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  • Omea Madeira Release Notes

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  • This line was added.
  • This line was removed.
  • Formatting was changed.


  • More strict logic is implemented for controlling the resources deletion. Given the News articles as the example:

    What this generally means is that there will be no possibility fo a user to accidentally delete articles permanently – either with the help of a rule or via keyboard.
  • Highly optimized "Replies to my posts" condition.
  • “Watch Conversation” – possibility to create a special formatting for a subthread, specifying its head:

  • “Stop updating thread” – possibility to delete all subsequent news articles which belong to the specified (sub)thread:

  • In order to support more servers with custom behaviour, messages posted by Omea contain the "Date" header.
  • Fixed issue not allowing to post to the server.

    RSS Plugin

  • Create Feed Folder on the top level not only in the Subscription Manager (nightmare!!!)
  • Completely redesigned export of feed subscriptions.
  • Option “Auto update feed comments” is moved from popup menu to a “Properties” dialog for a feed.
  • “Move a feed to Feed Folder” menu item for “keyboarders”:

  • Option to show feed’s FavIcon as the primary icon of the feed post, both in resource list and in newspaper:


  • Unified progress display for feeds downloading in the status bar.
  • In Newspaper view we added an icon for an Enclosure status.
  • Ability to pause the updating of the RSS Feed for an arbitrary period of time:

    Feed title becomes a little bit “grayed” and a “PAUSE” icon indicates its status:

  • In 2.0 there was only one column for showing the origin of the feed – “Author, Weblog”. Now ordinary columns “From” and "Weblog" are additionally added.
  • New option for a feed "Accept equal posts". We use several techniques for dealing with posts identical to previously posted in the case of e.g. the change of rss engine. This prevented normal working of different domestic rss generating engine for which it is normal to issue posts with equal subjects and bodies. This may be controlled here:

    RSS Search Engines

  • Added the following search engines:
  • * MSN Search
  • * BlogPulse
  • * Google Blog Search
  • Subscribe to any number of search feeds, not only one by one:


  • Possibility to create Sub/Super task relationship. This is done via D'n'D in the ToDo pane:

  • Added some formatting for finished and overdue taks
  • Support for “Deferred” status of the task
  • “Task Importance” column is now pictorial (instead of textual):

  • Clicking on the importance icon changes the task statusin circle.
  • “Task Status” column is now pictorial (instead of textual):

    That is (following the order in the column): deferred, waiting, not started, in progress, complete.