraces remove outer block

Build 2020.2.49

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