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No subsystemBugGO-8455Intellij UE + Go Plugin don't handle dependencies under `vendor/` of Kubernetes source code
BugGO-8122Editable postfix templates do not work when you define them on custom types
UsabilityGO-7826dep integration enabled automatically in 2019.2
Go BuildBugGO-7801Goland: not clickable compile errors after 2019.2 update
BugGO-8279Console toolbar is missing in debug
BugGO-8303go: flag needs an argument: -mod (from $GOFLAGS)
BugGO-7832Support for long configuration names
Go CompletionBugGO-6545Method-like function completion shouldn't reformat raw string
BugGO-7808The autocomplete is not aware of context
BugGO-7729Don't show "Fill fields" on unexported fields
BugGO-8088Postfix completion fails at getting error type
BugGO-7741Struct autocomplete wrong brackets
BugGO-8311Useless completion after typing '...'
Go DebuggerFeatureGO-6578Allow debugging with Go Remote configurations and mozilla rr backends on remote target
BugGO-7770Function calls don't work inside Evaluate and log breakpoint property
BugGO-8356Rewind action is available in core dump debug session
BugGO-7060Debugger shows incorrect variable location in code
BugGO-8074Evaluate and Log does not print result of in debug console
BugGO-7829Mozilla RR integration
BugGO-8186Delve version too high for Go 1.10
BugGO-8333Run to cursor doesn't work when file mapping is required
BugGO-7689Debugger stops at breakpoint twice if run.processes.with.pty is enabled on macOS
BugGO-8053Evaluate expression cannot evaluate delegated method calls
BugGO-7866Step over doesn't work
BugGO-8051Debugger doesn't show entire string value containing non-ascii symbols
BugGO-8192Breakpoint cannot find file in Container until step into module
BugGO-8277Debugger does not stop on breakpoint; breakpoint bullet changes to "could not find file"
BugGO-8380Debugging remotely not working
BugGO-7906UI allows to change variable values in a recorded debug session
UsabilityGO-6723When using rr, breakpoints are ignored
Go EditingBugGO-8421Pasted unused import is optimized immediately
BugGO-8092Disabling One Line Returns folding doesn't work
BugGO-8360Import package quickfix doesn't suggest vendored packages with aliases
BugGO-7852Automatic SQL injection doesn't work
BugGO-8089Incorrect "Parameter info" for a function call inside a struct literal
BugGO-8378Parameter information not shown for function with struct parameter
BugGO-8312Typing < inserts >
UsabilityGO-8288Don't offer method's name for variable when it returns only error
UsabilityGO-8172Create missed function do not give to change parameters name
UsabilityGO-7952Fill fields for strings should start from no value
Go FormatterBugGO-8066Update import rules and aliases to match the new version of goimports
BugGO-7213Wrong indent in block inside switch case
BugGO-7847"Imports are not sorted" warning is not disappearing after manual sorting imports
BugGO-7988Wrong comments alignment after block statements
BugGO-8024Comments after multiline const/var spec should not be aligned with subsequent comments
BugGO-8028Wrong comments alignment in composite literals
BugGO-8029Wrong comments alignment for top-level declarations
BugGO-6689Wrong indent after if with multiline condition
BugGO-7431Formatting inconsistency between "Reformat Code" and "go fmt"
BugGO-7974Wrong indent for multi-line comments when they are not first on the line
BugGO-7970Unable to delete anything between a valid line and a mismatched closing brace.
BugGO-7997Comments alignment should be reset if the separated by several lines
BugGO-7995Wrong alignment for first comments in a block-like elements
BugGO-8019Misaligned struct comments in the presence of tags
BugGO-8017Wrong comments alignment inside field declaration
BugGO-8012Do not remove empty line before right brace in struct/interface
BugGO-8011Wrong comments alignment in argument list
BugGO-7888No ability to disable redundant import alias removal during formatting
BugGO-8050Wrong alignment in const/var blocks
BugGO-8372Error during method formatting
BugGO-7962Redundant space between multiline comment and right brace
BugGO-7963Missing newline between multiline comment and right brace in block
BugGO-7967Wrong alignment of comments in const block
BugGO-7964Wrong indent for comments inside multiline expressions
BugGO-7965Wrong comments alignment in case clauses
BugGO-7986Wrong spacing between line comment and right brace in composite literals
BugGO-7989Wrong comments alignment after multiline composite literal
BugGO-8400Empty line is removed before first block comment in a struct and var/const/type/import blocks
BugGO-8004Wrong indent in var/const value after comment
BugGO-8005Wrong spacing before block comment in expression
BugGO-8003Wrong alignment in structs with anonymous fields
BugGO-8131Empty line is removed between left branch and a comment in a literal value
BugGO-6473Wrong indent in struct initializer in multi-value return
BugGO-6984Wrong function call arguments indentation in multi-value returns
BugGO-7830the indent is weird since 2019.2
Go GeneralBugGO-7916Detection of autogenerated files doesn't seem to work properly
BugGO-8177Go Module show error in IDE but run normal in terminal
BugGO-7798Go modules shown in external libraries when vendoring is enabled
PerformanceGO-8031It takes forever to show implemented icon for method if type has too many methods
PerformanceGO-8034UI freezes when clicking on gutter icon for type which has too many methods
PerformanceGO-8293Project opening/indexing takes nearly 10 minutes to finish
CosmeticsGO-8306Cleanup GOROOT and Download sdk ui
Go InspectionsBugGO-7450Disable inspections for generated code by default
BugGO-8219Add comment quick fix shows up twice
BugGO-6635Add keys and delete zero values quick fix produces invalid code
BugGO-7725Convert quick fix shouldn't be available for nil argument
BugGO-8331Implicit assignment to unexported field is not detected
BugGO-8280Delete unused type will not remove comments from the methods defined on that type
BugGO-5766Unused variable not detected
BugGO-8371Reuse signature types intention shouldn't be available on type carry over
BugGO-7824Change signature generates a non existing type
BugGO-7663Invalid inspection: Redundant type conversion
Go RefactoringsBugGO-8422Implement Methods ignores comments when invoked inside function
BugGO-8425Implement Methods doesn't open file with type declaration
BugGO-8158Implement methods should not create type and methods where those can't be defined, e.g. inside functions/methods
BugGO-6555Extract method should update references change via template
BugGO-8068Extract Interface doesn't take into account existing declarations
BugGO-8065Extract Interface should not complain about unexported receiver's type
BugGO-7982Change signature doesn't add package prefix in tests
BugGO-8007Extract method does not work correctly if a variable is named the same as type
BugGO-8137Change signature should not update return for recursive calls
BugGO-7871Change signature doesn't replace single result parameter
BugGO-8386Renaming files with similar test files triggers the rename confirmation for the original renamed file
UsabilityGO-6994Always optimize imports after Move refactoring
UsabilityGO-7787Always show preview when refactorings attempt to modify generated code
UsabilityGO-8209Implement Methods should put newly created method under caret
UsabilityGO-7864Change Signature quickfix should add default value in newly generated return
Go TestingBugGO-7516Running gocheck test outputs 1 empty line per test
BugGO-8391Output of go test is mixed between stdout and stderr
BugGO-7919missing tags arguments on subtest running
BugGO-7806gocheck output is hidden
BugGO-7883Running the individual test results in running all the tests in a file.
BugGO-8301Use -m argument instead of -testify.m for old testify versions
Go Type InferenceBugGO-8163Missing pointer to unsafe.Pointer conversion is not highlighted as an error
No subsystemBugDBE-9124«Modify Table» dialog (⌘F6) shows several DDL commands even when a user didn't modify something
BugDBE-8871Can no longer add "external schemas" in schema list (Redshift)
PerformanceDBE-8694EAP Consuming Significant Resources - Even at Idle
DB ConnectivityBugDBE-8715Oracle: the message under the "Test Connection" button disappears
BugDBE-9448Driver files entries order is not saved
BugDBE-9052Error: "No subject alternative DNS name matching localhost found." when connecting to Redshift with "Use SSL" enabled
BugDBE-8968DataGrip Login
UsabilityDBE-9323Connection exception is cut off in the main window
ExceptionDBE-8823IAE at com.intellij.database.model.DataSourceSnapshotManager.$$$reportNull$$$0
DB ConsoleFeatureDBE-1878Database console: on switching to deselected schema suggest quick fix to select it in data source properties
BugDBE-9550DataGrip: Error when trying to use Quick Documentation on tables containing SQL foreign keys (part 3)
BugDBE-8827Opening the default or connection database console does nothing when you've deleted the scratch file
BugDBE-9523NEXT VALUE FOR [sequence] is no longer working after latest update.
BugDBE-9068Can't execute selected part of SQL query in .cs file
BugDBE-3546Database Console doesn't reopen when statement is executed
BugDBE-9478AzureSQL regression in 2019.2.6 - "Unable to verify FIPS mode settings" exception
BugDBE-9434Explain Analyse (Raw) action is broken
UsabilityDBE-5983Database Console: query result tabs are messed up
DB DiffFeatureDBE-8977Compare table contents
BugDBE-7401Database Changes window shows first change in queue regardless of selection
BugDBE-8995Database diff case unsensitive not fully working
BugDBE-8835Schema diff comparison with DDL. Don't show differences for native and default words
DB GeneralBugDBE-9401Data source corruption in recent builds
DB IntrospectionFeatureDBE-5661Improve support for partitioned tables
BugDBE-4856Azure: db_id() doesn't work, we need a workaround
BugDBE-9454multiple-column indexes
BugDBE-9329PostgreSQL 12 generated columns feature breaks introspection
BugDBE-6300MS SQL Server DB introspection fails with OutOfMemory for a production-size database 12872+ tables
BugDBE-8344Viewing or editing procedures on DB2 for i (AS/400) systems fails
BugDBE-5061DDL for Postgresql trigger misses OF columns block
BugDBE-9015Server crash issue when using DataGrip with AWS Aurora
BugDBE-9406Introspection error on Greenplum 6. Source code of routines is not available.
BugDBE-9474H2 view columns are not introspected
BugDBE-8310DDL data source: unknown schemas appearing in Database tool window when editing DDL script
BugDBE-9433database schemas current schemas can't select
BugDBE-9457DataGrip 2019.2.2 does not show DISTRIBUTED BY section for Greenplum v 6 table via "SQL Scripts --> Source Editor"
BugDBE-8504DB Synchronize failure
PerformanceDBE-8380Introspection takes forever and hangs datagrip
DB RefactoringBugDBE-9017When adding a SMALLINT type column with width and UNSIGNED, the width digit ignored.
BugDBE-9050Invalid Nullable type composition for ClickHouse LowCardinality
BugDBE-8889Sqlite Constraint Check lost when table is modified
DB Schema ViewsBugDBE-9267Misleading 'drop schema' handling on insufficient rights
Data Import & ExportFeatureDBE-2640[Feature Request] Download query output as markdown table
BugDBE-9548Creating new table from results contains ambiguous column names
BugDBE-8732CSV Import - please swap default LOB from Text to varchar(max) to better support modern (post 2005) versions of SQL Server
BugDBE-9098Can't import data from a CSV that includes IDENTITY column data to a SQL Server table
BugDBE-5165Import File Not working correctly
Data ViewsFeatureDBE-7980Set NULL via typing
BugDBE-8817Colors are stuck in filter
BugDBE-8857Query width gets wider and wider with each return (visual bug)
BugDBE-9516`Transpose` action is absent
BugDBE-8557"Limit page size to" no longer limits max query row count
BugDBE-9322Error in 'Load Data' view
BugDBE-9021Navigating to referenced and referencing rows from data grid doesn't put quotes around UUID's.
BugDBE-8717Comment to name query result tab leads to "unresolved table editor"
BugDBE-9445H2 views cannot be sorted by column
BugDBE-6601Ctrl-F12 in the filter in a table view should open the structure popup for the shown table's data, not the "dummy.sql" editor
BugDBE-9338The row number is truncated in table view
BugDBE-8788BLOB Record modifications in Database explorer, after automatic reload, shows a Java object reference
BugDBE-8433Using FWD and BACK button on table views re-issues the query
UsabilityDBE-9549Option to disable autocompletion in Data Editor
ExceptionDBE-8761Artifacts in service windows when view result of SQL query
IDE GeneralBugDBE-1057XML extractor does not escape illegal characters in xml columns on SQL Server
BugDBE-8813DataGrip is not usable after update to 2019.2
UsabilityDBE-8633Can't edit file/folder in SQL-Dialects window
Navigation & SearchFeatureDBE-8897Full text search enhancement - result list(s) should be ordered
BugDBE-8448Unable to search database table from quick search
BugDBE-8963When Ctrl+clicking on a table name in SQL, the Database window doesn't quite scroll that table on the screen
UsabilityDBE-8895Find Usages | Sort by line number
PL DebuggerBugDBE-9324Oracle PL debugger: Sometimes debuggers doesn't pick the modified code on second start
TaskDBE-9274Do not allow to start several debug sessions at once for the same DB console
TaskDBE-9299Oracle PL debugger: support Type Body
ExceptionDBE-9297Oracle PL debugger: when a sessions is disconnect, DG throws an unexpected exception "Connection refused to host:"
SQL CompletionFeatureDBE-4499suggest join conditions based on column / table name matching
BugDBE-8686SQL code autocomplete works incorrectly
BugDBE-9354select always qualifies the column with table name
BugDBE-4713SQL completion failing on create table
BugDBE-8785Some objects are not loaded in the completion popup
BugDBE-9504Suggest only "BY" for "ORDER " or "GROUP "
BugDBE-9046Database tools: no autocomplete for table name when typing 'alter table' with postgres
UsabilityDBE-8918'VARCHAR' is completed as 'VARCHAR()'
UsabilityDBE-9535Better completion for LIKE in the filter field
UsabilityDBE-9534Better completion for LIKE
SQL Format and StyleBugDBE-8452Oracle: align CASE Expressions in pl/sql block
BugDBE-9458SQL Server query formatting issue: the TOP N clause causes formatter to insert a lot of unnecessary line breaks
BugDBE-6170The "Place comma" setting is ignored when "Wrap" is set to "Wrap if long"
BugDBE-8334Unnecessary space before comma in ALTER TABLE when several ADD instructions
BugDBE-8974SQL Pre-formatter doesn't handle commas when the setting is specified in the Common section
BugDBE-8767SQL formatter mangles blank-padded literals in Postgres
BugDBE-8986Extra indent of the line after where clause
BugDBE-8845Cursors need to be left-aligned
PerformanceDBE-8257SQL paste stuck (in PhpStorm)
UsabilityDBE-8978The combination of Code Style settings and source line breaks cause ugly result
SQL GeneralFeatureDBE-9393Support DDL for TASKs
FeatureDBE-9450Snowflake SQL Dialect Should recognize // style comments
BugDBE-8682Snowflake syntax doesn't recognize USING keyword
BugDBE-6474DataGrip does not operate properly with identifiers containing CRLF
BugDBE-9376MS SQL parses incorrectly when column alias is "load"
BugDBE-6538Oracle SQL plus dialect: formatting changes and corrupts the query
BugDBE-9463PostgreSQL 12 REINDEX CONCURRENTLY feature not supported
BugDBE-9464PostgreSQL 12 COMMIT/ROLLBACK AND CHAIN syntax not recognized
UsabilityDBE-7315Automatically add commas when drag'n'drop columns to the query
SQL GenerationFeatureDBE-7893Procedure is missed in Generate menu
FeatureDBE-7976Modify table from data editor
BugDBE-9352Command "Generate DDL to Clipboard" shows incorrect info about fulltext index.
BugDBE-5030Foreign Key Creation Doesn't Like Schemas
BugDBE-8826After editing a package, the last ; is removed during submission to database
BugDBE-6261Oracle: DDL script for VIEW misses column names defined in the view header
BugDBE-7247Postgres Trigger Definition Does Not Show WHEN condition
BugDBE-7960PG11:Exception happens when generating definition for partion table which is in different schema of its parent table.
BugDBE-8962Wrong Snowflake DDL generation
BugDBE-7107MSSQL: incorrect DDL generated for char columns
SQL HighlightingFeatureDBE-3779SQL: inspection for null values
FeatureDBE-8688Unreachable code inspection for COALESCE
FeatureDBE-9573Inspection: Insert NULL into NOT NULL column
FeatureDBE-9024Ability to suppress sql resolve inspection for the function
FeatureDBE-8697Inline parameter hint provider
FeatureDBE-8330Datagrip literals auto-injection
FeatureDBE-8597Column name hints in INSERT
FeatureDBE-8402Inspection and intention for unicode columns in MSSQL
BugDBE-8814Inspection of "Using CASE instead of conditional function and vice versa" shouldn't be enabled on MSSQL Server 2008
BugDBE-9492Replace DISTINCT with GROUP BY
BugDBE-8637partition by join is not recognized in "Oracle SQL*Plus" Dialect
BugDBE-9084IDE don't recognize 'VALUES (expression) table value constructor' in MariaDB 10.3 and above
BugDBE-3815No inspection suppression option for specific unresolved SQL reference?
BugDBE-9317Add az64 compression encoding support
BugDBE-3773SQL: Inspections: Sybase: Ambiguous column reference: two different columns cannot have the same alias
BugDBE-8850Exasol DROP INDEX grammar error
BugDBE-9512Missing syntax highlighting/autocomplete for clickhouse
BugDBE-9105SQL error when using quoted shame and a table name starting with a number on 2019.2.2
BugDBE-9281Aggregate-related problems inspection false positive when grouped by primary key
BugDBE-9353Inlay hint is strange for VALUES
BugDBE-8398False positive "unreachable code" warning
BugDBE-9410T-SQL: Unknown database function 'concat_ws'
BugDBE-9569Intellij shows false error for 'COMPRESS ADVANCED'
BugDBE-9564DB console for oracle dialect does falsely reports issue with empty grouping set as : '(' or <expression> expected, got ')'
BugDBE-9446Add syntax highlighting for command EXPLAIN ANALYZE in Mysql Database
BugDBE-8763DataGrip says "Aggregate calls are not allowed in ORDER BY" clause of non-aggregated query
BugDBE-8866Allow to enter query with reluctant quantifier in MATCH_RECOGNIZE / Row pattern matching query for the databse tool
BugDBE-8383Inspection: aggregate-related problems
BugDBE-8940Postgres SQL editor does not support PARTITION BY HASH
BugDBE-8939"unreachable code" error when viewing an SQL Server stored procedure
BugDBE-9531ORDER BY in subqueries should be highlighted
BugDBE-8752SQL: PostgreSQL: VALUES clause cardinality: inspection gives false warning with select into
BugDBE-9336Intentions is not working in existing routines
BugDBE-9056Columns referenced from PostgreSQL variables with RECORD data type result in unresolved reference error
BugDBE-9473MariaDB. Unknown database function error for window functions.
BugDBE-7455MariaDB EXCEPT and INTERSECT support
BugDBE-8718PostgreSQL CREATE OPERATOR using the FUNCTION keyword instead of PROCEDURE
BugDBE-8738Inspection "VALUES clause cardinality" false positive when used with "OUTPUT inserted INTO"
BugDBE-9095Syntax highlight for ASYMMETRIC KEY
BugDBE-9003Datagrip editor showing syntax error for amazon redshift query. In the attached screenshot when the isnull statement is in the same line as select clause the query gets executed but when the isnull is in second line it gives a syntax error.
BugDBE-9006Unreachable code inspection is reported for Oracle package
BugDBE-7491Add syntax highlighting for PL/pgSQL "special commands" (#variable_conflict)
BugDBE-9345Max identifier length inspection
BugDBE-9542Always true inspection does not work on constants
BugDBE-9468Oracle SQL syntax false error: TRUNCATE TABLE ... CASCADE
BugDBE-9467Datagrip syntax checker/linter do not understand the expression "ANALYZE SELECT"
UsabilityDBE-9543Quick fix should delete COALESCE statement in the first argument cannot be null
SQL RefactoringFeatureDBE-9428Intention to convert JOIN ON to JOIN USING
BugDBE-7709Incorrect placing for table's alias
BugDBE-8807[PLUGIN] Unable to rename table variable
BugDBE-9568Intention works not correct
BugDBE-9093Intention 'Replace IN expression...' corrupts code
UsabilityDBE-8960'Expand column list' should be available if caret is after '*'
SQL ResolveBugDBE-5033DataGrip does not recognize trigger logical tables DELETED/INSERTED when using ALTER TRIGGER
BugDBE-8388Problems with resolve when commenting a type
BugDBE-9470PostgreSQL: ORDER BY fields not resolved in a TABLE statement
BugDBE-5766Unresolved savepoint
No subsystemFeatureWEB-39958React auto import ignore "allowSyntheticDefaultImports"
FeatureWEB-39817JS. Console live templates
FeatureWEB-39111Install LTS Node.js from new project dialog
FeatureWEB-40006Add 'insert await' quick fix for type assignability errors of 'Promise<T> vs T' and for property access on `Promise<T>` for a property that exists in T
BugWEB-31859Sporadic 502 when loading pages with the built-in web server
BugWEB-40355No SVG preview pane after 2019.2 update
BugWEB-39612"Invalid" in suggest popup
BugWEB-42167Completion is different if you move cursor before or after a statement
BugWEB-39596Choose better overload for document.createEvent()
BugWEB-40196No syntax highlighting for JSP files
BugWEB-42382JavaScript "Local variable 'X' is redundant" is not that redundant
BugWEB-40173Redundant default attribute in SVG changes image in preview when removed
PerformanceWEB-40851Computing enum values for a huge enum doesn't reuse the cache of already computed values
PerformanceWEB-20705idea will freeze when using with pnpm
CSSFeatureWEB-36265CSS Media Queries Level 5 support
BugWEB-40241"Mismatched property value" errors when using functions in SCSS/Sass files
BugWEB-40049postcss-simple-vars: variable reference as a part of a property name is not resolved
CoffeeScriptBugWEB-40447Issues with CoffeeScript editor in RubyMine 2019.2
DartBugWEB-40354Dart completion: selecting constructor should insert parentheses and optionally argument placeholders
BugWEB-40544IDE may freeze when editing a Dart file and Structure tool window is open
BugWEB-403082019.2 regression: Postfix completion not working in Dart Plugin, v2019.2
DebuggerBugWEB-29329Lambda Kotlin breakpoints are handled incorrectly during JS debug
BugWEB-38656Node.js vm lineOffset
BugWEB-40409Electron 6 App does not start up corretly in DebugMode
BugWEB-40437JS debug requires remote URL mapping in 2019.2
BugWEB-39787Live Edit does not work with node 10.16
BugWEB-30191CORS problem when debugging because of "x-ijt" header being sent
BugWEB-11399Debugger Console: variables defined in the console are not autocompleted (global context)
BugWEB-39342Provide completion for console methods in JavaScript debugger console
BugWEB-38541Karma: debugger stops on breakpoints only after restart or reload
UsabilityWEB-40014Show a meaningful error message when starting a debugger with node.js < 8.x set up as remote docker compose interpreter
ExceptionWEB-40379Cannot add an action twice: Smart Step Into (Step into the particular method)
File WatchersBugWEB-39703File watcher file type reverts back to unknown when I save it (Jsonnet, Blade)
HTMLBugWEB-40047Invalid "deprecated HTML attribute" warning on React's onError attribute
BugWEB-38718'Deprecated HTML attribute' shouldn't be shown for attributes resolved to React component props
BugWEB-25670WebStorm complains that some browsers don't like empty tags
JSONTaskWEB-42249Add `babel.config.json` to system schema map
JavaScriptFeatureWEB-42028Name suggestions: add unresolved names from the current scope to the list of suggestions
FeatureWEB-39619JavaScript: additional completion for "length" and "size" methods
FeatureWEB-41373Support optional chaining in TypeScript and in the type system
BugWEB-39917Operating on comments breaks indents for items around the comment
BugWEB-41995'Make private using #' cannot be invoked for getters in pure JS
BugWEB-42109Unexpected "not assignable to type T" warning in JavaScript
BugWEB-42106Highlight "arguments" as parameter
BugWEB-40287'Generate destructuring pattern' should handle computed property names properly
BugWEB-40036JSDoc should be inherited from super methods
BugWEB-38654Imported functions mistaken for global functions
BugWEB-41393Code analysis is broken after the IDE update
BugWEB-41927PhpStorm didn't show inferred parameter type in JavaScript
BugWEB-40273Method chain type hints are shown with several consequent 'Promise<some_type>' for the same some_type
BugWEB-40055es6: do not apply jsdoc namespace to class members
BugWEB-38661Javascript : auto-complete not working for multiple levels of Object.create() and Object.Assign()
BugWEB-39836No completion for `instanceof` in conditions with NOT
BugWEB-31971Support TypeScript import()-types in JSDoc
BugWEB-40280Javascript: Code-completion for setters in closure/function-based classes is not working correctly
BugWEB-33474Create variable from usage: no possibility to choose keyword
BugWEB-38414Auto import in Flow adds path to the IDE bundled definitions for React instead of the project ones
BugWEB-39923ES6: use directory import for index.js.flow
BugWEB-42196Incorrect processing of destructuring arrays in rest elements
BugWEB-32758js: spurious "Invalid number of arguments, expected 0" inspection for the default sub-class constructor
BugWEB-39805Add other properties to Dynamic usages group
BugWEB-41764Optional chain tail is not evaluated properly
BugWEB-39982'Сonvert to const' in for loop with usages after the loop breaks the code
BugWEB-22701Include enclosing functions in call hierarchy
BugWEB-14774JSDoc: Show description for function in nested class (inherit description for function from parent)
BugWEB-40046Rename doesn't update @callback name is JSDoc
BugWEB-37587IntelliJ IDE Autocomplete for multiple extend not working in ES6 classes
BugWEB-39938Custom postfix templates for JavaScript and TypeScript don't work in TypeScript files
BugWEB-42074'Flip ,' works incorrectly with rest parameters
BugWEB-37739WebStorm doesn't understand Flow type annotation in array destructuring assignment
BugWEB-40254Broken auto-completions for relative paths for node.js require
BugWEB-36893Better mapping of file names to class names in code completion based on file name
BugWEB-40432Flow: Support explicit inexact object syntax
BugWEB-40175Flow error ranges don't update with the content
BugWEB-40074Gutter icon placed over documentation comment for implementations with computed property names
UsabilityWEB-39990Improve availability for intention action of editing object literal property values
CosmeticsWEB-40170'Replace destructuring with index access' when variable is unused shouldn't just drop the destructuring
ExceptionWEB-40533Flow: exception for array destructuring with object literal
ExceptionWEB-42268Destructuring using the postfix template fails with "cannot be cast to class" exception
ExceptionWEB-39892Throwable is thrown for the JSUnusedGlobalSymbolsPass
JavaScript. FormatterBugWEB-39993Wrong indent before computed property name in TS interface
BugWEB-40326Incorrect indent for `debugger;` statement after code reformat (one less)
BugWEB-15618Formatting inside JavaScript doc comments - spaces inserted instead of tabs
JavaScript. FrameworksFeatureWEB-42083Vue.js: support precise documentation on directives
FeatureWEB-31693Vue: support details of components defined with @Component syntax
FeatureWEB-38539Editor not detecting invalid Vue.js syntax for error, "v-bind expression cannot be empty"
FeatureWEB-40617Vue.js: support source resolution for web-types
FeatureWEB-42242Angular: support Schematics with Angular CLI 9.0.0
FeatureWEB-42113Vue: Provide better type inference when using v-for with an object
FeatureWEB-40022Angular 8: support new recommended way of importing Angular Material components
FeatureWEB-40166Vue.js: improve web-types caching behaviour for local development
FeatureWEB-40349Vue.js: support web-types linked from the project's own package.json
FeatureWEB-40221Vue.js: try to provide web-types for not indexed dependencies
FeatureWEB-42220Angular: support new representation of metadata in Angular
FeatureWEB-40094Unresolved symbol ReactComponent when importing svg in React
BugWEB-40051'Convert to functional component' should be available if constructor contains only super call or 'state' assignment that is not used anywhere
BugWEB-39865IDE hangs when fixing formatting of particular vue.js code
BugWEB-40214Missing resolve of private props in vue components
BugWEB-39680[vue] False positive when boolean true is used in a class binding
BugWEB-41883"Undefined binding" inspection's severity is ignored when inspecting events.
BugWEB-39829Set JavaScript version to ECMAScript 6 when Vue.js project is created
BugWEB-39725JS icon is shown instead of VUE in 'File | New' pop up
BugWEB-40224Vue.js: improve HTML and expression parsing and lexing
BugWEB-41620Angular: attributes from selectors in ng-content marked as not recognized
BugWEB-42112Vue: variables created by v-for are marked as unresolved
BugWEB-39967VueJS plugin + boolean prop = Wrong attribute value
BugWEB-40591System collation causes issues with lowercase letters in code
BugWEB-39381Vue tags are not resolved in case of indirect dependency (f.e. @nuxtjs/vuetify)
BugWEB-42565Relative paths in HTML and other files are broken in WebPack projects in IDEA
BugWEB-37218Vue: Component props should be at the top of completion list in template
BugWEB-40515False 'Missing required attribute' shown for Material components
BugWEB-40304Angular: Improve support for multi-slots
BugWEB-40226Angular component definition inspections should check if it's an Angular component
BugWEB-38846JSX Incorrect inspection "value assigned is never used"
BugWEB-42458WebStorm complains about abstract class not being in Angular module
PerformanceWEB-39909Vue.js: migrate file type factories to new API
PerformanceWEB-39910Angular: migrate file type factories to new API
PerformanceWEB-40417Angular: performance problem with NgModule cyclic dependencies check
TaskWEB-33709Add auto-completion and auto-import for styled components
ExceptionWEB-39906PsiInvalidElementAccessException in Angular project
JavaScript. InspectionsFeatureWEB-38437Unused variables & parameters beginning with _ should be ignored
FeatureWEB-19878Add an inspection to show duplicated import statements
BugWEB-40350False positive 'Missing await' inspection for direct variable/expression assignments
BugWEB-40213Simplify incorrectly assumes variable inside catch block is always null.
BugWEB-40388Invalid 'Duplicate JavaScript declaration' warning when using unnamed 'class'
BugWEB-39939Method can be static inspection: by default use only for private methods
ExceptionWEB-39835Quick Fix: JS : Plugin Intention Power Pack: Replacement if else with conditional caused an exception
JavaScript. RefactoringFeatureWEB-29039Typescript, also allow to move Symbols between .ts and .tsx files
BugWEB-40071Propagate to destructing declaration works incorrectly for rest-properties, rest-array-elements and rest-parameters
BugWEB-39748Extract superclass: making 'abstract' for pure JS throws and also doesn't work with TS fields
BugWEB-36377'Move module member' doesn't work in vue files
BugWEB-38241'Extract interface'/'Extract superclass' refactoring doesn't process all generics
BugWEB-40263Extract Method in typescript fails with exception in specific case
BugWEB-39309Moving module member exported with `export *` in 'index.ts' adds unnecessary export
BugWEB-39229Don't suggest 'destruct' postfix template for arrays
BugWEB-40005Bug in convert promise to async with destructuring and binary expression / object literals
BugWEB-40822'Insert await' quick fix should insert await for the variable initializer if there are no valid references featuring that variable
BugWEB-40075Self references (name of class) shouldn't be considered dynamic usages
UsabilityWEB-39069'Propagate to destructuring': make available to the right of the identifier
JavaScript. TemplatesBugWEB-12164Collapse/expand html code in script templates
BugWEB-40178Mustache Plugin doesn't respect configured indent sizing.
LintersFeatureWEB-33171Enable support for a different tslint configuration for *.spec.ts files
BugWEB-39071Editing .eslintrc.js triggers save immediately (triggering file watchers) regardless of settings
Node.jsBugWEB-42327Linux: package manager yarn not recognized through nodejs snap
BugWEB-42403Node.js: Cannot Debug Docker Compose configuration
BugWEB-42440Download Node.js: update version to the latest LTS
BugWEB-38037working directory in run configuration for scratch file
BugWEB-34628Add completion for scoped packages in package.json
BugWEB-39985No completion for some packages in package.json
BugWEB-39780Can't select and copy link in npm tool window
BugWEB-42176Yarn PnP: Can't run Jest tests
BugWEB-42175Yarn PnP: Imports show long path to a package
BugWEB-42171Yarn's version is not shown in 'Preferences for New Projects | Languages & Frameworks | Node.js and NPM'
TaskWEB-42280Support standard with Yarn PnP
TaskWEB-35908Node.js console: URLs with `file://` protocol can't be opened
TaskWEB-42131Do not suggest adding node_modules folder to Git
SASSFeatureWEB-38529Vue.js ::v-deep support
FeatureWEB-41729Add support for new @use and @forward at-rules
BugWEB-41886SCSS imports with webpack aliases: wrong 'Cannot resolve directory` warnings shown for packages with `@` prefix
BugWEB-41982SASS: import path completion doesn't work when using webpack aliases
BugWEB-42158Import scss from node_modules - cannot resolve module node_modules (Vue, SCSS)
BugWEB-42000SCSS in HTML snippet in Markdown file: false error for @import '~npm-module/some-file'
PerformanceWEB-40135Severe lag when typing a quoted string in a large SCSS file
TypeScriptFeatureWEB-40037Enable duplicate declaration inspection in TypeScript files
FeatureWEB-37052Support TypeScript 3.4 non-widening literal contexts ('as const')
FeatureWEB-40157Enable duplicate declaration inspection in TypeScript files for classes/enums
FeatureWEB-40270Support TS 3.6 improved type checking for generators
FeatureWEB-40201Enable duplicate declaration inspection in TypeScript files for TS properties
BugWEB-39860'Specify type explicitly' breaks code when specifying type for a single-parameter lambda without parentheses
BugWEB-39866When I choose an item from completion as a parameter, an arrow function disappears
BugWEB-39867Typescript import mapping "Only in files outside specified paths" not working correctly
BugWEB-39864auto comp with readonly string array
BugWEB-39868'Specify type explicitly' is available in for-of, breaking the code
BugWEB-39747"Method can be static" should not be shown for overrides in a derived class (TypeScript)
BugWEB-39999Show line markers for implemented class fields
BugWEB-42103TS Classes sometimes moved to Symbols in Search Everywhere
BugWEB-40320typescript import from shows doesn't suggest installed packages
BugWEB-39827TypeScript - specify types explicitly - not using aliased type in certain cases.
BugWEB-39823TypeScript - Support for specifying inferred function parameters explicitly
BugWEB-40714Intellisense doesn't resolve return types in async methods
BugWEB-42194'Generate destructuring patterns' doesn't work on a property to which is assigned enum
BugWEB-40567highlights wrong for value of enum in switch case of TypeScript
BugWEB-39994color error when use `[enum.key]` in `interface`
BugWEB-42149Incorrect type hint
BugWEB-38857Show inferred types in parameter help.
BugWEB-40105TypeScript 3.3.3+: Trailing comma in tuple types is marked as an error ("type name expected")
BugWEB-40107Computed property ["constructor"] is parsed as constructor
BugWEB-40101unexpected type resolution: optionality is not properly computed after applying type operations
BugWEB-40064Line markers for parameter field -> parameter field + parameter field -> field
BugWEB-38817should not check literal initializers for readonly/const values in .d.ts
BugWEB-40116wrong Inlay Hints with nest Promise like
BugWEB-42050WebStorm resolves tuple type param in jest.each to any
BugWEB-40385Create derived class / implement interface" intention action. Wrong insert order
BugWEB-39818Incorrectly inferred type in quick documentation for TypeScript for ternary operators and (some) conditionals
BugWEB-40276Variable types in 'extends' clause are not properly evaluated for base types
BugWEB-40505False positive Duplicate declaration for angular templates
BugWEB-39988Gutter icon - navigate to definition (implements) not working on constructor shorthands
BugWEB-40944Angular - "Make public" quick fix does not work if Decorator is present
BugWEB-40168Save type when applying 'Replace destructuring...'
BugWEB-39984Show line markers for overriden fields in derived classes
BugWEB-39989Implementation not found for property getter if class field is used
BugWEB-39974False positive for unreachable switch branch in TS with const-context types
BugWEB-38637Type guards: weaken narrowing of '==' to not narrow in case of references on both sides
BugWEB-40025typescript auto-import causes circular dependency
UsabilityWEB-40334Implement required members in Typescript
UsabilityWEB-40057Search Everywhere - impossible to understand where external declaration is coming from
UsabilityWEB-40482Properties are not suggested when using Omit
TaskWEB-39897Check for readonly assignments with dynamically inferred properties (const contexts, readonly props of object types, readonly mapped types)
ExceptionWEB-39916Non-idempotent computation: it returns different results when invoked multiple times or on different threads: 7 != 4 which is length of CachedValue dependencies: [file://C:/dev/mainline/src/Pri...
Unit TestsFeatureWEB-39905Support navigating to the test files without .test. or .spec. in the name located in the test folder next to the feature
FeatureWEB-35244cucumber-js defineSupportCode is deprecated in generated code
BugWEB-40160`Rerun failed tests` returns incorrect result with duplicates