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No subsystemFeature WI-55626 Make parameter info available during indexing
Bug WI-54053 Change parameter type: update children
OpenAPITask WI-54172 Throw exception if multiple PhpTypeProvider4 instances with same key were registered
PHPFeature WI-55629 Track variable assignments to functions annotated with `#[ExpectedValues]`
Feature WI-55831 #[ArrayShape]: support constant inlining
Feature WI-55665 Show attributes in parameter type
Feature WI-55350 Highlight matching `#[` and `]` for attributes
Feature WI-55692 #[ExpectedValues]: support fields
Feature WI-55630 Add `ExpectedValues` info from current parameter to completion list
Feature WI-55531 Provide ExitPoint attribute
Feature WI-55549 Update "thr" live template to support throw as expression
Feature WI-54485 PHP 8: Support constructor properties promotion
Feature WI-55093 Control-flow engine support for match expression
Feature WI-55351 Delete whole `#[]` of attribute in case backspace is pressed on empty attribute open bracket
Feature WI-54477 PHP 8: Support '::class' on objects
Feature WI-54357 PHP 8: support throw expression
Feature WI-53163 PHP 8: Support attributes
Feature WI-55316 PHP 8: Support attributes amendments
Feature WI-54356 PHP 8: support match expression
Feature WI-55805 Provide #[ArrayShape] attribute
Feature WI-54153 Switch PHP Language Level to the latest required by project
Feature WI-54775 Provide language level via widget
Feature WI-53504 Support mixed typehint for php 8 language level
Feature WI-55548 Provide #[ExpectedValues] attribues
Feature WI-55554 Show parameter info for attributes constructor
Feature WI-53309 Support static return type
Feature WI-55703 Attribute class should have icon from UX-1529
Bug WI-53075 Generate getter/setter: use union types
Bug WI-55405 Additional '}' is inserted for class with attributes on pressing enter
Bug WI-55058 Meta takes argument position instead of argument name
Bug WI-54972 Named arguments: make aware of multi-resolve
Bug WI-54569 Language Level Detection: ignore "Throwing an exception from ''__toString'' is only possible since PHP 7.4"
Bug WI-50584 PHP: False error "Cannot call abstract method" error with nested traits
Bug WI-54614 False positive 'multiple class declaration' if classes from project src and vendor have the old and a new style constructor
Bug WI-55672 Find usages: doesn't work for promoted properties if usage is in another class
Bug WI-54576 I believe I'm improperly getting the error: "Cannot call abstract method 'IDbCore::toArray'" But I'm actually calling DbCore::toArray (not the interface)
Bug WI-55433 Throw expression isn't highlighted as exit point of function
Bug WI-54822 Override/implement doesn't insert mixed type for parameter
Bug WI-55573 Property promotion: missing error in case of null assignment to not-nullable property
Bug WI-55652 Move statements up/down: Attribute should skip doc comment
Bug WI-54924 Named parameters are checked against interface and not the real class
Bug WI-54730 Language Level detection: doesn't work for features > 5.4
Bug WI-55088 Match expression: Trailing comma after default produces parse error
Bug WI-54522 Typo: Barred lambda
Bug WI-54714 False positive unreachable in finally
Bug WI-54830 Type info: shows expanded mixed type
Bug WI-54919 Named parameter doesn't reflect the parameter position
Bug WI-55344 Indention is missed on press enter after element with attribute
Bug WI-53076 Generate constructor: use union type for the parameter types
Bug WI-55347 Unhandled exceptions inspection should support throw expressions
Bug WI-55324 Named arguments: rename argument simultaneously with parameter rename
Bug WI-55421 Display attributes in quick doc as hyperlinks to corresponding classes
Bug WI-54793 language level widget should have ability to hide/add it from/to status bar
Usability WI-54790 Scroll list of versions in language level widget to appropriate version on type to search
Usability WI-53881 Expand selection to the union php doc type from single doc type
Usability WI-54913 Don't show parameter hints for named arguments
Usability WI-55101 Named parameter: indication that the parameter is passed by reference is misisng
Usability WI-55515 Keep indents in multiline grouped attributes
Usability WI-54951 Implement/override doesn't preserve trailing comma
Cosmetics WI-54778 Single namespace name that is equal to keyword is highlighted as a keyword
Exception WI-55555 Exception when navigate to Attribute declaration from stubs
PHP CompletionFeature WI-55090 Match expression: provide completion for default keyword
Feature WI-55343 `Attribute::TARGET_*` should be suggested as expected arguments in completion list for Attribute usage
Bug WI-55418 Don't add inapplicable attributes based on Attribute#flags to completion list
Bug WI-54371 Php completion sorting: don't prefer convertible (non-intersecting) primitives against other types for scalar union types in strict_types mode
Bug WI-55529 Dont insert empty parenthesis for attribute with all default or variadic parameters
Bug WI-54771 No auto-completion for double underscore functions
Bug WI-55430 Throw expression: Exception classes does't appear as first completion items in case of throw expression
PHP ComposerFeature WI-37611 Add option to disable top panel with quick actions
Bug WI-54105 Loading composer packages update availability runs forever with private repositories
Bug WI-54728 Composer self-update doesn't work on PHP 7.4 on Windows
Usability WI-52472 Download composer-stable.phar not composer.phar
Usability WI-50508 Extensive highlighting: PhpComposerExtensionStubsInspection: highlight only name identifier of function call
Usability WI-41471 Set "Composer / Add packages as libraries" in default preferences
Cosmetics WI-55224 Remove label "This configuration file contains...." from composer.json quick actions panel
PHP FormatterFeature WI-55049 Provide spacing settings for named arguments
Bug WI-54214 PHP formatter does't remove additional whitespace after yield
Bug WI-49405 "Update PHPDoc comment" adds missing argument in a wrong place
Bug WI-55229 Match expression: formatter does't add indentation for `default` keyword
Bug WI-55587 PHPDoc after attribute has incorrect indent
Bug WI-54768 Make bitwise operator spacing affect multiple exceptions usage in catch
Bug WI-55528 Keep line breaks for attribute list
Bug WI-50163 Auto format does not add space before colon in return type in anonymous function with use()
Usability WI-55060 Match expression: formatter
PHP FrameworksFeature WI-49523 Support Guzzle integration
Feature WI-53890 Guzzle: Treat GuzzleHttp\ClientInterface as GuzzleHttp\Client in case request has complete information
Feature WI-53889 Guzzle: Support json request option
Bug WI-53886 Guzzle: Missing delimeter in case base_uri is set in Client constructor
Usability WI-53888 Guzzle: assigning null to headers doesn't disable default headers
PHP InspectionsFeature WI-55412 New inspection: replace with str_* PHP8 functions
Feature WI-55400 Не работает инспекция кода в конструкторе без скобок
Feature WI-55330 Highlight line comment looking like attribute in language level inspection
Feature WI-55149 QF to change get_class($object) to $object::class
Feature WI-55627 Highlight spread operator on named arguments
Feature WI-55132 PHP 8: Highlight as error arithmetic operations on object operands
Feature WI-55267 Highlight 'insteadof' target that does't map to any of added traits
Feature WI-54641 PHP 8: Check magic methods signatures
Feature WI-55271 Missing break statement: provide quick fix to add 'break' as last statement
Feature WI-54063 New inspection: Argument matches optional parameter default value
Feature WI-55502 Language level inspection: provide quick fixes to downgrade code to match current language level
Feature WI-54925 New inspection: implementation has a different parameter names
Feature WI-54482 PHP 8: Highlight as error arithmetic operations on array, resource and object operands; addition of two arrays is permitted
Feature WI-55097 Match expression: new inspection "unused condition"
Feature WI-54647 PhpToStringImplementationInspection: support more cases
Feature WI-55477 New Inspection: Promoted field usage
Feature WI-54753 False negative: Spaces in namespace identifier are not allowed
Feature WI-54018 Condition always true: expand semantics to report 'always false' as well
Feature WI-55509 Match expression: Add quick-fix to "unhandled match value" inspection to add default branch
Feature WI-54097 Warn on abstract trait method signature mismatch
Feature WI-55201 New QF: remove argument name
Feature WI-55520 New inspection: duplicated 'catch' statement body
Feature WI-53939 Condition already checked: track constant references in inspection mode
Feature WI-55426 Take conditional statements into account for language level inspections
Feature WI-55577 New inspection: property can be promoted
Feature WI-54847 QF to change declared mixed type to a more precise type
Feature WI-53928 Condition already checked: track constant values
Feature WI-55108 New inspection: match expression with single arm and default can be replaced with ternary expression
Feature WI-55064 Match expression: detect old switch patterns to migrate to match expression
Feature WI-54950 New Inspection (no highlighting): add name to argument
Feature WI-55716 ExpectedValues attribute on parameter is not enforced on argument
Feature WI-55639 Allow to pass constants and class constants with array default value to ExpectedValues constructor
Feature WI-55408 New inspection: Redundant parenthesis in attribute
Feature WI-55542 New inspection: #[ExitPoint] can be added
Feature WI-55287 Match expression: detect duplicate bodies and suggest to merge them
Feature WI-55195 New quick fix: remove '?' from nullsafe operator for language level < 8
Feature WI-55154 Suggest to replace `::class` with `get_class` in language level inspection for PHP < 8
Feature WI-55118 New inspection: named argument order is changed
Feature WI-55628 New inspection: expected value should be used instead
Feature WI-55796 Expected value should be used: support match expression
Feature WI-55479 New inspection: Redundant assignment to promoted parameter field
Feature WI-55368 Match expression: new inspection "unhandled match value"
Feature WI-54104 New inspection: loop never iterates
Feature WI-55220 QF to remove duplicated default match arm
Feature WI-55065 Match expression: new inspection "duplicate match condition"
Feature WI-55095 Non-capturing catches: suggest quick-fix to remove unused variable for PHP >= 8.0
Feature WI-55255 New inspection: Trait use rule resolved to method with different containing class
Feature WI-55416 New inspection: attribute can be added to overriding member
Feature WI-55269 New inspection: redundant 'match' expression
Feature WI-55079 Highlight <primitive_type>::class usage as error
Bug WI-55087 Missing error: Match expressions may only contain one default arm
Bug WI-54649 False positive "Declaration must be compatible" when super class implements interface method with union types
Bug WI-53902 Dynamic access to SimpleXMLElement property isn't highlighted in foreach loop if type of current element inferred by @var phpdoc from previous loop
Bug WI-55123 Hierarchy checks inspection: nullable return type is compatible with `mixed`
Bug WI-54541 False positive 'multiple class declaration' if classes from project src and vendor have the same namespace but only one of them has constrictor
Bug WI-54178 DFA: support negated comparison
Bug WI-54855 Missing return type QF: can't be applied in batch in case return types are different
Bug WI-55143 False positive error that named parameter overwrites previous one in variadic parameter if named parameter matches implicit name of first parameter
Bug WI-53048 Typed property might be unassigned: doesn't allow to send nullable property as a parameter reference
Bug WI-43946 Missing break inspection: ignores default switch's branch
Bug WI-54568 Don't highlight as unhandled exception getMethod/getProperty of reflection class if corresponding real member exists
Bug WI-55183 Non-absolute trait methods should be resolved for all used traits in class
Bug WI-52924 Typed property might be unassigned inspection: false negative: not detecting field's read immediately after constructor's call
Bug WI-55165 Unsupported operand types: false positive in case of void type
Bug WI-55160 Named arguments for variadic parameter should warn about duplicated keys in case other than case of parameter
Bug WI-54319 Don't consider function global namespace version if function is found in current namespace
Bug WI-54825 Missing return/parameter type declaration: is disabled if mixed type is used
Bug WI-55136 False positive error for arithmetic operations on GMP functions
Bug WI-55535 Don't suggest to replace switch with match if null coalescing with assignment is used
Bug WI-55431 Does't highlight throw expression with "Thrown object must be an instance of 'Exception' or 'Throwable"
Bug WI-55512 Unreachable statement: double highlighting in case of double 'break'
Bug WI-54821 Declaration of overridden method should be compatible with parent class: QF that appends type appends mixed instead of replacing the type
Bug WI-54927 Redundant optional argument QF: doesn't remove the named part
Bug WI-55662 Missing property type QF: removes attribute
Bug WI-55261 Trait properties re-declaration check does't work if trait is located in different file
Bug WI-54839 Update signature to match PHPDoc: don't transform static into the specific class
Bug WI-52923 Typed property might be unassigned inspection: false negative: reassignment of the variable to the new instance will not be detected
Bug WI-55608 Attributes: missing error for unpacking in attribute argument
Bug WI-55171 Unsupported operand types: false positive in case of not (!) operator
Bug WI-55164 Unsupported operand types: false positive in case of mixed type
Bug WI-54263 DFA: ambiguous state with same isset/empty function calls in branches with the same variable should call the same state
Bug WI-55360 Typed property might be uninitialized: false positive when creating the object inline
Bug WI-54152 Undefined class: false positive if namespace reference ends with whitespace
Bug WI-55134 Unary operators on array/resource/objects are not highlighted as errors
Bug WI-55083 Trait collision false positive in case insteadof operator is applied for method inherited from other trait
Bug WI-55026 PhpParameterNameChangedDuringInheritanceInspection throws AssertionError
Bug WI-55295 Code become broken after applying QF for 'Trait use rule resolved to method with different containing class' inspection if there is comment after use
Bug WI-54323 Params inspection false negative in case param is received by call to magic __get method and class implements interface
Bug WI-54882 Change message for unsupported trailing comma in function calls
Bug WI-54545 Support hasMethod/hasProperty checkers for any arguments, not only string literals
Bug WI-44921 Visibility is not taken from the trait for a class implementing an interface and extending another class
Bug WI-54975 Removing unnecessary imported qualifier changes type of variable
Bug WI-55263 Unsupported operand types: false positive for clone operator
Bug WI-55184 Unsupported operand types: false positive for .= operator and objects
Bug WI-54853 Missing return type QF: suggests to add ?mixed in case return type is nullable
Bug WI-55264 Unsupported operand types: false positive in case of combined operator += and arrays
Bug WI-55256 Method declaration of super class is incompatible with implemented interface false positive: when parent overrides incompatible method in super-parent
Bug WI-54141 Inspection 'Argument matches optional parameter default value' if flaky in case of multiresolve
Bug WI-55607 Attributes: missing error for duplicated Attribute
Bug WI-55806 False positive - Can't use a temporary expression in write context - unset in while without braces
Bug WI-54326 Parameter type inspection: parameter isn't highlighted if there is `is_array` check before function call
Bug WI-55109 False positive inspection "Condition always evaluates to true" after unset()
Bug WI-55308 Private methods access from bound closures produces "Member has private access" warning when bindTo method is used for binding
Bug WI-55257 Method declaration of super class is incompatible with implemented interface false positive: ignore @method
Bug WI-54812 Mixed as a return type of generator produces error
Bug WI-55100 Argument without name identifier: QF missing for methods
Bug WI-55473 Undefined class: take into account 'class_exists'
Bug WI-55166 Unsupported operand types: false positive in case of empty type
Bug WI-53805 Strict identity check on scalars should cover DFA state for is_scalar type checker
Bug WI-46579 False positive for "Missing parent constructor call" inspection when extending a duplicate parent class
Bug WI-55167 Unsupported operand types: false positive in case of specific array type and plus operator
Bug WI-55133 Error on arithmetic operations reveals internal type of operands
Bug WI-55141 Don't highlight arithmetic operations on string as errors
Bug WI-52897 Unused parameter: false positive in nested closures
Bug WI-55468 False positive error on object::class with object typehint
Bug WI-54337 Strict type checking QF: doesn't warn in case there are other usages
Bug WI-54491 PhpIncompatibleReturnTypeInspection: don't highlight return arguments if unknown type is present
Bug WI-54842 Missing return type: insert static instead of specific class in case of return new static
Bug WI-55747 Possible polymorphic call: take into account property_exists
Bug WI-54516 Missing return tag is not shown in case return type is empty and class has parent
Bug WI-55288 False positive error 'Cannot inherit previously-inherited or override constant' if there are several interfaces with equal fqn and the same constant
Bug WI-55575 Property promotion: false positive property might be uninitialized
Bug WI-54318 Don't treat unresolved field reference as unknown type if accessible write access to field reference is present
Bug WI-53053 Typed property might be unassigned inspection: don't analyze properties access in constructor of abstract class
Bug WI-54788 Expression always null: disable QF for variable on which null-safe operator is applied
Bug WI-53288 False positive error 'Declaration must be compatible' when method in interface and trait has different return type
Bug WI-55137 In case of union type don't show error if at least one type allows the arithmetic operation
Bug WI-54322 Type of assignment in setUp of PHPUnit test class is not inferred if class is abstract
Bug WI-55495 False positive unhandled match argument if argument has mixed type
Bug WI-55135 Combined operators on array/objects/resouce are not highlighted as errors
Bug WI-55474 Undefined class constant: take into account 'defined'
Bug WI-54122 Argument matches optional parameter default value: doesn't work for methods
Bug WI-55673 Non-applicable attribute target declaration: TARGET_PROPERTY is marked as invalid for attribute for promoted property
Bug WI-54987 Named argument might be unresolved: don't show in case it's unresolved in @method
Bug WI-54660 __toString may produce exception: is shown for PHP 7.4 and not shown for PHP <7.4
Bug WI-54630 PhpToStringImplementationInspection: highlight non-existing __toString in plain string literals
Bug WI-54281 Parameter type mismatch inspection: don't report if argument has unknown type
Bug WI-55266 Unsupported operand types: false positive in case of empty type and unary operators
Bug WI-54813 Change type to match super: inserts expanded mixed
Bug WI-55139 Highlight as error arithmetic operations on callables
Bug WI-55199 Hierarchy check: signature of method is checked against trait
Bug WI-54986 Parameter name changed during inheritance: don't show the inspection for contructor
Bug WI-54643 PhpToStringImplementationInspection: don't highlight interfaces and abstract classes if at least one child has __toString
Bug WI-54320 Composite DFA states crated from logical && operation should produce intersection of type restriction rather then union
Bug WI-52926 Typed property might be unassigned inspection: false positive: detects uninitialized read for instances created from Phpstorm-Stubs classes
Bug WI-55714 Unsupported operand types: false positive on array addition if one operand has multiple types
Bug WI-55208 False positive Named parameter overwrites previous argument if name of arguments have same name but different case
Bug WI-55501 Make control flow inspection aware of field reference assignment on constructor property promotion
Bug WI-55099 Argument without name: Allow batch quick fix for last arguments
Bug WI-55265 Unsupported operand types: false positive in case array + mixed/empty/void
Bug WI-55170 Unsupported operand types: false positive for type casting operator
Bug WI-54988 Named argument might be unresolved: doesn't take into account traits implementations
Bug WI-55582 Replace substr with str_starts_with: don't suggest QF if start index isn't 0
Bug WI-54450 Inspection :: Typed property might be unassigned :: False Positive with null coalesce assignment operator
Bug WI-52922 Typed property might be unassigned inspection: false positive: read typed property with previous write in the array detected as uninitialized read access
Bug WI-54551 Don't highlight constructor invocations of ReflectionClass if argument have fully resolvable non-primitive type
Bug WI-54492 Array used only with write access: don't report super-global variables
Bug WI-55066 Illegal string offset: ignore mixed type
Bug WI-29871 Private methods access from bound closures produces "Member has private access" warning
Bug WI-55580 Replace substr with str_starts_with: don't suggest QF if operands of === are different
Bug WI-54457 Import is added outside the PHP tags
Bug WI-54169 "Only variables can be passed by reference" false positive for array_multisort()
Bug WI-54831 trait method signature mismatch inspection should take into account insteadof operator in trait import
Bug WI-55307 Member private access inspection in closure binding is flaky in case of multiple definitions
Bug WI-55604 Inspection 'Not applicable attribute target declaration' doesn't work if attribute has constructor
Bug WI-53810 Strict comparison to null should also cover DFA state for is_null check
Bug WI-53683 Require non-absolute trait method refs to be unambiguous
Bug WI-55758 PHP8: void is allowed as a return type in __clone signature
Bug WI-52921 Typed property might be unassigned inspection: false positive: write-in field's array detected as uninitialized read access
Usability WI-54361 Make Missing return type declaration and Missing parameter type declaration highlighting consistent
Usability WI-55699 Missing return type declaration: don't highlight anonymous functions
Usability WI-53047 Typed properties might be unassigned: don't show multiple warning for the same element
Usability WI-54093 Extensive highlighting: Usage of else if construct highlights the whole content of else if
Usability WI-55583 Replace substr with str_starts_with: Highlight full expression with both operands of ===
Usability WI-53927 Disable 'Undefined field' inspection for SimpleXMLElement classes
Usability WI-54654 PhpToStringImplementationInspection: Don't highlight variable if its class is undefined
Usability WI-53779 Update signature from PHPDoc: is shown and does nothing for @return object in PHP < 7.2
Usability WI-54662 PhpToStringImplementationInspection: Treat specific array (like int[]) consistent with array
Exception WI-55670 Property can be promoted: throws exception in case of @property
Exception WI-54985 Parameter name changed during inheritance QF throws java.lang.ClassCastException
Exception WI-55801 Exception when __set_state magic method in anonymous class
Exception WI-54683 Change parameter: exception "Refactorings should not be started inside write action" is thrown
Exception WI-55027 Parameter name changed during inheritance QF throws "Refactorings should not be started inside write action"
Exception WI-55637 Exception when change call of str_ function
Exception WI-55144 'mixed' return type can be reduced QF: java.lang.AssertionError: in case type is nullable singular
PHP IntentionsFeature WI-55094 Non-capturing catches: suggest quick-fix to introduce a new variable for PHP < 8.0
Feature WI-49593 New intention: nullable shorthand to union type and back
Bug WI-54874 Support trailing comma for "Split comma-separated values into multiple lines"
Bug WI-55579 Property promotion: intentions Make public/private doesn't work
Bug WI-54875 Support trailing comma for change signature refactoring
Usability WI-55513 Make intention to change get_class($object) to $object::class available inside parentheses
PHP InterpretersBug WI-53926 Selected docker compose service in interpreter settings isn't selected after settings re-open
Bug WI-54687 Docker remote interpreter image is reset on re-opening dialog
PHP Lib StubsBug WI-55658 Constant description is shown on class constructor
Bug WI-54390 Update info for bcscale()
Bug WI-53916 SimpleXMLIterator#key should return string|false
PHP ParserFeature WI-54219 Parse following comma in parameter list
Feature WI-54638 PHP 8: Support trailing comma in closure use list
Feature WI-54103 Permissive parsing for plural types
Feature WI-54484 PHP 8: Parse non-capturing catches
Feature WI-54639 PHP 8: Support nullsafe operator
Feature WI-54215 When class reference is expected, parse namespace reference without name as invalid class reference
Feature WI-54727 PHP 8: Treat namespaced names as single token
Feature WI-54640 PHP 8 : Support named arguments
Feature WI-54481 PHP 8: Allow trailing comma in param list
Bug WI-54194 "-" should be allowed as part of doc identifier
Bug WI-54967 Named arguments: parse error in case of keyword + whitespace/comment
Bug WI-55328 Parse attribute as line comment for language level < 8
Bug WI-54802 Permissive parsing for incorrect nullsafe dereference "$a??->f" inside string literals
Bug WI-54750 Single namespace names that collides with reserved keywords produce parse errors
Usability WI-55505 Permissively parse trailing '|' in multiple catch exception list
Usability WI-53880 Permissive parsing for implements/interface extends list
Task WI-54936 Twig: Parse `with` as a keyword in `use` and `include` constructions
PHP Quality ToolsFeature WI-54684 Add link to quality tool inspection to the tool setting popup
Feature WI-54171 phpstan: detect config from composer.json
Feature WI-35063 Add support for phpstan
Bug WI-52633 Custom inspection severities not rendering correctly in 2020.1
Bug WI-53960 PHPStan: doesn't work for the file outside test/source roots
Bug WI-53962 PHPStan: doesn't work on WSL
Bug WI-55682 Quality tools cause all files to be saved (spaces can be trimmed) and inspections run repeatedly when typing
Bug WI-55106 PHPCS: doesn't work with custom standard
Bug WI-54155 Codesniffer quality tool has only PSR 2 Coding standard in inspection settings
Bug WI-55104 NPE on attempt to open quality tool settings
Usability WI-34780 PHPCS/PHPMD: use intepreter path mappings for custom ruleset file
Exception WI-53963 Exception is thrown on editing code and warnings are stuck
PHP RefactoringBug WI-54922 Change signature: support named parameters
Bug WI-55461 Change signature: keep comments and formating when updating argument list
Bug WI-54675 Introduce field: doesn't start rename template when caret is located at specific offset
Bug WI-40779 Extract field: do refactoring in one step
Bug WI-55340 Update attribute usage on change signature of attribute class
Bug WI-55762 Change signature: remove trailing comma when no parameters
Bug WI-40781 Extract constant: do refactoring in one step
Bug WI-54806 Introduce constant in file: doesn't move constant to class if located in namespace
Bug WI-54841 Change signature: accept static as a return type
Bug WI-55667 Change signature: destroys attributes for parameters
Bug WI-54923 Extract parameter: should update call-site depending on the usage of named arguments
Bug WI-54921 Rename of argument doesn't update named parameters in functions with inplace rename
Usability WI-54408 Inplace introduce parameter: do refactoring in one step
Usability WI-55590 Attributes: disable Introduce variable and Extract method refactoring for attribute values
Usability WI-53412 Extract class: make properties typed for PHP > 7.4
Usability WI-54953 Extract interface: doesn't preserve trailing comma
Meta Issue WI-52691 Inplace introduce: do refactoring in one step
Exception WI-54394 Introduce variable: exception on namespace part extraction from string
PHP TemplatesFeature WI-15166 TWIG: variable usage
Feature WI-24990 Add ability to rename (Shift + F6) variables in Twig templates
PHP TestFeature WI-41044 Codeception: Support Toggle auto-test
Bug WI-54615 No tests executed (PHPStorm 2020.2) when running PHPUnit tests with WSL interpreter
Bug WI-52825 PhpSpec plugin requires restart to unload
Bug WI-55042 PHPUnit inspections on method calls are based on argument position and not argument name
PHP Type InferenceFeature WI-53999 Non-strict not-null check should exclude false
Feature WI-50191 Infer foreach/iterator types from generator yield types
Feature WI-31270 Support PHPUnit mocks
Bug WI-35952 Using inherited methods from classes inside of traits does not code complete properly
Bug WI-54505 Don't consider a type as polymorphic in case there is only one child that has the method
Bug WI-53921 Array with specific type is treated like object
Bug WI-54904 CreateMock method doesn't work in namespaced code
Bug WI-53861 The type of key is incorrectly inferred as SimpleXMLElement
Bug WI-54180 Take into account local resolve of function reference when computing potential access by ref
Bug WI-53877 Don't add type from super-method if local type is fully known
Bug WI-55162 bitwise operators like & and ^ produce string even in case parameter is int received from function
Bug WI-54849 `instanceof` should filter out `object`
Bug WI-47554 Type hinting does not work for constructors over multiple trait inheritence
Bug WI-54804 `self` should not produce polymorphic type
Bug WI-54850 `instanceof` should remove classes that are not located inside hierarchy
Bug WI-54905 instanceof: assumes that the type can't be child
Bug WI-46733 PHPStorm marks bitwise negation as bool type
Bug WI-54560 Add mock methods to meta file for PhpUnit < 6
Bug WI-54872 self return type should be static in case method returns new static
Bug WI-53876 Add mixed to iterated type of array if not all values types are known
Bug WI-53312 Incorrect return type detected from splObjectStorage()
Bug WI-54890 Incompatible types: Expected property of type 'string', 'null|string' provided but null is not possible
Bug WI-53933 Infer type of child object of SimpleXMLElement as child class instead of SimpleXMLElement in a loop
Bug WI-54943 instanceof doesn't resolve parent to parent class
PHPDocFeature WI-55610 Show documentation of class in case it's missing for constructor on object creation and attribute
Bug WI-53202 PhpDoc: wrong union types ordering
Bug WI-54816 Generate PHPDoc for the parameter with default value false and type mixed produces expanded union type
Bug WI-55651 Quick doc is not shown correctly if attribute is located before doc comment
Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..Bug WI-54777 SSH-Configuration not saved to the Development Settings
Bug WI-53652 Can't upload file edited remotely
Plugin: PsalmFeature WI-54175 psalm: detect config from composer.json
Feature WI-53965 PHPStan/Psalm: Provide a link to the configuration
Feature WI-45248 Psalm support
Bug WI-54017 Psalm/PHPStan: doesn't map configuration file to remote using Remote Interpreters
Bug WI-55791 Psalm doesn't work on WSL
Bug WI-54043 Psalm/PHPStan: doesn't work on Docker (windows)
Bug WI-53964 PHPStan/Psalm: Use *.bat on auto-setup from composer
Bug WI-53967 Psalm: validation doesn't work on Docker image
Performance WI-54189 Psalm/PhpStan quality tools performance is low on large projects when using remote interpeter
Cosmetics WI-54088 phpstan/psalm: provide links to tool settings from inspection settings
Code Analysis. InspectionFeature IDEA-247443 Option to ignore camel-case strings in i18n inspection
Feature IDEA-248175 i18n for groupPath in InspectionEP
Feature IDEA-249403 Support @Nls @NonNls and @NlsSafe annotations on function parameter in Kotlin
Bug IDEA-247998 InspectionProfileEntry.cleanup() not called when batch inspection has result
Bug IDEA-52705 False positive on "suspicious indentation after control statement without braces"
Bug IDEA-247986 Absence of an expected warning of "Hard coded strings" inspection
Bug IDEA-251451 AutoCloseable inspection should detect resource escaping in more cases
Usability IDEA-232279 Improve the `Next highlighted error` UX on analysis
Exception IDEA-168236 NPE invoking "Edit settings" for delete profile
Code Analysis. Language InjectionBug IDEA-241419 intelliLang.Configuration$App leaks PatternCompilerImpl$LazyPresentablePattern
Bug IDEA-250291 Language Injection settings are not properly reloaded when dynamic plugins changed
Code Analysis. Structural SearchFeature IDEA-244837 Custom SSR filters
Feature IDEA-249515 Automatically open replacement window when importing replace pattern
Bug IDEA-244786 Filters & Scope should be available in Dumb mode
Bug IDEA-245668 NPE at pointing 'Find usages' in menu after adding SSR inspection
Bug IDEA-244784 Filters remain disabled when script filter has problem on opening of dialog
Bug IDEA-249295 Structural search: some filters applicable for variable appear only on the second call
Bug IDEA-245028 NPE when text cursor is on replacement variable
Bug IDEA-244045 Can't find tools for "e0bda819..." in the profile "Project Default" on switching to existing template
Bug IDEA-246940 Can't find lambda parameter
Cosmetics IDEA-244617 Render templates list in inspection as disabled when inspection is disabled
Task IDEA-247138 Get rid of "Words" check box in text filter
Exception IDEA-247874 Constraint inSmartMode cannot be satisfied
Code Analysis. Syntax (PSI)Bug IDEA-246747 Excessive memory consumption
CoreBug IDEA-249530 Out of Memory Alert dialog is shown when memory is not a problem
Bug IDEA-245099 File type of unloaded plugin can be leaked due to file type caching
Bug IDEA-244431 PatternCompilerImpl leaks references to classloaders from unloaded plugins
Bug IDEA-242571 Not created lazy listeners are not cleared when the plugin is unloaded
Bug IDEA-242599 Pending "run when smart" tasks are not cleared on unload of plugin which registered them, leading to leaks
Task IDEA-247475 API for HTML concatenations
Core. DebuggerBug IDEA-251309 Wrong soft wrapping and unnecessary scrolling while stepping in the debugger
Bug IDEA-251433 Inline debugger: value renderer moves to the new line if you press enter at the end of line
Core. DiagramsBug IDEA-248404 New Module Dependencies Diagram does nothing
Core. File SystemFeature IDEA-246514 Implement VirtualFIle.isCaseSensitive()
Bug IDEA-247036 v2020.1 Won't Save To Disk
Core. IDE SettingsFeature IDEA-227299 IDEA IDEs do not identify file types for files without extensions
Bug IDEA-245438 Endless "Can't get shell environment" warnings in the log
Bug IDEA-222660 Can't delete inspection profile
Bug IDEA-251416 Ambiguous message when importing settings
Bug IDEA-250776 Use ApplicationNamesInfo.getScriptName() instead of ApplicationNamesInfo.getProductName() when generating custom VM options file name
Bug IDEA-242589 Scheme managers are leaked on plugin unload
Bug IDEA-236885 Config-serialized object reference is not cleared on plugin unloading
Bug IDEA-247310 Changes in HashBang Patterns are not saved
Bug IDEA-237376 Android RenderScript file type instead of Rust one on 2020.1
Bug IDEA-244849 Custom font is not applied to settings element after Apply changes
Bug IDEA-250355 Settings are not reset after "Restore Default Settings" action
Bug IDEA-209384 2018.3.5 importing from 2.4 causes "Antialiasing->subpixel" setting to not stick between runs
Usability IDEA-202548 Can't Export Settings when IDE settings sync is enabled
Cosmetics IDEA-251495 Refactoring preferences wording/grammar issue: unnecessary article
Exception IDEA-250858 "Import IntelliJ IDEA Settings" dialog throws error
Core. IndexingFeature IDEA-247422 shared stub index should be invalidated only partially when IStubFileElementType#getStubVersion updated
Feature IDEA-250972 Shared Indexes Plugin: load more than one *.ijx file
Bug IDEA-247403 shared-indexes: commit-backed project shared index selection
Bug IDEA-251695 BindingXmlIndex is not shareable
Bug IDEA-251831 Shared index for js.string.literal.words.index is always empty
Bug IDEA-247316 Pausing Indexing Applies to All Windows Rather than Current Project
Bug IDEA-249792 SharedIndexes: indexes should be recalculated on shared index plugin disabling.
Performance IDEA-247070 Find Usages has become slower in 2020.2
Performance IDEA-251642 Indexing dependncies hangs
Performance IDEA-249369 Add an option to choose only distinct files to generate indexes
Usability IDEA-249128 Shared index configurable can be application based and shown without any open project
Exception IDEA-248099 IndexNotReadyException when try to use indexes in one project (with finished indexing) during indexing process in another project
Core. InstallationFeature IDEA-250333 Show comprehensible error message if user tries to start IDE under Java 8
Bug IDEA-245844 License server before proxy settings
Bug IDEA-231075 jbr directory is not completely deleted on IDEA uninstall
Task IDEA-250978 Bundle Kotlin 1.4.10 with IntelliJ IDEA 2020.3
Core. LicensingBug IDEA-251482 I18n for license activation dialog is broken
Bug IDEA-249812 License dialog is too wide and cannot be narrowed
Bug IDEA-246636 'br' tag is wrongly shown in "Thank you for evaluating {0}. Your evaluation license expires in {1}" message
Core. Navigation and SearchFeature IDEA-135112 Search for actions by synonyms
Bug IDEA-234172 Enter / Exit / Toggle Distraction free mode via find action doesn't work
Bug IDEA-244647 Rerunning a pinned search opens a new result window
Bug IDEA-247358 Navigate to file: wrong item is focused in the Project View with "Always Select Open File" enabled
Bug IDEA-246795 Todo View doesn't update on scope change
Performance IDEA-245035 Goto Implementation works very slow from a SAM method usage
Usability IDEA-248865 Unable to navigate to enum constructor since 2020.2
Usability IDEA-194817 Show enum constant usages on mouse middle-click
Core. Platform APIBug IDEA-248823 PsiElement.contextOfType does not support the strict flag from PsiTreeUtil.getContextOfType.
Usability IDEA-245298 Tooltip for StatusBarWidget is not set unless StatusBar::updateWidget is called
Core. Plugin ManagementFeature IDEA-247472 Show plugins from custom repositories on top of Marketplace search result list
Bug IDEA-252007 Unable to make plugin dynamic
Bug IDEA-251036 Actions to enable or disable for current project should not be available for plugins that can't be unloaded without restart
Bug IDEA-246710 Disabled bundled plugins are not listed in the log
Bug IDEA-248037 Disable button disappears after resizing plugin settings window
Bug IDEA-215935 "Plugins supporting *.md files found" doesn't suggest disabled plugin
Bug IDEA-250713 Plugin enabled for current project has label "Enabled for all projects" and cannot be actually enabled for all projects
Bug IDEA-247117 Error updating plugin
Bug IDEA-224874 Frame around plugin description appears after installing theme plugin
Bug IDEA-247329 IntelliJ Stuck Analyzing
Bug IDEA-247627 Editor scheme is lost after updating a theme plugin if the jar name of the new version differs from the name of the old version
Bug IDEA-246822 Detect plugins incompatibilities before downloading IDE upgrade
Bug IDEA-250738 Can't disable plugin for current project
Bug IDEA-244865 Hibernate plugin requires restart on disabling
Bug IDEA-246111 'Plugins supporting filetype' notification shown for already-supported filetypes (IJ UE 2020.1.2)
Usability IDEA-251766 Add Extensions as a synonym for Plugins
Exception IDEA-246976 java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: gnu/trove/TObjectHashingStrategy
Exception IDEA-242828 NPE at com.intellij.ide.plugins.newui.MyPluginModel.removeProgress
Exception IDEA-249972 IllegalArgumentException: Missing extension point: com.intellij.languageBundle in container Application (containerState=PRE_INIT)
Core. Project SettingsFeature IDEA-251026 Provide a way to update downloaded JDK to a newer version
Bug IDEA-246772 Module already exists error on cloning project with new project model.
Bug IDEA-246621 Cannot import project with iml file
Bug IDEA-251779 Newly created JARs are shown as invalid in IDE until project is reopened
Bug IDEA-248714 i18n: html link in Project Structure -> Problems
Bug IDEA-222480 IDEA hangs on startup while initializing ProjectJdkTable
Bug IDEA-244277 AddModuleWizard class allows null to be passed to a NotNull method parameter.
Bug IDEA-245615 Artifact build ignores specified manifest
Bug IDEA-250171 Explicitly assigned module groups are lost after opening project
Bug IDEA-250999 Gradle project import: ISE: "ServiceManager.getServic… must not be null" at WorkspaceModel$Companion.getInstance()
Bug IDEA-247042 Maven project imported with 'store project files externally' ON can't be built
Bug IDEA-250878 Apply button is enabled without any modifications
Bug IDEA-246731 If missing JDK is installed it isn't recognized until the project is reopened
Performance IDEA-245991 UI freeze in RootsChangeWatcher after changing many project configuration files
Usability IDEA-240999 Suggest to automatically download JDK when "Build Project" action is invoked
Exception IDEA-246786 Module-level libraries in unloaded modules lead to exception on opening project
Exception IDEA-244663 PAEE at
Exception IDEA-246874 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException may be thrown in FacetEventsPublisher
Core. Quick DocumentationUsability IDEA-170168 Show method quick doc on modifiers
Core. RefactoringsBug IDEA-245589 Broken compatibility between IntelliJ IDEA 2020.2 and Kotlin plugin 1.3.72 202: NoSuchMethodError at org.jetbrains.kotlin.idea.refactoring.suggested.KotlinSuggestedRefactoringUI.extractNewParameterData
Bug IDEA-246628 VariableInplaceRenameHandler: misleading method contract
Bug IDEA-227176 Can't refactor a certain project
Bug IDEA-248815 Can't Refactor Rename Java Variable in IntelliJ IDEA When There Are Code and String Occurrences to a Combined Number Over 200
Bug IDEA-240885 fileType extension couldn't be unload after file rename
Performance IDEA-251661 Introduce Parameter runs expensive search in EDT with no progress
Core. Run. ConfigurationsFeature IDEA-65915 Allow to store Run Configuration Templates as files to be able to share them through VCS
Bug IDEA-246862 [new run configs UI] with enlarged font the Main class field looks unreadable
Bug IDEA-248997 Can't exclude classes/packages from coverage in Run configurations
Bug IDEA-250318 Unable to run/debug existing test in dumb mode
Bug IDEA-251823 @argfile shortening method isn't available in run configuration templates
Bug IDEA-247288 [new run config UI] expand field option is broken
Bug IDEA-245965 Default JRE for modules which use module-specific JDK is shown incorrectly in new UI
Bug IDEA-247392 [new run config UI] Shortcuts are duplicated in the hints
Bug IDEA-245100 RunManagerImpl.workspaceSchemeManager leaks references to run configurations from unloaded plugins
Bug IDEA-248180 Renamed JDKs are shown without names in the Run configurations JDK dropdown
Bug IDEA-247956 Don't pass DESKTOP_STARTUP_ID environment variable to launched processes on Linux
Bug IDEA-239627 Macros `$MODULE_WORKING_DIR$` and/or `$MODULE_DIR$` are missing
Bug IDEA-248113 Run/Debug Configuration window is black in nightly
Bug IDEA-247287 [new run config ui] not an editor font in the fields
Bug IDEA-250341 [new run config UI] Different fonts in the UI
Bug IDEA-249997 [new run config UI] Form broken when code coverage options are added
Bug IDEA-248090 Do not store relative path to bundled JDK in settings.
Usability IDEA-249925 [new run config UI] Fields appear 'below the fold', without indication that the user could scroll down
Usability IDEA-245875 [new run config UI] Option tags are confusing to users
Usability IDEA-250342 [new run config UI] Add a way to edit run configuration from the run/debug tool window
Usability IDEA-245305 [new run config UI] Make hotkey for 'Manage Options' more visible
Cosmetics IDEA-245398 [new run config UI] improve JDK field displaying
Cosmetics IDEA-249103 [new run config UI] Try new more rounded tags form
Cosmetics IDEA-247760 [new run config UI] Replace '+' icon with the dialog icon for adding macros
Cosmetics IDEA-249664 "Add Before Launch Task" popup title should be "Add New Task" instead of "Add New Configuration"
Task IDEA-249170 [new run config UI] Please change the 'Edit <run config>' context menu item
Core. Run. External ToolsBug IDEA-239635 [Settings Keymap] when searching for some action, External Tools are always shown
Exception IDEA-244452 NPE in Remote SSH External Tools plugin when cancel choosing of tool
Core. Run. TargetsBug IDEA-226641 [run.targets] Java LR doesn't detect version with a built image
Bug IDEA-251276 "Generate" button next to "Temporary files root" does nothing
Bug IDEA-237866 [run.targets] Unable to find image after pulling an image without a tag
Core. SSHBug IDEA-247283 SSH can't juxtapose a public key file with a public key from the agent if there's no private key file
Bug IDEA-248446 Improper handling of connection to SFTP deployment servers which utilize 2FA
EditorFeature IDEA-245762 Show empty boxes for newer emojis if the installed emoji font doesn't contain these
Feature IDEA-237297 LightEdit: Opening a file that does not exist should create a blank editor
Bug IDEA-247170 LightEdit: files with the same name are displayed without a path in File | Open Recent
Bug IDEA-247921 FileAssociationException when trying to add file types association
Bug IDEA-245320 Folded code preview doesn't show the last line
Bug IDEA-238020 LightEdit: order of recent files in popup differs from file order in main menu
Bug IDEA-250404 Unable to open file in project mode from command line when another project is already open
Bug IDEA-232371 Dialog to save files doesn't appear when pressing Cmd + S for a new created file
Bug IDEA-251567 Status bar notification: gear icon in Recent Project popup
Bug IDEA-246113 LightEdit: exception while trying to change file encoding
Bug IDEA-250312 Scroll to Center action doesn't work if "refrain from scrolling" is programmatically set
Bug IDEA-251431 "Reader mode" toggle is shown in Editor Preview, but takes no effect
Bug IDEA-246368 Weird behavior when cursor is inside rendered Doc
Bug IDEA-238700 Code vision: "Implementations" sounds odd in case of classes inheritance
Bug IDEA-237793 LightEdit: disable "Select Opened File" in "Save As" dialog
Bug IDEA-246372 No documentation found in quickDoc
Bug IDEA-248406 External annotations and code vision hints aren't shown if javadoc comment is shown in rendered form
Bug IDEA-237080 Light Edit: "Window" menu is missing (macOS)
Bug IDEA-245580 Light Edit Mode: getCurrentTextEditor and getCurrentFileEditor methods of StatusBarUtil return null
Bug IDEA-250262 Unable to open file from Light Editor when file extension isn't specified in list to open
Bug IDEA-246047 Reader Mode shouldn't be available in Previews
Bug IDEA-231946 LightEdit: Project menu is shown instead of LightEdit mode menu on Win 10
Bug IDEA-251566 Status bar notification: switching between dark/light scheme doesn't refresh tooltip font color
Bug IDEA-250462 Project file isn't opened from command line when another project is already opened and Light Edit frame is focused
Bug IDEA-246399 Quick doc pane is opened when clicking external links in rendered Doc
Bug IDEA-251637 Wrong parameter info position in injected fragment
Usability IDEA-236857 Close Welcome screen when light editor is opened
Usability IDEA-248254 Add status bar notification about the LightEdit mode
Usability IDEA-248255 Use LightEdit mode only for selected file extensions only
Cosmetics IDEA-233516 LightEdit: Don't suggest to save an empty file, don't show changed status
Cosmetics IDEA-248692 Make line numbers and annotation text of wrapped lines stick to top on scrolling
Cosmetics IDEA-238010 LightEdit: underscore is overlapped by the following characters in recent files list
Task IDEA-234009 Restore Light Edit session
Task IDEA-236909 LightEdit: Add "Reload File from Disk" option
Task IDEA-233497 LightEdit: Enable "Find Actions"
Editor. Code CompletionBug IDEA-249709 Parameter Info shortcut does not work when the completion popup is displayed
Bug IDEA-247963 Unable to toggle "Quick Documentation" and "Quick Definition" in the suggestion list
Bug IDEA-242758 IntelliSense/Code Completion for EditorConfig doesn't propose "unset" as a possible value
Usability IDEA-167114 Parameter info looks obsolete functionality into lookup(at least for Java)
Cosmetics IDEA-196835 Different font used in code completion list for Korean
Editor. Color SchemesTask IDEA-249851 Internationalise color scheme names
Editor. Diff and MergeBug IDEA-193373 Diff in Commit Changes: cannot resize TTF preview below some limit
Bug IDEA-249139 Git Diff Viewer - No marks near the scroll
Usability IDEA-236763 Close diff editor tab if there are no changes after commit
Usability IDEA-246407 Revert button icon
Usability IDEA-250957 Confusing terminology in diff view: "Highlight symbols"
Editor. Editing TextFeature IDEA-80498 Action to transpose characters
Feature IDEA-73585 drag and drop editor tabs to split vertically / split horizontally
Bug IDEA-247039 Add Carets to Ends of Selected Lines adds the caret in the middle of a line of the caret is there
Bug IDEA-247210 PyCharm overwrites the mouse-highlight clipboard when I backspace an indentation
Performance IDEA-244429 18K occurences, Select all occurrences, typing is slow
Usability IDEA-248168 Make Parameter Info work during indexing
Usability IDEA-244142 Make double-click and drag text selection treat every symbol as separate word
Editor. Error HighlightingBug IDEA-246273 Highlight Usages action shows incorrect usage counter
Usability IDEA-249640 Inspection widget does not indicate when the highlighting level is set to Syntax
Usability IDEA-243927 Bad code green: enum constant without argument list
Editor. FormatterFeature IDEA-119281 Add option to remove blank lines at end of file on Save
Bug IDEA-215770 EditorConfig: ij_visual_guides option appears in the created .editorconfig only if it is enabled in settings
Bug IDEA-225147 NPE when trying to reformat code with specific wrapping settings
Task IDEA-244897 Default value for empty Code Style options in generated .editorconfig
Task IDEA-244626 Some HTML Code Style options don't appear in generated .editorconfig when these settings are empty
Editor. Intention ActionsBug IDEA-252083 Intention settings tree is not sorted alphabetically
Cosmetics IDEA-249522 Flip arguments around comma should warn about semantic changes
Exception IDEA-248085 IOE at com.intellij.openapi.util.ObjectTree.register
Lang. MarkdownFeature IDEA-213096 Support auto-scroll using a mouse wheel for the 'Markdown Support' plugin
Feature IDEA-213097 Add Support for Rendering of Mermaid.js in Markdown Preview
Bug IDEA-244817 Shell script is not highlighted in preview of Markdown
Bug IDEA-220392 Markdown hard line wrap inserting whitespace at beginning of new line
Bug IDEA-210173 Support color themes for Markdown plugin
Bug IDEA-216229 Markdown plugin should obey line length
Bug IDEA-244546 Error on completion in code blocks
Bug IDEA-220660 Markdown: Shell script highlighting for 'bash' or 'sh'
Task IDEA-243531 Support reformatting for Markdown
Lang. RegExpBug IDEA-241270 Regexp false position inspection in ternary expression
Lang. Shell ScriptFeature IDEA-226750 Update shellcheck to latest (currently 0.7)
Feature IDEA-245850 "Shell Script" run/debug configuration provides no easy way to set environment variables
Feature IDEA-247440 Feature request: Make Shell configurations execute in the Run window like BashSupport
Bug IDEA-252035 Run gutter doesn't work for shebang files
Bug IDEA-244312 Shell: test command breaks highlighting
Bug IDEA-243118 Broken syntax highlighting: backslash escaped quotation marks
Bug IDEA-243154 Shell: Find usages broken with latest 2020.2 EAP
Usability IDEA-238259 Shell script support does not recognize executable files with shebang
Usability IDEA-251075 Shell script configurations always make "Terminal" panel take focus, no option to run in the background
Task IDEA-216508 [Shell Script] Provide folding
Lang. XMLTask IDEA-248591 i18n: internationalize XML and HTML support
Tools. DockerFeature IDEA-186648 Enable custom code folding regions for docker and docker-compose files.
Feature IDEA-212147 Docker. Support --init command line option
Bug IDEA-248828 Dockerfile Error: <path segment> expected, got '@'
Bug IDEA-243967 Docker: images completion doesn't work
Bug IDEA-250366 i18n Docker and Clouds
Bug IDEA-239070 Clicking image links in docker compose files for Official Images opens wrong URL
Bug IDEA-250305 Refactoring of folder name replaces entire line when checking for references
Tools. HTTP ClientFeature IDEA-239332 HTTP Client: Provide completion for 'application/yaml' Content-Type
Feature IDEA-143889 REST Client Needs Export as Curl Option
Feature IDEA-246759 API for 'indexing' HTTP Client scratches
Bug IDEA-251829 HttpClient: variables from completion inserted into request with single {
Bug IDEA-239250 REST Client exception with Content-Length header
Bug IDEA-251828 HttpClient: Get java.lang.Throwable: Write-unsafe context! exception in httpClient tab in endpoints view after failed request
Bug IDEA-246989 HttpClient: After change env name in scratches, it not changes in http client right away
Usability IDEA-247296 Ability to Run (new) Http Client from the "Find Action"
Task IDEA-247690 RestClient internationalization
Task IDEA-239388 Provide action to convert legacy HTTP Client files to the new format
Task IDEA-239387 Test RESTfull Web Services action must create new HTTP Client file
Exception IDEA-249112 java.lang.IllegalArgumentException at "Generate HTTP request" action
Exception IDEA-249122 IAE at com.intellij.codeInsight.highlighting.BackgroundHighlighter.$$$reportNull$$$0
Tools. TerminalBug IDEA-208328 CTRL-C in terminal does not work in IDEA JDK 11 but works fine on IDEA JDK 8 (Mac)
Bug IDEA-250490 Moving tool window terminal tab to editor shows confirmation dialog about closing it
Bug IDEA-182470 terminal ignores $ZDOTDIT/.zshrc
Bug IDEA-176888 IDE drops "/usr/local/bin" from PATH in built-in terminal if zsh is used
Bug IDEA-247892 "Run IDE features from the Terminal" not working on Windows when git-bash is used as terminal shell
Bug IDEA-245380 Zsh startup files are read in the wrong order and counter to rcs and global_rcs options
Bug IDEA-233196 IDE fails to activate venv when it has spaces in its path and ZSH is used
Bug IDEA-245745 Windows: select on terminal show warn message `System clipboard is unavailable`
Bug IDEA-174688 Nested zsh in terminal does not load variables and functions from "$HOME/.zshenv"
Bug IDEA-182846 Idea sets empty ZDOTDIR env var
Bug IDEA-201379 Line spacing for console font has no effect in Terminal
Bug IDEA-236794 Cannot open terminal in Linux on ARM
Bug IDEA-118877 Terminal: not able to rename tab in Editor
Bug IDEA-233949 Possibility to change terminal's "Clear Buffer" action keyboard shortcut
Usability IDEA-199122 Custom shortcuts do not work in Terminal
User InterfaceFeature IDEA-238804 Color Picker in Editor - missing pre 2020.1 features
Feature IDEA-127464 Editor Tabs options: Keep pinned tabs on top left of tab bar.
Feature IDEA-242373 Implement notification for breakpoint hit action
Feature IDEA-164238 Provide an easier way to clear the status bar
Bug IDEA-134723 Column alignment incorrect in 'distraction free mode' when using split editor
Bug IDEA-248756 Drag and drop doesn't work with new Welcome Screen
Bug IDEA-246622 CSS styles do not update after theme switch
Bug IDEA-229319 `Command + ~` doesn't work if non-focused popup is active
Bug IDEA-251719 Several tabs are not opened in right split with Shift+Enter
Bug IDEA-250138 Wrong icon in confirmation dialogs on macOS
Bug IDEA-251732 Table: "Highlight line on hover" should not highlight lines after the mouse was moved out of table
Bug IDEA-250690 "Close button position" setting is not applied
Bug IDEA-248447 Keyboard shortcuts don't work when Russian keyboard layout is active
Bug IDEA-243695 Load context: context isn't restoring editor tabs on a second monitor/display
Bug IDEA-247601 New project button doesn't work
Bug IDEA-237643 Add hints to options tooltips in Find
Bug IDEA-246442 Incorrect symbol for drop down list
Bug IDEA-247600 Missing additional actions on Welcome Screen
Bug IDEA-250834 No "View Mode" group in tool window menu
Bug IDEA-251030 Icons are not shown in Database toolwindow popup menu
Bug IDEA-251734 Bulb button stays above the Problems view after switching to "Project Errors"
Bug IDEA-186748 Debug toolbar doesn't stay hidden
Bug IDEA-246421 New Color Picker: make the hex field focused by default
Bug IDEA-249212 GoLand new project wizard: title of new project window was changed from `New Project` to `New Project...`
Bug IDEA-249801 Darcula theme is not applied when if "Sync with OS" option is selected while macOS theme is dark
Bug IDEA-246624 Table header expands awkwardly
Bug IDEA-251234 Plugin page doesn't fully reflect to theme changing
Bug IDEA-251961 Rename "Find in Path" to "Find in Files" in Notifications settings
Bug IDEA-223082 Toggling distraction free mode continuously increases size of bottom tool panel until it eclipses editor
Bug IDEA-189795 Find Action: Doesn't consider dynamic text
Bug IDEA-249229 New welcome screen: the bottom part of `New project` tab isn't changed after changing the theme (WebStorm)
Bug IDEA-244086 macOS native menu is misaligned
Bug IDEA-241815 Duplicated "New" items in Find Action
Bug IDEA-250976 Strange boxes in new menu during inplace rename
Bug IDEA-251534 Can't close tabs or open new files from the project view with the mouse after closing the first split editor
Bug IDEA-251355 StackOverFlowError when clicking a link in "Updates" dialog in master
Bug IDEA-246207 "Clear Event Log" action is disabled after running a test
Bug IDEA-247257 Low-resolution taskbar icon on Windows
Bug IDEA-251727 "Open in split tab" action is available for directories
Bug IDEA-198032 Can't evaluate a product when using unusual email domain
Usability IDEA-237473 It's not clear that `Check for updates` does nothing in case of using Toolbox
Usability IDEA-230328 Search everywhere popup opens partially offscreen
Usability IDEA-246946 Visual indication on changing IDE font size is missing
Usability IDEA-244580 Change name of closing tabs options to match Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari
Usability IDEA-195188 Open folder with project in Explorer from Welcome to IntelliJ IDEA window
Usability IDEA-248766 New Welcome Screen: It's hard to see current IDE version
Usability IDEA-233887 Is hex format in color picker valid?
Usability IDEA-209250 Cannot open file in detached window via Project View
Usability IDEA-246224 Text of "Pre-built Maven shared indexes" notification is unclear
Usability IDEA-247607 All settings are not equal to settings for new project (only application-level settings are shown)
Usability IDEA-108043 Action "Reopen last closed tab" fails with no open tabs
Usability IDEA-251372 Download Library dialog size is too small and could be easily increased
Usability IDEA-251941 Rename "Remove Selected from Welcome Screen" action in Recent Project popup
Usability IDEA-247948 Error dialog "Running tests is disabled during index update" has no title
Usability IDEA-55988 Trees (Project view): successive node selection shifts horizontal scrollbar on every selection change that is quite annoying
Usability IDEA-153814 Horizontal scrolling is accidentally applied when scrolling vertically with touchpad
Usability IDEA-242906 Better representation for long inspection description.
Usability IDEA-246635 Custom UI theme keys are missing for occurrence filenames in Find in Path
Usability IDEA-113402 Detach editor feature is undiscoverable
Usability IDEA-251809 Extend search field in Keymap settings
Usability IDEA-219212 Option to disable merging main menu into window title
Usability IDEA-246526 Find action: show Reformat code on top of the list when typing `Format code` / add synonym
Usability IDEA-230715 Double click in treeview shouldn't expand / collapse the node
Cosmetics IDEA-251743 New Project template description has html tags unprocessed
Cosmetics IDEA-248490 Status line and menu - different row/:column separator shown
Cosmetics IDEA-246463 Newer IDE versions may... not fully shown
Cosmetics IDEA-251281 small (unscaled?) splash screen for 2020.3 running on Windows 7 with 150% desktop scaling
Exception IDEA-249795 Exception after selecting "Sync with OS" for the first time after start
User Interface. AccessibilityBug IDEA-245472 In the VCS Log window, when the focus is on the commit filter buttons, the screen reader speaks the word "panel" instead of filters
Bug IDEA-250268 Exception on loading Settings when NVDA screen reader is launched
Bug IDEA-250871 Class import menu items are not spoken
Bug IDEA-245470 When the focus is on the collapsed combobox, NVDA does not speak the selected item.
Task IDEA-251134 Add an accessible name to the project structure tree
Task IDEA-251132 Add an accessible name to the Idea settings tree
User Interface. ControlsBug IDEA-250876 Big Sur: Wrong action is triggered on pressing Esc button in "Invalidate Caches" alert
Bug IDEA-244623 "Sorry but parent has already been disposed" in ThreeComponentsSplitter
Bug IDEA-248210 "Find" and "Replace" don't remember text area size
Bug IDEA-248445 Inspection widget: Wrong traffic light icon
Cosmetics IDEA-240687 Apply button doesn't become pressed on press in Inspection settings view
Task IDEA-250699 Unify toolbar popups with action popups
User Interface. Embedded Browser (JCEF)Bug IDEA-241604 Cmd+C does not copy text in markdown preview
Bug IDEA-250937 forward jcef log to user home
Bug IDEA-247743 JCEF on linux: Doubled keys when typing in search everwhere
Task IDEA-250780 inform about missing native libs for JCEF on linux
User Interface. Find, Replace, UsagesFeature IDEA-19888 highlight usages of element at caret: don't wait for reparsing if nothing changed
Feature IDEA-246023 Support multiple choice popup menu: state of dependant actions should be shown in UI immediately.
Feature IDEA-251776 Results preview doesn't show the context in case of too long line
Bug IDEA-238647 Find In File (ctrl-F) changes cursor position in editor if search was cancelled
Bug IDEA-250552 "Find" and "Replace" fields should expand when the text doesn't fit in them
Bug IDEA-235500 New Find bar toggles impossible to use if colour blind
Bug IDEA-242557 Navigate to file/Search everywhere doesn't place the exact match on the top
User Interface. FocusBug IDEA-196575 No cursor in editor when opening file from project view with Enter
Bug IDEA-204581 Shortcut conflict for Ctrl+F5 in Find view
Bug IDEA-199755 Focus doesn't go to editor split after switching from other application
Bug IDEA-198293 Missed focus on IDE window on breakpoint
User Interface. Keyboard InputBug IDEA-251386 Keymap plugins for macos have conflicts with ... macos
Bug IDEA-197762 Shift and layer 4 on the neo layout do not work together in Idea
Usability IDEA-231795 Eclipse keymap - Missing key binding Ctrl+1
User Interface. Look and FeelFeature IDEA-203554 Propose to switch IDE appearance theme (Light/Dark) to match operating system theme
Bug IDEA-250338 Plugin theme is applied when "Sync with OS" theme is set
Bug IDEA-236214 Setting Checkbox and Radiobox background color does not have any effect for a custom light UI theme
Cosmetics IDEA-203820 Old-styled question icon appears on dialogs
Task IDEA-250796 Change lightSelectionBackground colors for both themes
User Interface. NavigationFeature IDEA-145804 request: immediate "go to test" hotkey option
Feature IDEA-251021 Search Everywhere should be able to evaluate simple mathematical expressions
Bug IDEA-216720 "Ctrl+E" shortcut is displayed in "Recent Files" popup if it was removed from the keymap
Bug IDEA-223194 Strange pattern matching when searching for action
Usability IDEA-216170 Add mnemonic for "Appearance" item in View menu
User Interface. Project ViewFeature IDEA-184468 Navigate up and down between siblings in trees
Bug IDEA-242984 Set "Select opened file" keyboard shortcut, but the shortcut does not work
Usability IDEA-130039 IDEA should not expose .iml and .idea files
Usability IDEA-249246 'Enter' on a module source or content root opens Project Structure dialog
Version ControlFeature IDEA-92793 Use the same format of created patch files as Git does - without IDEA special tags
Feature IDEA-251285 Show "no commit message", "no changes to commit" errors inline
Bug IDEA-250251 VCS Editor gutter markers do not work with "Render documentation comments" option
Bug IDEA-251473 No branch name on Commit tab on the first opening commit toolwindow
Bug IDEA-189479 Check TODOs should check only in commited chunks
Bug IDEA-216828 Non-modal commit: file name completion in the commit message field doesn't work after switching off/on non-modal commit option
Bug IDEA-249948 New git repositories do not show up in VCS dialog
Bug IDEA-247324 New Git main menu: Wrong name for VCS menu on Mercurial/SVN/Perforce project opening
Bug IDEA-249292 VCS: Squashing comments in rebase dialog takes into account only 1st comment
Bug IDEA-244969 Mnemonic not shown for "Amend" in new commit tool window
Bug IDEA-247848 Japanese placeholder is not properly displayed in commit window
Bug IDEA-251551 Commit checks warning doesn't appear on opening project while indexing is in progress
Usability IDEA-233754 Branch selection shouldn't update branch filters in Log
Usability IDEA-251400 Commit and Push button isn't reachable by Tab key
Usability IDEA-220868 Add action "VCS Commits tree" to the Main Menu -> VCS
Cosmetics IDEA-246727 Use different icon for Restore size in Branches popup
Task IDEA-228969 Change the VCS Main menu to Git
Task IDEA-250208 VCS i18n in forms
Task IDEA-251226 Update non-modal commit panel layout
Task IDEA-249269 Cleanup unused properties in VCS bundles
Task IDEA-251368 Show inline warning to indicate that commit checks are not available in dumb mode
Exception IDEA-250814 IncorrectOperationException: "ChangesViewCommitPanel" will never be disposed
Version Control. GitFeature IDEA-241520 Collapse custom config parameters of git command in Console
Feature IDEA-249904 Add --root option to the rebase dialog
Feature IDEA-249119 Remember selected options in Git Pull Dialog
Bug IDEA-250008 Incorrect branch name in notification about branch renaming
Bug IDEA-244214 Compare Branches: the tab is displayed at incorrect place in Recent Files
Bug IDEA-248536 Git rebase: incorrect branch name in Rebase Successful notification on performing rebase with --root option
Bug IDEA-251346 Rebase dialog doesn't remember modify options if it was invoked from search everywhere
Bug IDEA-251613 Missing --no-verify option in git merge and git pull dialogs
Bug IDEA-250697 Incorrect branch is using on performing git merge/pull/rebase actions if branch was typed manually
Bug IDEA-152902 Git4Idea doesn't work on windows if home directory contains whitespaces
Bug IDEA-245047 Git menu: on first opening the menu is doubled
Bug IDEA-242834 Rider and Android studio Git token problem
Bug IDEA-246077 Delete tracked branch link does not expire
Bug IDEA-244472 Pull dialog appears second time after press on button Pull (master)
Bug IDEA-249256 Push Commits dialog contains raw HTML in commit message tooltip
Bug IDEA-248332 git pull --rebase executes only rebase
Bug IDEA-251949 Git in Search Everywhere: search result doesn't include branches that contains searching symbols in the middle or at the end
Bug IDEA-248796 Git Merge Dialog: considers all roots with the same name as a single one.
Bug IDEA-244887 Project tree doesn't update if dropped commit contains renaming file
Usability IDEA-159217 Add filtering to dropdown for "Onto" and "From" in "Rebase branch" dialog
Usability IDEA-247286 Branch completion in Git Pull, Git Merge, and Git Rebase dialogs
Usability IDEA-243725 New git merge dialogs - needs additional clicks to modify options
Usability IDEA-250579 Pull dialog: missed update info in branch dropdown list
Usability IDEA-247456 Fetch should be visible even if there are no remotes
Usability IDEA-122424 Consider renaming Annotate to Blame
Usability IDEA-157902 Duplicated git items in "Find Action"
Usability IDEA-250101 Do not auto-center Branches list
Usability IDEA-251616 Git rebase: Allow to rebase with --root option when no base is selected
Usability IDEA-250551 Put caret into the branch selection field
Usability IDEA-249240 The default branch in the merge dialog should be chosen more intelligently
Usability IDEA-232141 Branches: improve Selected Branch Updated message
Usability IDEA-248375 Git Rebase dialog: onto help button is not reachable by keyboard
Usability IDEA-250742 Branch completion is covered by dropdown list when start typing in empty field.
Usability IDEA-145065 Better handling of specifying shell (e.g. git-cmd) as a git executable
Usability IDEA-247178 Merge git branch alphabetical order
Usability IDEA-252086 Git Search Everywhere: provide some label for all git-related results
Usability IDEA-244777 Add action "edit" when double click emitted on item
Usability IDEA-160372 Flatten git context menu
Usability IDEA-250775 Git Merge/Pull/Rebase dialogs: Unuseful spellchecking in branches comboboxes
Usability IDEA-248378 Git Rebase dialog: onto help popup covers old base when start typing in empty field
Usability IDEA-242330 Map "Copy revision number" action to shortcut of "Copy reference" by default
Usability IDEA-247704 Branches: group nodes don't collapse/expand by Enter
Usability IDEA-250735 Git Merge/Pull/Rebase dialogs: Missed placeholders in fields with branch completion
Cosmetics IDEA-251981 Git in Search Everywhere: Long commit message overlaps hash in search result
Task IDEA-248666 Git internationalization
Exception IDEA-250113 Exception on new branch creation
Exception IDEA-248374 Exception is thrown on rebase action invocation
Exception IDEA-251349 Git Rebase: Exception on performing rebase with --root option
Exception IDEA-250502 IllegalArgumentException on perfoming git pull action without modify options
Version Control. GitHubFeature IDEA-191512 Sync protected branches from GitHub
Feature IDEA-247904 GitHub Pull Request: shortcut for leaving comment while reviewing changes
Bug IDEA-246079 GitHub Pull Requests: "add review comment" icon is shifted when soft wrapping is enabled
Bug IDEA-248658 For remotes with GitHub account is not used, regular Git login is requested
Bug IDEA-243828 Github Pull Requests Search: allow `#<Number>` in Search
Cosmetics IDEA-237967 Mark .yml files in .github/workflows with special icon
Version Control. LogFeature IDEA-238847 Set minimal size for the panes in Log and History
Bug IDEA-245715 DVCS Log tab can permanently lose the ability to refresh
Version Control. SubversionBug IDEA-248635 filter svn history does not work when choose filter by user
Bug IDEA-244031 Unable to click 'Fix working copy' popup
DB ConnectivityFeature DBE-9112 Add ability to connect to a Snowflake account using a key pair
Feature DBE-11378 Support DNS Seedlist Connection Format for MongoDB as Connection Type
Feature DBE-11284 Make an embedded shell command like DBeaver has
Feature DBE-11601 Couchbase: add a default bucket option to the jdbc connection string template
Bug DBE-11410 MongoDB: incorrect keep alive query
Bug DBE-11409 MongoDB: fail test connection for ssl enabled data source if no valid keys provided and for disabled ssl on client side
Bug DBE-11340 Database connect: Username and password fields have vanished
Bug DBE-10768 Mongodb read-only connection option doesn't affect behavior
Bug DBE-11613 Cannot change integrated security setting in database tool
DB ConsoleBug DBE-1895 Explain Plan tab requires horizontal scroll or wrapping the mouse over popup text
Bug DBE-11463 Schema picker dropdown in editor does not show schemas from multiple connections
Bug DBE-11663 Couchbase PREPARE statement should not show parameters dialog
Bug DBE-11660 PyCharm Professional - Database Connection that uses a credentials file, does not utilize updated Credentials Files on Session Refresh
Bug DBE-9145 Console use is reset after first query row
DB DiagramFeature DBE-8440 Is there any way to display column's comment when using `Diagrams -> Show Visualisation...`.
DB IntrospectionFeature DBE-5399 Introspect OWNER, TABLESPACE, INDEX METHOD for Postgres
Feature DBE-7207 Postgres: Support event triggers
Bug DBE-11627 MariaDB: Error encountered when performing Introspect schema xxx: Cannot proceed, because event scheduler is disabled
Bug DBE-6813 schemas tables, routines not updated after changes
Bug DBE-421 Database tool window: Oracle: overloaded package procedures are shown as one item
Bug DBE-11657 Oracle 12: sometimes DataGrip shows arguments of package routines with wrong direction
Bug DBE-11653 Error introspecting Greenplum database
Bug DBE-10711 MongoDB is not introspected when new collection is created
Bug DBE-5139 Incorrect DDL script creation for triggers
Bug DBE-11347 DataGrip doesn't understand INCLUDE constraints on PostgreSQL
Bug DBE-11272 Update 2020.2 has regression in MemSQL
DB RefactoringBug DBE-2462 Modifying a table doesn't refresh the DDL view
Bug DBE-11440 Submit changes to database (SQL Server) no longer working for PROC
DB Schema ViewsBug DBE-11165 Highlight the changed routines in a schema tree, just like with files in a project
Data Import & ExportFeature DBE-11211 Bundle two more extractors
Feature DBE-5470 Add enconding information to data extractor scripts
Bug DBE-10729 Support extended JSON for UUID in MongoDB
Bug DBE-10563 cassandra cql generator uuid with qoutes
Usability DBE-10957 add the option "Never" to "Quote values"
Data ViewsFeature DBE-9896 make transpose the default table view
Bug DBE-3183 Can't edit hstore column in Postgres
Bug DBE-11642 `numrange` with fractional numbers is not supported in the editor
Bug DBE-11510 Database DataViews Limit page size to not working
Bug DBE-11569 Implement reformatted mode for Value Editor
Bug DBE-11311 MySQL BLOB Fields are not editable anymore
Bug DBE-11387 Tree view: the row is stuck after filtering
Usability DBE-5272 Shrink selection does not work in tables
Usability DBE-9763 Change keyboard shortcut DOWN ARROW to ALT+DOWN ARROW in the table data grid FILTER window to show the filter history
Navigation & SearchBug DBE-11445 Full Text Search: Invalid input value for enum
PL & DDL EditorCosmetics DBE-11289 Preview of changes from Database Changes tool window shouldn't be scrolled to the bottom
SQL CompletionFeature DBE-10668 Add an intention to flip 2 sides of a comparison
SQL GeneralFeature DBE-11173 Missing Index Suggestion
Bug DBE-11169 Support SEARCH INDEX syntax for Cassandra (DataStax Enterprise)
Bug DBE-11641 `->` operator is not supported by Apache Spark dialect
Bug DBE-11529 Show correct Couchbase type names in SQL
SQL HighlightingFeature DBE-11383 ClickHouse SQL does not know SYSTEM STOP TTL MERGES
Bug DBE-11661 Couchbase accessing schema `system` gives warning "system is a reserved keyword"
Bug DBE-11525 Don't highlight unresolved fields in Couchbase insert statement
Bug DBE-11533 RATIO_TO_REPORT() function not recognized in Snowflake dialect
Bug DBE-11636 Unknown database function 'CONCAT_WS' - Snowflake
Bug DBE-9899 Add support to KILL QUERY syntax highlight for Clickhouse dialect
Bug DBE-11647 'PARQUET' format option is not supported
Bug DBE-11356 Redshift dialect doesnt regognize key word GENERATED
Bug DBE-11432 DataGrip stopping valid syntax on Redshift
Bug DBE-11623 SQL parser complains about missing parentheses
Bug DBE-10662 DataGrip does not behave correctly about overloaded functions/procedures in packages
Bug DBE-11380 Unknown database function 'sysdate' - Snowflake JDBC
Bug DBE-11385 PostgreSQL Statement level trigger - Syntax Highlighting Issue
Bug DBE-11493 Add BOOLEAN type to BigQuery grammar
Bug DBE-11545 Support window statement in BigQuery
Bug DBE-11544 Support Trailing commas for BigQuery
Bug DBE-11375 SQLite syntax "VACUUM INTO 'file'" is not recognized
Bug DBE-11550 Couchbase UPDATE statement parser error
Bug DBE-11118 DateTime64 column type cannot be recognized
Bug DBE-11618 Snowflake create api integration not supported
Bug DBE-11609 STORAGE INTEGRATION not recognised in Snowflake SQL dialect
Bug DBE-11450 ADD CONSTRAINT is incorrectly highlighted
Bug DBE-11615 Add support for CREATE OR REPLACE MATERIALIZED VIEW in ClickHouse SQL dialect
Bug DBE-11541 Couchbase: don't highlight target field in UPDATE statement as unresolved
Bug DBE-11433 Snowflake Geospatial Function Support
SQL ResolveBug DBE-11523 Resolve Couchbase fields when FROM clause contains map literal
Bug DBE-11528 Couchbase and Cassandra resolves duplicate field prefix
Bug DBE-11551 Couchbase table reference inside `meta()` is unresolved
No subsystemFeature WEB-42706 Mark .next folder as excluded by default
Bug WEB-46943 i18n: internationalize JSON code style settings
Bug WEB-46941 i18n: internationalize 'Punctuation' tab in Code Style JS/TS settings
Bug WEB-47350 Nested injections cause misleading errors
Usability WEB-47473 Duplicated mnemonics with Apply/Close in Run/Debug Configurations
Task WEB-46962 JSHint: update the bundled version to 2.12.0
Task WEB-46940 i18n: internationalize HTML code style settings
Task WEB-47030 NodeJS internationalization
CSSFeature WEB-47335 Can we add support for the css font-size: xxx-large?
Bug WEB-47498 CSS inspector recommends outdated value for speak property
Bug WEB-46982 Mismatched property value for CSS stroke-dasharray
Bug WEB-46939 i18n: internationalize fields in "Minimum blank lines" from Code style | Style Sheets
Bug WEB-46938 i18n: internationalize tab 'Other' in Code Style | Style Sheets
Task WEB-47063 PostCSS internationalization
Task WEB-46840 Do not show deprecated system color keywords in completion
Task WEB-47045 CSS internationalization
DartBug WEB-47147 Images disappeared from the Dart doc preview
Usability WEB-44323 Dart comment indent level
Task WEB-47031 Dart internationalization
Task WEB-47145 Dart plugin: stop auto-excluding 'packages' folders.
DebuggerBug WEB-45982 NodeJS debugging: run to cursor just resumes execution without stopping
Bug WEB-46876 Console shows wrong duplicated label
Task WEB-47382 Remove the default browser option from the JavaScript debug configuration
File WatchersBug WEB-46232 Localized scopes in File Watchers dialog cause 'unknown scope' error.
Usability WEB-47300 Ensure that settings search can find File Watchers templates
Task WEB-47299 Provide explanatory text in File Watchers settings page
Task WEB-47056 File Watchers plugin internationalization
HTMLBug WEB-47613 Editing inside script tag in HTML is broken
Bug WEB-43892 'Inspections | HTML' section is shown twice
Task WEB-46921 RelaxNG internationalization
JSONBug WEB-47682 JSON: "JSON Schema conflicting mappings" message is corrupted
Bug WEB-46080 SchemaStore schemas should be matched against project-relative paths
JavaScriptFeature WEB-47467 Suggest words from other string literals
Feature WEB-47593 Suggest words from template literals
Feature WEB-47066 Merge React JSX language level with ES6+ in the JavaScript settings
Feature WEB-17325 Please provide a way to give a hint to WebStorm that variable is a reference to something and get auto-completion, validation and documentation via jsdoc
Feature WEB-46785 Support WeakRefs and FinalizationRegistry
Feature WEB-8187 Inject JavaScript inside eval
Feature WEB-46234 TypeScript: Move members refactoring should respect index.js files
Bug WEB-47637 Find usages don't work if TODO patterns are removed
Bug WEB-46905 putting parentheses inside jsx breaks syntax
Bug WEB-46149 Don't show Array method names in completion within `[]`
Bug WEB-46297 Incorrectly creating a function from "Compare" window
Bug WEB-46019 JSDoc @mixin / @mixes tags don't work in modules
Bug WEB-46761 No JavaScript suggestions anymore
Bug WEB-47289 Javascript MDN documentation is broken
Bug WEB-25367 @callback-defined @type of function misinterpret as @param
Bug WEB-47553 JSDoc: can't resolve variable according to the JSDoc if Readonly is used
Usability WEB-45968 Do no show dynamic usages in Find Usages preview shown on Ctrl+click
JavaScript. FormatterFeature WEB-31028 Code style for JS6 destructured object lacks settings in wrapping and braces
Feature WEB-28540 Support formatting injections with more than one part in JS strings
Bug WEB-46752 Prettier "On code reformat" breaks live templates expanding
JavaScript. FrameworksFeature WEB-34901 Create a React component from usage
Bug WEB-37193 Schematics options aren't respected when creating a new component
Bug WEB-47073 Vuex: `import * as module from module.js` syntax not supported
Bug WEB-47394 All Angular schematics do not show up. Error while loading schematics info
Bug WEB-46293 Auto-indent comments in Vue Single File Component HTML-section
Bug WEB-47200 WebStorm ignores srcDir setting in nuxt.config.js, cannot resolve path to Vuex store
Bug WEB-47181 Unnecessary file codeStyleConfig.xml under .idea is created for new projects if Vue plugin is enabled
Bug WEB-28294 template with angular ng-options reports errors for valid syntax for (angular 1.6.X)
Bug WEB-47679 CSS syntax is not recognised in the style section of .vue file
Bug WEB-47543 Preview on Vue formatting page is boken
Performance WEB-47479 Angular: performance issues in attribute value provider
Performance WEB-46800 High CPU usage when breadcrumbs are enabled
Usability WEB-36206 Vue: new Vue component action is missing in some cases
Cosmetics WEB-42140 Replace all the "functional component" texts to "function component"
Task WEB-46935 Vuejs internationalization
Task WEB-46920 AngularJS internationalization
JavaScript. InspectionsFeature WEB-36319 More inspections related to 'switch' statements
Bug WEB-46702 No inspection ('Use of caller property') while use caller property
Bug WEB-45803 Expression marked as "can be simplified" has its semantics changed by simplification
Bug WEB-46910 Inspection 'Anonymous function' doesn't appear in return expression
Bug WEB-46118 Array.prototype.reduce inspection thinks that it takes only 1 argument
Cosmetics WEB-46709 Improve tooltip for arrow function triggered by inspection ‘Anonymous function’
JavaScript. RefactoringBug WEB-46750 Link to the essential plugin in the intention description window leads to nowhere
Usability WEB-47338 TypeScript Inline Renaming for Generics never works.
JavaScript. TemplatesBug WEB-47068 StringIndexOutOfBoundsException on analyzing Handlebars template
LESSTask WEB-47084 Less internationalization
LintersFeature WEB-47135 Allow to configure working directory for ESLint process
Bug WEB-46371 ESlint: Timeout on starting language service process
Task WEB-47062 Prettier internationalization
Live EditPerformance WEB-45199 High CPU usage with Live Edit plugin
Node.jsFeature WEB-46881 Use interactive terminal console for Node.js run/debug tool window
Feature WEB-46471 Automatically set pnpm as package manager if pnpm-lock.yaml is in the project root
Bug WEB-45414 IntelliJ does not find global pnpm installation managed by pnpm itself
Bug WEB-39812 yarn isn't set as a default manager when yarn.lock and package.json are inside a subdirectory
Bug WEB-47366 Support ESLint and TypeScript with Yarn PnP and Node.js 10.x
Bug WEB-47433 Execute using IDE tools (Ctrl+Enter) in the terminal doesn't keep the CWD
Bug WEB-47250 Broken hyperlink in "Cannot find package manager"
Bug WEB-46803 Add "pnpm" package manager alias
Bug WEB-46804 Detect asdf pnpm installations
Task WEB-47575 Update JSON schema for package.json
SASSBug WEB-37203 Bracketed lists not parsed correctly in sass files
Bug WEB-47270 Sass attribute selectors give fatal code errors when combined with placeholders
Bug WEB-42904 File Watcher Not Running Properly for Sass @Use/@Forward
Bug WEB-47149 Multiline-style comment in a Vue Single File Component in the <style> section (SASS) causes glitch
Bug WEB-47139 SASS plugin doesn't recognize min(), max(), or clamp()
Bug WEB-46651 Sass: @use is not resolving index files
Task WEB-47046 Sass internationalization
StylusTask WEB-47047 Stylus internationalization
TypeScriptFeature WEB-47397 TypeScript 4.1: Syntax support for template literal types and mapped type 'as' clauses
Bug WEB-46896 Find usages in ts work incorrectly
Performance WEB-47089 Awful performance of TypeScript with optics-ts
Task WEB-47343 TypeScript 4.1: Syntax support for "export * as default"
Task WEB-47111 Update bundled TypeScript to 4.0
Unit TestsFeature WEB-46360 Jest not be detected when just open a package as workspace of lerna project packages
Bug WEB-45801 Jest failed to transform files with which have failed tests if running from IDE
Bug WEB-46993 Jest: "Click to update snapshot" link is not responsible when rerunning failed tests
Bug WEB-44058 Single Karma test is not running
Bug WEB-46734 Jest integration: Never ending test, works in jest cli
Bug WEB-47306 Jest: support running individual tests when using @testdeck/jest decorators
Bug WEB-47328 Jest: escape square brackets in test name pattern when running individual tests
Bug WEB-47021 "nyc" added as production dependency when using yarn