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  1. Download and install dotTrace Performance profiler from | Select 64-bit version
  2. Start dotTrace and select Profile Local App
  3. In the Standalone Application section, specify a path to the Visual Studio executable (devenv.exe)
  4. Make sure the following options are set in Profiler Options:
    1. Profiling type: Sampling (or Tracing or Timeline if you has been asked to collect exactly Tracing/Timeline snapshot)
    2. Collect profiling data from start: on (if you're experiencing performance problems on Visual Studio startup or during solution loading) or off otherwise
  5. Click Run
  6. If there's a performance problem during startup
    1. Wait while Visual Studio starts, open your solution
    2. Wait until the solution is loaded and ReSharper finishes loading caches
    3. Click Get Snapshot 'n'and Wait button in the profiling controller window
  7. Otherwise
    1. Wait while Visual Studio starts, open your solution
    2. Click Start button in the profiling controller window
    3. Perform actions which are slow with ReSharper (typing, switching between documents, building etc)
    4. Click Get Snapshot 'n'and Wait button in the profiling controller window
  8. In dotTrace Performance Viewer, save the resulting snapshot using the File | Export Snapshot... menu
  9. Compress the snapshot file using Zip
  10. Upload the file to Don’t worry if you don’t see the upload progress – it is hidden according to the FTP folder privileges.
  11. Create a new issue in ReSharper issue tracker. In the issue, provide a short description of the performance problems you're experiencing, and specify the name of your snapshot.