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This section concerns only the latest version of the plugin. You are welcome to download it directly from the public TeamCity server.


The tool has no integration with a version control. It 's function is to start starts a personal build for the supplied list of files.
The server supports running personal builds for the sources stored under Subversion, CVS, Perforce and Git. Experimental support for ClearCase is also available.


10.0.x-compatible version

9.1.x-compatible version

9.0.x-compatible version

8.1.x-compatible version


Installation instructions


  1. Make sure  Java JRE 1.5.+ is installed on your working machine.
  2. After installing the plugin, navigate to  My Settings&Tools| TeamCity Tools side panel | Command Line Remote Run and click download to save the tcc.jar file to your file system.
    The tool is run with the 'java -jar <path to tcc.jar> <command> <options>' command.
    The list of available commands is available upon 'java -jar <path to tcc.jar> help'
    To get  commands description, run 'java -jar <path to tcc.jar> help <command>'
  3. Next, create the configuration file which maps local directory paths in your project workspace to VCS settings in TeamCity. For details see the section below.
  4. Login to TeamCity with command line runner tool:

    Code Block
    java -jar <path to tcc.jar> login --host <server URL> --user <username>

    You will be prompted to enter the password. The "login" command persists credentials for the target host to avoid authorization options for subsequent starts. The last logged in <server URL> is treated as the default one and will be used if the "--host" key is omitted. You will need to specify the server URL for the 'run' command only.

  5. To run a remote build, the tool also requires:
    1. The external ID of the target build configuration on the server. The buildTypeID is displayed in the drop-down list of available build configurations on the configuration web UI page of the Command Line Remote Run tool.
    2. A comment to the personal build.
    3. The path to the changed files to be included in a personal build. You can provide the path either to the directory with modified files or to a file with the list of changed files (such file can be prepared with help of the VCS own tools).

    Collect the required information and run a remote build on the specified list of files for the selected build configuration:

    Code Block
    java -jar <path to tcc.jar> run --host <server URL> -m "<build comment>" -c <buildTypeID> <list of modified files>

    By default the "run" command will wait for the build to finish and returns the code corresponding to the status of the build. This exit code can be used to perform a commit.


Sources in JetBrains GitHub repository.
Trunk builds TeamCity project at JetBrains public TeamCity instance.