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Plugin Description

Plugin adds support for build garbage cleaning cleaning files newly created during the build and reporting about modified files modified during the build.

Plugin Development Status


The plugin can be used with Ant, Command Line, Duplicates finder (.NET), Duplicates finder (Java), FxCop, Inspection, Ipr, Maven2, MSBuild, NAnt, Rake, sln2003, sln2005, sln2008 runners. Swabra tab provides UI options to enable garbage cleaningscanning checkout directory for newly created and modified files.

Cleaning can be performed before or after the build.


This snapshot is used later (after the build finish or at the start of the next build) to determine which files are build garbageand folders are newly created or modified. It is done by actual files' presence, last modification data and size comparison with corresponding records on in the snapshot.

Сonfiguring plugin via UI options