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Build 2019.3.6

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26 Fixed issues
26 Fixed issues
  • SCL-16244 Breakpoints do not work in lambda functions when the classes are reload dynamically
  • SCL-16146 SBT shell tool window is always empty
  • SCL-16289 Unable to build scala project with 2019.3 / EAP due to missing android class
  • SCL-16208 scalac error: multiple scala-library.jar files at running hello world
  • SCL-13793 Scala plugin does not support trailing comma syntax from scala 2.12
  • SCL-15936 Highlighting error in IntelliJ IDE Community Edition 2019.2 with Java HashMap
  • SCL-16117 Find Usages doesn't work
  • SCL-16225 sbt process is created twice on running build process
  • SCL-15481 Type mismatch: fine-grained diff
  • SCL-16149 Scala Scratch doesn't provide code completion for an exhaustive pattern-matching expression
  • SCL-16202 ScalaPsiManager.clearAllCaches requires EDT
  • SCL-16224 Opening quote sign doesn't come together with closing one in build.sbt
  • SCL-16277 Run worksheet fails
  • SCL-16230 BSP import on Windows fails
  • SCL-16195 don't duplicate scala setters in completion
  • SCL-16194 Scala templates show false error mesages again
  • SCL-16282 Triple quotes completion does not work with multicursor
  • SCL-16286 formatter: ability to add spacing before colon in type argument context bound
  • SCL-16203 Import via Alt+Enter does not work in Worksheet but does work in regular .scala files
  • SCL-15989 Pasting when having multiline string selected does not insert delimiters
  • SCL-15025 support modifiers introduced in scala 3 in parser
  • SCL-14447 ScalaTest does not find class, if class in package with reserved name
  • SCL-16006 fix tests with IDEA 2019.3 builds
  • SCL-16273 Detect .scalafmt.conf in repo root if not found in project root.
  • SCL-16053 language injection shouldn't take margin char from settings
  • SCL-16298 Nullpointer when applying extract method refactoring to scala scratch file

Build 2019.3.4

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