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  • Omea Madeira Release Notes

Versions Compared


  • This line was added.
  • This line was removed.
  • Formatting was changed.


  • Omea Reader no more requires entering a license. Obvious blooper. First, it was useless for us (since we had no ability to process information obtained from license-related forms), besides it caused numerous mismatches in navigating users on our website.


  • Two related products – Pro and Reader are rebranded now. They have two different icons, more conforming to the corporate design style
  • They have different splash screens as well
  • All icons have been reviewed. Shadows were removed from all icons, they became sharper and more distinctive, especially when small overlay icons are to be placed over them.

Outlook Plugin

  • Attachments are categorized along with their container emails. Before we could not see attachment resources staying on some category in “Views and Categories” (“V&C” hereinafter) pane.
  • Empty AddressBooks (ABs) are also shown in the address books list.
  • Possibility to save attachments over readonly files.
  • Possibility to send attachments without preliminary saving to disk.
  • New distinctive icon for mails with attached resources:


  • Fixed a bug with dragging a whole conversation containing attachments to some Outlook folder.
  • NUMEROUS other bug fixes

NNTP Plugin

  • Options: “Mark all read on exit” and “Mark all read on Leave” for a newsgroup:


  • In 2.0 there was only one column for showing the origin of the feed – “Author, Weblog”. Now ordinary column “From” is additionally added.

RSS Search Engines

  • Added the following search engines:
  • * MSN Search
  • * BlogPulse
  • * Google Blog Search
  • Subscribe to any number of search feeds, not only one by one:


  • Date controls were redesigned so that they are usable both from keyboard, mouse and stick (for tablets).
  • Added logic between different controls.


  • Save into file and send by mail multiselected IM conversations.

Contacts Plugin

  • Correspondence is shown for ALL selected contacts in the Correspondents pane (previously only for the first one).

Filter Condition/Views/Rules

Features listed here are given alltogether instead of being distributed over the separate topics (by plugin).

  • Separate conditions: “From or To contact”, “From contact” and “To contact” (in addition to the existing one “From, To or CC to contact”)
  • RSS condition: “Post is in the search feed”
  • RSS condition: “Post is a comment”
  • RSS condition: “Post is a comment from blog’s author”. This for example allows us to highlight the comments from the author:


  • “Show Clipping” and “Annotate Resource” dialogs are redesigned to resemble each other in layout. Additionally we tried to make it possible to create a new category from any place where it might be necessary.

FireFox Plugin

  • It works again!!! (with FF 1.5)

Text Index

  • New menu item (in Actions menu): Pause/Resume text indexing. This allows user to have more explicit control over the Omea (and the computer at whole) performance.


  • Reduced memory consumption
  • Reduced hard disk reading/writing
  • Improved multithreading and UI responsiveness
  • Reduced startup and closing time
  • Optimized for running on multiprocessor or hyper-threaded computers
  • Feed updating consumes less system resources
  • Faster import of ICQ history
  • Self-organizing database (in idle mode) for faster queries

Omea-Wide Changes

  • Opening a link in a new Web browser window is now performed asynchronously, so that Omea won’t hang if the Web browser or some other application is not responding at the moment.
  • Drag’n’Drop reordering of resource trees: it’s now possible to change the order of items in the lists and trees with the mouse, as well as reset the user order back to lexicographical sorting.