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CheckerBug3307Codeforces: action to manually mark task as completedJoin button sometimes enabled for JBA courses if user not logged inEducatorMake twitter settings application settings instead of project onesUnable to login to StepikFeature3166Action to download user's submission in teacher modeIDE doesn't load solutions for Code Problems from hyperskillIDE loads only main file while opening JBA project with more than one file in submission.2520Save verification state for tasks constantlyAllow empty framework lessons
CheckIOBugTaskEDU-3404Run button in a theory task does not recognize main method inside an object in Kotlin
CodeforcesBugEDU-3358Codeforces: Submit solution link is not rendered after project reopening
3370Support CheckIO mission check with JCEF
TaskEDU-3502Support creating CheckiO course with JCEF
CheckerBugEDU-33083349Codeforces: "Compare Outputs..." shows untrimmed actual resultGo: output tasks check fails due to difference in separators
TaskEDU-2988Codeforces: after I submitted solution, "submit" link leads somewhere incorrectUsability3309Add links to Troubleshooting guide to error messages
CodeforcesFeatureEDU-3220Reload codeforces task action
Course Selection ViewBugEDU-33903439Create course preview dialog: grey line under seetings
BugEDU-3453Make Community courses go before Stepik in tabs view
BugEDU-3396Courses for unsupported languages shouldn't be shown in Browse Courses dialog(ex. Java for PyCharm)
CosmeticsEDU-3369Create hideable settings component without line
3430"No content" does not allow to select languages
BugEDU-3531Make course description panel scrollable
Course ViewBugEDU-2765Generate Course Archive ignores taskFilesIDE3411Theory tasks are marked as completed in Course View only after changing its state
EducatorFeatureEDU-2793Option to display "Peek Solution" only after success
BugEDU-3405Plugin settings cannot be find via Find ActionTask3410Theory tasks are marked as completed in Educator mode
BugEDU-33113523Course Preview dialog: Start button doesn't work
InfrastructureBugTaskEDU-33233526Don't override services
JB Academy (Hyperskill)FeatureEDU-31753402Support submissions display for HyperskillScala projects
BugEDU-3185Don't replace spaces with NBSP characters in the grader feedback
BugEDU-33023398Block or alert when user is Anonymous
BugEDU-3447Leading spaces are missing in EduTools task window.
BugEDU-3442"Reset task" action resets the stage to empty
BugEDU-3301IDE opens project stage on "Solve in IDE" action for Code Problem
BugEDU-33163435Multiple update checker launch
BugEDU-3377Failed to post solution to JetBrains Academy - Unexpected error: ["All files are hidden. Add at least one visible file"]
BugEDU-3317Failed to determine language while opening a project as a teacherCosmetics3445Encoding error in the error message for the project stage
TaskEDU-2255Hyperskill: task result is too longStepikBug3438Post is_visible status in Hyperskill submissions
Languages or Technologies SupportFeatureEDU-EDU Plugin - No courses found behind proxyTask Description2166Support Cargo workspaces
BugEDU-3049Significant delay in Browse Courses when selecting any Python course
StepikFeatureEDU-3254Add x1.25 video playback speed3401Request to support text tasks or at least offer to complete them on Stepik
ExceptionEDU-2320Throwable at
Task DescriptionFeatureEDU-24123487Show a link with a clickable image for youtube videos
BugEDU-3399Submissions tab appears with delay
TaskEDU-3313Change layout for check results
3522Scrollbar isn't updated when changing Laf in JavaFX panel
BugEDU-3460JCEF: unsupported symbols in Task Description
BugEDU-3515Task Descriptions of Hyperskill code problems looks bad in JCEF
BugEDU-3529Psi link doesn't work in JCEF
BugEDU-3491Pressing "hint" make task description pane unresponsible
YAMLBugEDU-33631913Remove LoadFromConfig action once everything work automatically