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Build 2019.3.26

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16 Fixed issues
16 Fixed issues
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* [SCL-16562|] Scala 2.13 -Yimports option is not recognized
* [SCL-15428|] "sbt-based" Scala library downloader hangs and cannot be stopped
* [SCL-16916|] Cannot load file if ScalaDoc contains {@}
* [SCL-16819|] Tooltips persist indefinitely
* [SCL-16901|] Annotator: don't show type mismatch for whole function literal when result type doesn't match
* [SCL-16898|] Annotator: function literals: don't infer type when parameter type is not known
* [SCL-16831|] formatter moves else to the preceding line comment breaking code semantics
* [SCL-16893|] Type mismatch hints: handle expressions before `else` keyword
* [SCL-16717|] underscore before string literal is parsed like interpolated string prefix
* [SCL-16899|] Don't show type a mismatch error when there's a parser error
* [SCL-16903|] Type mismatch hints: handle expressions before `}`
* [SCL-16816|] Typing a Period in a Comment Section Causes Intellisense to Kick In
* [SCL-16849|] Type mismatch hints: handle arguments in right-associative infix expressions
* [SCL-16745|] freeze in ScalaLibraryType.createNewLibrary
* [SCL-16868|] pasting into a comment inside a specs2 test deletes the comment
* [SCL-16839|] Autocomplete in formatted string doesn't work at the end

Build 2020.1.9

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