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(plus) Pageflow graph (struts.xml)

IDEA 8/9
Graph of all relevant S2 elements (IDEA 8 only).


(minus) Navigation to/from corresponding Action-class
(minus) Show validation.xml node(s) under corresponding Action-class (like GUI-Designer forms)
(minus) Create corresponding validation.xml-template from Action
(tick) Structure View


Simply click on the action icon in the left editor bar to quickly open up the corresponding entrymapping(iess) in your struts.xml:
IDEA 8.1.1/IDEA 9: also for Groovy


Click on the Action-class icon to quickly open the corresponding JAVA-code or Ctrl+click on the "action"-attribute to go to the struts.xml-definition:

(minus) Autocompletion/navigation for form properties


Autocompletion is available for most attributes with static values.

(tick) JavaScript support

(plugin "JavaScript Support" must be enabled)
Enjoy the power of IDEA's powerful JavaScript-support within all S2 UI-tags.

(tick) CSS support

(IDEA 8/9: plugin "JavaScript CSS Support" must be enabled).

(tick) CSS support

Define inline-styles (cssStyle) or reference existing CSS classes (cssClass) (IDEA 8: plugin "CSS Support" must be enabled).

Plugins/3rd Party Extensions

(tick) Support struts2-spring-plugin

Reference Spring beans in <action> "class" and constant "value" (plugin "Spring Support" must be enabled and Spring facet configured properly)
Reference Spring beans in <action> "class" and constant "value".

(minus) Support CodeBehind plugin


(tick) Integration with Tiles 2


(plugin "Struts 1.x" must be enabled)
IDEA 8.1.1/IDEA 9
struts2-tiles-plugin.jar must be present as well as Tiles libraries. Configured tiles.xml-files will be set automatically as described in

(question) Support for sitemesh.xml