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#General information
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#General configuration issues
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#Advanced topics

General information

When are you going to release next version?


The "project" represents a set of VCS configurations (VCS roots) that contain the source files. A project can contain several build configurations (see #What is the 'build configuration'?).

What is the 'build configuration'?


Build agent is a part of TeamCity that actually runs the build. Usually, a build agent corresponds to a separate computer.  When needed, TeamCity chooses a free agent and runs a build on it (see #How are the builds distributed among agents?). A build agent can run only one build at a time.


How to create and configure TeamCity projects?


When the project is created, you can configure its VCS roots (see How to configure your VCS below) and create build configurations (see #How to set up build configurations?).

How to configure your VCS?


For more info on VCS settings, see #How to set up build configurations?.

How to set up build configurations?


  • Build's properties and environment variables.
  • Agent requirements that are requirements that a build agent should meet in order to be able to run this build configuration (see #How to configure build agents? and #How are the builds distributed among agents. They are also divided into system properties (system.<varname>) and environment variables (env.<varname>).
  • Build triggering where you can customize due to which events the build should be started and specify build scheduling.


Each build has a set of requirements that the agent should meet to run the build (see #How to set up build configurations?). At the same time, each agent has a set of parameters showing which requirements it can meet (see #How to configure build agents?)

When the build server chooses where to run the build, it looks for an agent which parameters match the build requirements.