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  • Calcutta 4.1 EAP (build 8870) Release Notes

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With new LDAP integration features TeamCity can:

  • retrieve user's profile data from LDAP
  • update groups membership based on LDAP groups
  • automatically create and remove users in TeamCity based on information retrieved from LDAP

The configuration should be done in a configuration file under .BuildServer directory.
See the detailed instructions.


If you have already used LDAP integration, you should notice no changes on upgrade. To configure LDAP synchronization, you need to add settings into .BuildServer/config/ file. See .BuildServer/config/ for example configuration.

Other Improvements

  • Ability to add notification rules to groups. Group notification rules are now considered if a user does not have own notification rules.
  • Test list grouping options improved (work in progress).
  • Eclipse plugin: support for Perforce 2008.2 plugin.
  • Eclipse plugin is now compatible with RCP-based products which do not have JDT installed.
  • Support for Subversion 1.6 in Visual Studio plugin.
  • Reboot agent action (experimental) is added on the Agent details page; it allows to send reboot signal to the agent machine.
  • Displaying patch size on sources checkout, VCS integration logging improvements.
  • ClearCase settings reworked: "view path" is separated in path to view and path within the view.
  • Agent now checks for a free disk space and ensures old data is cleaned up before the build if the free space falls under a certain limit.

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