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Build 2019.3.19

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8 Fixed issues
8 Fixed issues
  • SCL-16586 Redesign of hint settings
  • SCL-16339 Ctrl+Alt+W shortcut doesn't work in Scala Worksheets
  • SCL-16708 StackOverflowError typechecking F-bounded types in Scala
  • SCL-16643 A simpler example for method chain hints
  • SCL-10222 Worksheet does not work when it was created in packages
  • SCL-15360 --addPluginSbtFile fails when temporary sbt file path contains spaces
  • SCL-16637 Invalid spacing for HKT type parameter variance
  • SCL-16425 "Package names doesn't correspond to directories structures" warning in Scala Worksheets

Build 2019.3.17

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