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Possibility to use macros for version parts in idea branding (BuildMps_Branding). Macros ${version.major}, ${version.minor}, ${version.bugfixNr} and ${version.eap} were added to MPS build script. The old format of version still works but deprecated. To switch to the new version in your build script use intention "Convert deprecated branding version to the new format".

Full GitHub pull request support

The details of open pull requests are now one click away in a separate vertical tool window. The main editor window shows the conversation, and you can add comments directly. Pre-commit check results are displayed at the bottom of the window (I wasn't able to get this pre-commit check working in MPS). If you have permission to manage pull requests, you can now browse, assign, manage, and merge them, view and submit comments, and accept changes right from inside the IDE.

Improved Git Actions dialogs

For this release, we’ve revised the visual consistency for Merge, Pull, and Rebase dialogs. We’ve also improved the dialogs so that they clearly identify what Git commands will be executed, and included some missing options. We’ve also added --rebase and --no-verify to the Pull and Merge dialogs, respectively.

Improved result display for the Compare Branches action

When you compare two branches in MPS 2020.2, the IDE shows their commits in one view by opening their logs in the editor. In contrast to the VCS tool window, this view has enough space for a full report on what commits are in each branch and which files are affected.

Squash and drop local commits from the log

You can now select multiple commits from a local branch and squash them. In the Git tool window, open the Log tab, select local commits, and choose Squash Commits. If you decide to change the commit message, all the changes in those commits will be put into one single commit together with the updated message. In addition, you can now drop commits from the Git log.


We’ve switched GitHub authorization from password-based, which is deprecated and will stop working soon, to OAuth.