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  • What's New For Enterprise Developer In Demetra

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  • Service-and-point interfaces are now supported for Stateless Session Beans (highlighting and creation)
  • 2.1 Message Beans descriptor format supported in form editors
  • Form editors support Undo
  • Lots of fixes for existing and new EJB inspections

JSP Features

JSF Features

  • We've finished implementation of internal JSF model, which enables us to add JSF-specific functionality to IDEA
  • Very preliminary prototype for faces-config editor is present. It'll be completely reworked, but some usefull functionality is already present:
    • Tree for presenting structure of faces-config file (will go into Structure View)
    • Forms editors for various parts of config. Most of them are automatically generated. Beans editor is currently in the work.
    • Prototypes of navigation diagrams (for page and for the whole file) can be played with.


Server Integrations

Weblogic 9.0 Support