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Build 2020.1.22

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27 Fixed issues
27 Fixed issues
  • SCL-16246 scala.collection.Factory implicit is not found by the editor (but is ok in runtime)
  • SCL-17012 never highlight case class parameters as unused
  • SCL-16919 declaration is never used inspection is triggered for overridable methods parameters
  • SCL-15406 Rename adds comment /*EndMarker/?
  • SCL-16981 declaration is never used shouldn't be invoked for dummy implicit in overloaded function
  • SCL-16496 Two worksheets in same module can not be isolated
  • SCL-17228 BSP: "Project JDK is not defined" after import
  • SCL-17229 BSP: "No Scala SDK in module" after initial import
  • SCL-16149 Scala Scratch doesn't provide code completion for an exhaustive pattern-matching expression
  • SCL-17120 Failed to initialize sbt shell tool window when importing sbt project from external source
  • SCL-17231 New dotty version is not recognized as scala 3
  • SCL-16611 use TASTY produced by dotc for IDE features
  • SCL-17036 Remove migrators
  • SCL-17181 wrong "unused" inspection for val overrides
  • SCL-17095 Cannot import simple project with bsp
  • SCL-17115 type annotation inspection should ignore test traits which self-type is TestCase
  • SCL-16963 use bundles in File | Settings | Languages & Frameworks| Scala settings
  • SCL-17227 BSP fails to run Scalatest
  • SCL-17202 localization: run configuration: outstanding
  • SCL-17052 Creating a method out of the method call generates a method body with literal values as method's parameter types
  • SCL-17201 localization: outstanding misc
  • SCL-17208 java.lang.AssertionError AnsiEscapeDecoder.escapeText on importing scalatest project
  • SCL-17058 Override ConfigurationFactory::getId method i to avoid problems with localizations
  • SCL-17192 localization: outstanding settings strings
  • SCL-16974 Create a constructor matching super class' constructor adds a public modifier in the arguments for Scala super classes
  • SCL-16738 Debug information overlap with Inlay hints
  • SCL-16279 Scala plugin: incorrect characters are inserted when use block comment.

Build 2020.1.14

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