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  • Omea Tokaj Release Notes

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  • Formatting was changed.


  • Better performance and reduced number of server connections;
  • Possibility to organize newsgroups in folders;
  • Support for SSL connections;
  • Support for canceling articles on the server;
  • Support for compressing newsgroup names and specifying custom display names;
  • Per-server configuration of all server properties;
  • Better download control options;
  • Support for news: URLs;
  • Improved newsgroup subscription dialog with possibility to view new newsgroups;
  • Support for "Deleted Resources" (recycle bin for news articles);
  • Possibility to keep the article archive when unsubscribing from a newsgroup;
  • Possibility to switch encodings for downloaded articles;
  • Many other small improvements.


RSS Plugin Features

  • Support for feed: URLs;
  • Support for posting comments to feeds from within Omea through the Comment API;
  • Better support for reading comments to feed posts (+ signs are shown for all items with comments which can be downloaded);
  • Built-in editor for weblog posts (so that IBlogExtension plugins which do not provide their own post editing UI can now be used with Omea);
  • Possibility to subscribe to a feed by dragging an URL from a browser and dropping it on the Feeds pane;
  • Support for "Deleted Resources" (recycle bin for feed posts);
  • Possibility to edit the properties of multiselected feeds, or all feeds in a feed group;
  • Support of the <image> tag;
  • Display of favicons for RSS feeds.


  • Added rules for changing the Omea tray icon;
  • Added rules for automatic clean up of old news articles and RSS posts (expiration rules);
  • Implemented unified rule manager dialog for all types of rules;
  • Possibility to pin conditions in the view, rule and advanced search forms, so that frequently used conditions are always readily accessible;
  • The "Apply Rules" dialog allows to choose the resources to which rules will be applied, and its performance has been improved;
  • Possibility to display views in threaded mode;
  • "Hide Read Messages" option works for views;
  • "Choose Resource Types" dialog shows resource type icons;
  • Possibility to reorder Formatting and TrayIcon rules, check on/off these rules.
  • Visible links are created between resources which are used as rule parameters and their rules. These rules are visible in the Links Pane. Currently available only for Contacts and Tasks.


  • Proper support for removing email account from a Contact - all correspondence related to this email account is retargeted to newly created contact.
  • Possibility to delete contacts;
  • Possibility to assign contact categories from the "Edit Contact" form.

General Improvements

  • Many performance and memory usage improvements;
  • "Deleted Resources" view allows to view and recover resources deleted in Omea;
  • "Delete Confirmations" options pane allows to specify whether resource deletion needs to be confirmed by the user;

The Tokaj release includes many other improvements in different areas of the product. A more complete list of improvements will be provided later.