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Core Features

  • Custom inspections based on structural search and replace templates, with quickfix support.
  • Extract Method: Better handling of multiple exit points.
  • Extract Method: possibility to extract guard blocks.
  • @NotNull annotation runtime assertions
  • Inplace rename refactoring for local variables
  • Safe Delete refactoring for parameters.
  • Global inspection API.
  • Per-project and per-scope inspection profiles.
  • Scope View
  • Navigation Bar
  • Possibility to configure color of generic type parameters in color scheme.
  • Support for the Eclipse Java compiler.
  • Auto-insert of paired angle braces.
  • VCS: Integrate Project action.
  • Invert Boolean Method Sense refactoring.
  • Searchable option dialogs (MacOS X Tiger like)
  • New inspections:
    • Boolean method is always inverted
    • Unnecessary module dependency
    • Default file template usage
    • Unnecessary exception suppression
    • All JavaDoc checks work with editor highlighting.
  • New intention actions:
    • Move field initializer to constructor
    • Move field initialization to initializer
    • Create Constructor from Usage
    • Add constructor parameter

Web Development

  • JavaScript. Parameter Info support.
  • JavaScript. Introduce Variable refactoring.
  • JavaScript. Intention to create non-existing methods.
  • HTML. Delete Tag Pair action.

See JIRA for more details.

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