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  • ReSharper 2.0 Features

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  • (plus)(minus) Reworked UI with preview of changes, problems resolving etc
  • (minus) Pull Up Member refactoring
  • (minus) Push Down Member refactoring
  • (plus) Make Method Static refactoring
  • (plus) Make Method Non-Static refactoring
  • (plus) Safe Delete refactoring
  • (minus) Inline Method refactoring
  • (minus) (plus) Use Base Type where Possible refactoring
  • (minus) Move Static Members refactoring
  • (minus) Move Inner Type to Outer Scope refactoring
  • (plus) Replace Constructor with Factory Method refactoring
  • (minus) Rename/move: process string literals and comments
  • (minus) Move type: support for multiple types
  • (minus) Change Signature: support for intellisense and highlighting inside table fields