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Ability to use different separators depending on position in list 

When editing nodes with cardinality (0,n) or (1,n) you have the ability to provide a custom separator between values by implementing a separator query function. This feature extends this capability by passing more arguments to the query function (namely prevNode and nextNode) so that it is now possible to provide custom separator for each pair of values.

Transform/substitute menus: merge named and default menus 

A technical debt (refactoring) enhancement that removed custom concepts for named (SubstituteMenu_Named) and default (SubstituteMenu_Default) editor menus. Both concepts were merged into their parent (SubstituteMenu). The type of the menu is then selected in the menu editor. The same refactoring was applied to Transformation menus.

Type over existing text 

Type over existing text is a new feature that makes projectional editor feel a bit more like a textual editor. When typing into a textual cell and the character you just
typed is already present at cursor position then the cursor will move right as if you just overwrote the existing character on screen. This feature is only triggered
if the keystroke cannot be gracefully processed and would otherwise be ignored (e.g. in constant cells) or make the cell content invalid.