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Also now it is easier to discover parameters that can be referenced in the build configuration or template settings.

Other improvements

  • Remote run for GIT in IntelliJ IDEA (support for GIT in Eclipse is available too but is in alpha stage)
  • VS addin performance and usability improvements: everyone encouraged to test it
  • Support for <gant/> task in Ant build scripts: TeamCity will log Ant task called from the Gant script in this case
  • TeamCity now recognizes compilation errors output produced by <groovyc/> Ant task
  • MS SQL 2008 support as backend database
  • EAP for SourceGear Vault plugin is open:
  • GIT & Mercurial plugins are now bundled with TeamCity distribution
  • TeamCity plugin for IDEA now works with RubyMine 2 (latest beta release)