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As-is, use at your own risk


free, open-source

Current version

0.1 2

Plugin Description



Installation Instructions

  • Copy plugin jar file into <TeamCity Web Application Directory>/WEB_INF/libPut in .BuildServer\plugins
  • Restart TeamCity server
  • Enable the plugin in the Server Settings "Joke plugin settings" section. The plugin will stay enabled until server restart.


The current plugin version is designed to work with TeamCity 34.1 0 and up.
Tested with TeamCity 4.1 EAP

TeamCity 3.1 versions

Previous version for TeamCity 3.1 is available download.
To install it, copy plugin jar file into <TeamCity Web Application Directory>/WEB_INF/lib.


download download sources


Sources are available in JetBrains public Subversion repository.

Bonus: Funny running and failing build icons

Use these icons instead of default TeamCity images for running build states