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General IDEA features

  • (tick) Code coverage integration
  • Incremental test run. Re-run only tests that execute changed code
  • (tick) Searchable option dialogs (MacOS X Tiger like)
  • Project-wide error highlighting (to be displayed in project view)
  • Floating editor tab groups
  • Custom inspections and intentions based on structural search and replace templates
  • (tick) Extract method refactoring enhancements. Will work in some cases, where it currectly refuses to.
  • (tick) @NotNull annotation runtime assertions
  • (tick) Version control integration usability enhancements: tree-like or list-like changes instantly available in the toolwindow.
  • (tick) Inplace rename refactoring for local variables
  • Module system should support notion of interface and implementation
  • Separate dependencies for module interface, implementation and test parts
  • (tick) JUnit4 support
  • Background update from the VCS
  • Code completion API
  • Embedded languages API: XML tag contents and attributes, java string literals
  • (tick) Global inspection API
  • Classic options view usability improvements


  • (tick) Major usability improvements for editing forms
  • (tick) Possibility to generate code using GridBagLayout (no more forms_rt.jar requirement)
  • (tick) Support for all Swing components and property types (colors, fonts, icons, setLabelFor, etc)
  • HIG-compliant borders, spacing and indents, baseline alignment
  • (tick) Support for nested forms
  • (tick) Possibility to create and navigate to event handlers and Swing actions from the form designer
  • (tick) UI inspections (automatic checking for UI guidelines compliance)