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You can setup auto-update of Scala plugin Nightly builds in IntelliJ IDEA.
Simply select desired update channel from a drop-down menu at "Updates" tab in Scala plugin settings page.

Or if you cannot do it from plugin settings add "" to custom repositories in Settings -> Plugins -> Browse custom repositories

Build 2020.1.111

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97 Fixed issues
97 Fixed issues
  • SCL-15627 Good code red: Nothing inferred while pattern matching on a tuple
  • SCL-13959 Type hints for long method chains
  • SCL-15782 Show type mismatch tooltip on Ctrl + F1
  • SCL-16586 Redesign of hint settings
  • SCL-13053 Trailing commas not recognized in Scala sources of the build
  • SCL-16482 deadlock in worksheet actions
  • SCL-16472 2019.3 EAP intellij asks for setting up scala SDK even though scala is provided via gradle
  • SCL-16698 jps compilation doesn't work for cross projects
  • SCL-14097 new in scala 2.13: more precise prototype for args of overloaded method
  • SCL-11580 Improve sbt project import
  • SCL-16431 Unapplied method should not have function type
  • SCL-16658 Scala failed to save settings and has been disabled
  • SCL-14055 Three equal actions for "Show Implicit hints" in Find Action list
  • SCL-16453 Auto-completion for `def` identifiers (as for `val`s and `var`s)
  • SCL-16516 Google App Engine build failing with 2019.3 EAP
  • SCL-16518 don't use PsiFileFactory.createFileFromText to build stubs
  • SCL-16339 Ctrl+Alt+W shortcut doesn't work in Scala Worksheets
  • SCL-16689 Find usages doesn't detect writes on var
  • SCL-16625 Type hints: an option to suppress hints that break formatting
  • SCL-13836 Good code red - @this Play2 Template Injection
  • SCL-16484 worksheet in PLAIN mode: runtime errors are not displayed
  • SCL-16130 Scala 2.13: Cannot resolve overloaded method "map" for scala.immutable.Map
  • SCL-16493 For scala 2.13.1 REPL worksheet compilation errors are shown in the right tab
  • SCL-16494 Implicit inlays move type chain hints
  • SCL-16331 support `Synthesize a PartialFunction from function literal`
  • SCL-16643 A simpler example for method chain hints
  • SCL-16651 exception opening inlay hints settings from welcome screen
  • SCL-16461 scala files from current project are shown twice in console links
  • SCL-16650 exception on moving class to another package
  • SCL-16702 choose jvm module for run configurations in cross projects
  • SCL-16149 Scala Scratch doesn't provide code completion for an exhaustive pattern-matching expression
  • SCL-16708 StackOverflowError typechecking F-bounded types in Scala
  • BDIDE-238 Auto-import doesn't work (Scala)
  • SCL-16572 regular context menu shown instead of hints settings
  • SCL-16571 settings of method chain hints are messed up
  • SCL-16570 exception in inlay hints settings on windows
  • SCL-16686 Exception NoSuchMethodError: utest.framework.Tree.children()Lscala/collection/Seq when running a test with scala 2.13
  • SCL-16043 worksheet in plain mode: false warning in scala 2.13
  • SCL-15360 --addPluginSbtFile fails when temporary sbt file path contains spaces
  • SCL-16384 Highlight error in foldLeft using a tuple of numbers as an accumulator
  • SCL-16587 worksheet: run button appears too early when running outside compiler server
  • SCL-14475 bsp: support refresh by buildTarget/didChange notification
  • SCL-16458 enable case completion inside partial function definition
  • SCL-16601 Scala-js jvm files not compiled
  • SCL-16519 do not allocate intermediate collection in PsiBuilderExt.lookAhead
  • IDEA-228144 Some Scala EditorConfig settings are not working properly or are highlighted wrongly
  • SCL-16470 Type hints settings: use proper terms
  • BDIDE-272 Scala completion doesn't work
  • SCL-16580 method chain hints: don't show singleton types on first line even if aligned
  • SCL-16612 Add link to the settings when showing error that REPL mode is available only in compile server process
  • SCL-16293 Correct code is highlighted red
  • SCL-16290 Scala: Incorrect "Unnecessary partial function" when matching type parameters
  • SCL-16502 sbt shell toolwindow is green after stop
  • SCL-16116 Improve BSP import performance
  • SCL-16421 todo in scaladoc not being recognized
  • SCL-16425 "Package names doesn't correspond to directories structures" warning in Scala Worksheets
  • SCL-11103 Array rendering in worksheet. Regression.
  • SCL-16622 Use a single, standard "Type mismatch hints" setting
  • SCL-16539 Don't put chained method hints to View menu
  • SCL-16537 Expression chain hints: don't show obvious types (when configured so)
  • SCL-9271 In interactive mode add compilation error status somewhere
  • SCL-16535 Don't show a chain hint when there's a type mismatch hint
  • SCL-16438 BSP sessions are closed just after creation
  • SCL-16394 BSP builds don't cancel when connection fails or is canceled
  • SCL-16113 Caching shouldn't be done in recursive calls
  • SCL-16656 Context menu for change access modifier (scala) intention opens java settings
  • SCL-16323 Broken `Jump to Source`
  • SCL-16327 Inconsistent expected type for various function literals
  • SCL-16325 Run ScalaTest with coverage disabled
  • SCL-16635 "___ | Configure..." context menu entry for parameter name hints
  • SCL-16528 debugger: method evaluation with default parameters works incorrectly for the scala >= 2.12.8
  • SCL-16525 IDEA reports Scala type mismatch in valid source code
  • SCL-16521 Nullpointer exception when assigning lambda to kotlin sam type
  • SCL-16547 Method chain hints: don't show a hint for non method calls
  • SCL-16499 No-dialog import for BSP
  • SCL-16492 Misleading type mismatch hint when using literal types
  • SCL-16495 Make `TypePresentationContext` explicit in our code
  • SCL-16003 type hints for chained expressions with argument block or partial function
  • SCL-16554 Method chain hints: don't omit types when hints are aligned
  • SCL-16556 Method chain hints: remove the "type is identical" setting
  • SCL-16304 no type mismatch error if non-boolean value is passed to `if `
  • SCL-16305 Resolve cannot decide between object in package of package object and imported object with the same name
  • SCL-16067 No context button to run a uTest when file name differs from class\object name
  • SCL-16637 Invalid spacing for HKT type parameter variance
  • SCL-16548 Method chain hints: don't show a type of the whole expression
  • SCL-16657 Argument for @NotNull parameter 'value' of com/intellij/openapi/util/UserDataHolderBase.putUserDataIfAbsent must not be null thrown after restart
  • SCL-16463 Desugar for-comprehensions result is incorrect for map+foreach combination
  • SCL-16374 BSP: manual connection management
  • SCL-14993 worksheet splitter is too wide
  • SCL-14237 uTest runner hanging if an exception thrown with null in message
  • SCL-16474 make member private appears in scaladoc
  • SCL-16661 Method chain hints: handle "explicit" parameters
  • SCL-16471 Library extension details not updated when changing selection in libraries list
  • SCL-16577 Method Chain Inlay hints not shown in preview when they are turned off
  • SCL-16685 utest run configuration in cross platfrom project is created without module name, test hangs
  • SCL-16569 worksheet: periodic output flush for long evaluations does not work
  • SCL-16592 Method chain hints: don't show "package types"

Build 2019.3.699

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