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Build 2020.1.6

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18 Fixed issues
18 Fixed issues
  • SCL-15697 Highlight redundant parameter in a final, private, or local method
  • SCL-16819 Tooltips persist indefinitely
  • SCL-16789 Good code red: case class unapply
  • SCL-16439 BSP+Bloop: Start Bloop through Launcher
  • SCL-16831 formatter moves else to the preceding line comment breaking code semantics
  • SCL-16870 incomplete declarations break parsing of subsequent code
  • SCL-16739 Quick fix: add type annotation to anonymous function parameter doesn't work when a caret is just after the parameter
  • SCL-16877 compiling evaluator doesn't always work if there are new classes defined
  • SCL-16099 overriding deprecated method inspection
  • SCL-16849 Type mismatch hints: handle arguments in right-associative infix expressions
  • SCL-16745 freeze in ScalaLibraryType.createNewLibrary
  • SCL-16735 make sure PropertyFoldingBuilder works for scala via UAST
  • SCL-16817 Control cache behavior of cache macros with parameter
  • SCL-16839 Autocomplete in formatted string doesn't work at the end
  • SCL-16285 Automatic sbt export with Bloop
  • SCL-16786 worksheet in plain mode hangs when editing in interactive mode and while indexing is in progress
  • SCL-16435 live templates for a implicit class / implicit value class
  • SCL-16820 Good code is red: Use trait to return Tuple option

Build 2019.3.23

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