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  • Omea Madeira Release Notes

Versions Compared


  • This line was added.
  • This line was removed.
  • Formatting was changed.


  • They have different splash screens as well
  • All icons have been reviewed. Shadows were removed from all , icons , they became sharper and more distinctive, especially when small overlay icons are to be placed over them.

Outlook Plugin

  • Attachments are categorized along with their container emails. Before we could not see attachment resources staying on some category in “Views and Categories” (“V&C” hereinafter) pane.
  • Empty AddressBooks (ABs) are also shown in the address books list.
  • Possibility to save attachments over readonly files.
  • Possibility to send attachments without preliminary saving to disk.
  • New distinctive icon for mails with attached resources:
    Image Added
  • Outlook Meetings are now separate resources, definitely separated from ordinary mails. Omea can now open them in Outlook via Enter key or dbl-click, visually it is designated with a separate icon: