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No subsystemBugEDU-2414Create New Course wizard: visual glitches
BugEDU-2830Deadlock on opening Stepic courses
BugEDU-2874Python courses: impossible to open code-type tasks
BugEDU-2603Codeforces contest with Rust language creation fails: Invalid character `.`
BugEDU-2778Create course dialog: default description: date representation language doesn't match the rest of template
BugEDU-2730Rustlings: task description is incorrect in learner mode in Introduction/Getting started/Installation
BuildTaskEDU-2802Update EduTools plugin description
CheckerBugEDU-2779Gradle tests: stopping check process never finishes
BugEDU-2652Move `output.txt` file to `test` folder in default implementation of output task checker
CodeforcesFeatureEDU-2076Add Codeforces support
BugEDU-2824Rust support works incorrectly
BugEDU-2823Go to Codeforces icon appears only after project is reopened
BugEDU-2816Codeforces: Project reopening: "Login to Stepic..." popup is shown for some reason
BugEDU-2583Handle situation when one of supported languages is not available in codeforces import contest dialog
BugEDU-2604Gradle sync project failed because of dot in the end of problem name
TaskEDU-2579Get the list of available languages under progress
TaskEDU-2867Create sample templates for every language
TaskEDU-2571Action to import contests
TaskEDU-2570Changing appearance for leave feedback action to go to codeforces website
TaskEDU-2581Make course create with proper language and version
TaskEDU-2574Add choosing programming language for Codeforces contest
ExceptionEDU-2851Exception "You do not have permission to perform this action." on "Go to codeforces" action
ExceptionEDU-2855Codeforces: "Update course" causes exception
ExceptionEDU-2815Throwable at com.jetbrains.edu.learning.codeforces.checker.CodeforcesTaskChecker.check(CodeforcesTaskChecker.kt:4 0)
ExceptionEDU-2811Codeforces support: NPE on contest opening
Course creatorBugEDU-2784Incorrect default new course description
BugEDU-2467Name-clash between lessions and tasks: Impossible to move Tasks with identical-named Lession
UsabilityEDU-2723Add default course description in create course menu
UsabilityEDU-2215Point to a corrupted placeholder in error messages
Framework LessonsBugEDU-2821Course In Learner's mode previous task navigation fails
GradleBugEDU-2920Android Studio 3.5: Course creation issues
BugEDU-2774Gradle sync never finishes in Android Studio 4.0 Canary
ExceptionEDU-2828IAE at com.jetbrains.edu.learning.stepik.StepikCourseUpdater$updateCourse$$inlined$runInEdt$1.run(actions.k t:82)
HyperskillBugEDU-2817Hyperskill: Python projects can't be opened in teacher mode
BugEDU-2794Hyperskill: disappearing tests
BugEDU-2690"Resolve in IDE" action create new project if existing project is closed
BugEDU-2739Hyperskill: incomplete list of topics for stage
UsabilityEDU-2352Hyperskill: Change default button on "Change conflict" pop-up
Language.GoFeatureEDU-2763Support Edu plugin in Goland
BugEDU-2881GoLand: Create Corse: Description field overlaps Location
BugEDU-2843Placeholder is added incorrectly
BugEDU-2792Go SDK validation does nothing
BugEDU-2772Configure GOPATH automatically
BugEDU-2747Disable using spaces in folder names in Go course
ExceptionEDU-2842RuntimeException at com.goide.sdk.download.GoDownloadSdkService.lambda$copyDir$0(GoDownloadSdkService.java:185)
Language.PythonBugEDU-2777Python: invalid syntax results in "No tests have run"
Language.ScalaBugEDU-2790Scala Tutorial course doesn't work with java 13
Languages.C++BugEDU-2832C++: After CMake reload VFS doesn't refresh hide from teacher files and directories
Stepik integrationBugEDU-2795Course update: all task statuses are lost
BugEDU-2837Stepic: Synchronize course action doesn't work
BugEDU-2316YAML config: custom_name is not respected when pushing to Stepic
TaskEDU-2717Kotlin Koans: show editor notification for not updated course
Task DescriptionTaskEDU-2880Implement updated task.md/task.html
YAMLExceptionEDU-2121ISE at com.jetbrains.edu.coursecreator.yaml.YamlDeserializer.noConfigFileError(YamlDeserializer.kt:115)