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A new generator statement allows generating a valid java identifier from any INamedConcept. This will make a unique name by removing illegal symbols, capitalizing and adding prefix if needed. Then, this name will be made unique by adding a numerical suffix. E.g. for node with name "my named concept %1" string "MyNamedConcept1" would be generated

Concept<->Interface conversion 


An intention which converts concept to interface concept and vice versa. Usable when creating language structure. Does not change usages. 

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Sync styles and editing experience in meta-


selectable, references, placeholders, new root menu


Meta-languages were made similar to each other in terms of

  • Keyboard navigation (selectability of editor cells)
  • Placeholder cells behavior in editors
  • "New Root" appearance 
  • ...and other 

JavaStubs loading performance improved [



We have significantly improved performance of loading stub models, especially from large and strongly connected sets of jars. On our target project, loading became 2 to 3 times faster; backported to 2019.1 and 2019.2

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The action is now available when multiple nodes are selected. Previously it was enabled only for selections containing a single node.