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h2. What is Charisma

*Charisma* is a web-based issue tracker. Charisma's key features include:
* Query-based issue search as an alternative to traditional issue filters.
* Lightweight AJAX-based user interface to allow working with issues really fast.
* Extensive keyboard support to make it easy to create, edit, and navigate between issues using keyboard.
* Commands to quickly execute batch operations upon selected queries.

Charisma is being developed using [JetBrains MPS|] and is [used for tracking JetBrains TeamCity issues|].

h2. What is Early Access Program (EAP)

We at JetBrains believe that making good tools for developers should greatly rely on developers' opinions. Our Early Access Program lets the development community closely participate in discussions on *Charisma* and influence the planning and development from the early stages onwards. We hope this EAP will be both valuable and exciting. We highly appreciate your feedback and ideas\!
{note:title=Important}It is important to distinguish EAP from pre-release software. Please note that the quality of EAP versions may at times be far below even usual beta standards.

h2. Download and Installation

Download Lastest EAP build:

|| Build || Release Notes || Artifacts ||
| 45 (Jul 28th, 2009) | [New Features|\{Charisma%20EAP%20(45)\}%20%23Feature+sort+by:+priority] 
[Fixed Issues|\{Charisma+EAP+(45)\}+sort+by:+priority] | [charisma.war|]
| 32 (Jun 8th, 2009) | [New Features|{Charisma%20EAP%20(32)}%20%23Feature] 
[Fixed Issues|] | [charisma.war|]

Then follow [installation instructions|EAP Build Installation].

h2. Supported Browsers

* Mozilla Firefox 3\+
* Apple Safari 3\+
* Microsoft Internet Explorer 7\+
* Google Chrome 1\+
* Opera 9\+

h2. Where to Send Feedback

* Post issues to [tracker|]
* Use [forum|]
* Post comments to [blog|]