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MPS bridges Java libraries to MPS world using Java stub models. These models are built from .class information and therefore lack any documentation like javadoc. In 2020.1, there's a new mechanism to specify a zip that holds sources of a library along with the library jar, and MPS is capable to extract javadoc from sources to present it along with information extracted from class files. This functionality comes handy when one uses a Java library from within MPS and needs to access library's javadoc - it's much easier to navigate to relevant code and its documentation right in MPS rather than switch to external location and , perform lookup and read it there. It's even more important for MPS itself, as it provides essential parts of its API as Java stubs. Over the years, API's change, parts get deprecated and replaced with an alternative. Even though the team strives to provide 'deprecated' comments and transition guidance, it was quite inconvenient for MPS adopters to keep MPS sources around to access these valuable pieces of knowledge. Now, with the support to extract javadoc for Java stub models, MPS can serve its adopters better.