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No subsystemFeature CPP-16462 Bundle Shell Script plugin in CLion
Feature CPP-16191 Support Leading_upper_snake_case naming convention
Feature CPP-7520 Bundle markdown plugin in CLion
Bug CPP-16854 Update clang-tidy checks configuration
Bug CPP-15440 Add Microsoft predefined style and naming convention scheme
Bug CPP-17160 Add icons for C++ toolchain types
Bug CPP-16788 Header files sometimes lose highlighting after save if namehints are enabled
Bug CPP-15168 Mark inspections, available when clangd is off
Bug CPP-16579 Deadlock in Valgrind memcheck result tool window
Bug CPP-15710 [Android Studio Freeze] `OCHeaderMapWatcher` taking long time to `invalidateFilePointers`
Bug CPP-16403 Prohibit saving Naming Convention settings with illegal prefix/suffix
Performance CPP-14176 Breadcrumbs might freeze on update
Cosmetics CPP-14691 Update screenshots on the Welcome screen
Task CPP-16443 Bundle CMake 3.14.5
Task CPP-16246 Bundle CMake 3.14.4
Task CPP-16432 Analyze new clang-tidy checks after merge
Task CPP-13028 Project model API
BuildBug CPP-17046 CMake console view is disposed with project, not with the "CMake output" tab
Bug CPP-17294 Gradle project syncing fails
Code: Auto-importBug CPP-15972 Clangd: Do not include headers twice during refactoring with fixits from clang-tidy
Code: ClangdBug CPP-17103 Namehint for BinaryOperator with multiple macros
Bug CPP-16221 Clangd crashes when editing the file
Bug CPP-16768 clangd: freezes when trying to rename variable from context menu on a file which takes a lot of time to parse
Bug CPP-15760 Clangd doesn't highlight structure field in case of designated Initializers
Performance CPP-16494 Get hint info may lead the freeze in EDT
Code: CompletionBug CPP-16406 Slow completion for qualified expressions
Performance CPP-16215 Auto-completion is extremely slow
Code: DocumentationFeature CPP-12452 Show parameters names in C++ function calls as Android Studio does for Java
Bug CPP-16652 Wrong name hint if literal operator is used inside function call
Bug CPP-11243 spell check no suggestions in Doxygen comments
Bug CPP-17105 Don't show parameter hint before NULL in case of non-pointer
Usability CPP-17012 Add parameter hint before NULL
Task CPP-16321 Provide default black list for C++ parameter name hints
Code: EditingUsability CPP-14721 C/C++/Objective-C: unify control flow folding behavior with IntelliJ platform
Code: Find UsagesPerformance CPP-17097 Usage View expensive `PsiElementUsageGroupBase#getFileStatus` in EDT causes freeze
Code: FormattingFeature CPP-16091 ClangFormat : error invalid argument
Bug CPP-16244 Macro replacement in documentation is not working when ClangFormat is enabled
Bug CPP-15907 CLangFormat doesn't insert new feed when "surround with" action applies for unreachable code after #ifdef
Bug CPP-15515 CMake indents 4 chars after going to next line
Bug CPP-15586 Freeze when rename function parameter
Bug CPP-16500 Closing curly bracket deletes code under #else block
Bug CPP-17167 ClangFormat does not add // namespace without empty line at end of file
Usability CPP-15175 ClangFormat: No Intellij support for .clang-format file
Code: GenerationBug CPP-979 Add as parameter to constructor generates bad initializer
Bug CPP-16563 Create new function action suggests arguments with the same name
Usability CPP-5223 Override methods dialog shouldn't show non-virtual function by default
Task CPP-15580 Separate naming convention settings for public/private members
Code: Highlighting and InspectionsFeature CPP-16185 New Inspection: Calling virtual member function inside constructor
Feature CPP-17154 Spell Checker for cmake comments
Bug CPP-15817 Inconsistent Naming: Bad suggestion to rename overridden library function
Bug CPP-16948 Several inspections aren't imported from 2019.1 to 2019.2
Bug CPP-16569 Clangd quick-fixes (fix-its) don't work
Bug CPP-16069 Detect unused #includes
Bug CPP-7364 Inspection reports "File is too complex to perform data-flow analysis" – but this file is anything but complex
Bug CPP-13414 Clang-tidy: Inspection result doesn't use user-specified severity
Bug CPP-16141 Wrong highlighting for output to stream operator
Bug CPP-16360 Clang-tidy: Pass by value and use std::move fix doesn't insert line feed
Bug CPP-16229 Member function can be static: Do not show inspection in macros usage line
Bug CPP-16670 Unused includes directives: Hanging while inspect code in batch mode
Bug CPP-15067 Constructor is marked unused if created via `std::make_shared`
Bug CPP-16596 Inspection result shows clion-* warnings twice
Bug CPP-15611 CLion doesn't suggest auto-import for nested map container
Bug CPP-15969 CLion should include missing files
Bug CPP-15906 Clangd doesn't highlight make_unique function
Bug CPP-16108 "struct", "union" after "typedef" not colored like a keyword
Bug CPP-16372 Ternary operator wrong simplified expression
Cosmetics CPP-15965 Can `hicpp` and `baseclass` be added to default CLion dictionary? (And all other quick-fix spellings) Or can `NOLINT` avoid spelling-checks?
Cosmetics CPP-14525 clang-tidy comment NOLINTNEXTLINE is spell-checked
Task CPP-15016 Use clang results as much as possible to improve basic highlighting performance
Code: IndexingPerformance CPP-16552 Reduce the number of duplicate tables produced by header guards
Performance CPP-16991 Do not traverse roots twice while building symbols
Code: Intention ActionsBug CPP-15279 Do not suggest "Add parameter as constructor" for static class field
Code: NavigationBug CPP-14850 Gutter icon: Run line marker near class constructor
Bug CPP-15626 Go to declaration doesn't work at the end of identifier inside template brackets
Performance CPP-17071 Go to declaration on method freezes
Performance CPP-13969 Go to Declaration action might lead to write lock
Code: ParsingBug CPP-16825 Parsing exception in `using operator`
Code: RefactoringsFeature CPP-1168 "Move" refactoring should be able to move a class into the selected namespace
Bug CPP-16297 Extra warning when move class/function which is used
Bug CPP-16683 R260: Rename constructor parameters freeze IDE completely
Bug CPP-12720 Inline method doesn't substitute args
Bug CPP-16337 Impossible to call move dialogue for STL containers and string variable
Bug CPP-16369 Warn if wrapped namespace name is a keyword
Bug CPP-16518 Rename dialog
Bug CPP-16142 Move class into namespace doesn't change constructor usage
Bug CPP-17018 Rename dialog opens despite enabled in-place mode when caret is outside of user-defined literal's name
Bug CPP-7995 CLion opens Change signature dialog for Rename operator action
Bug CPP-16260 Move Members has been broken (NPE)
Bug CPP-16133 Move class into namespace adds extra double colon for global variable usage
Bug CPP-16098 Inplace rename editor responsiveness
Bug CPP-16853 Cannot rename variable to end identifier
Bug CPP-16128 Move refactoring: Exception and red code when set namespace name starts with double colon
Performance CPP-14068 safeDelete may lead to freezes
Performance CPP-16882 Renaming include directive might lead to freeze
Cosmetics CPP-10993 Typo in Detected problems description: "... can't became ..."
Code: ResolvingFeature CPP-15012 Reference contributors support adding to CMakeArgumentImpl or CMakeLiteralImpl.
DebuggerFeature CPP-15643 Go to address in Memory and Disassembly view
Feature CPP-15683 Memory view ASCII view
Feature CPP-3567 Debugger: memory view
Feature CPP-16466 Debugger: Declare hex variable view as experimental feature
Bug CPP-15198 Disassembly: AsmTokenType fails to parse function signature
Bug CPP-15519 Debugger: Update memory view on stepping
Usability CPP-8607 Debugger: Mark pending/resolved/invalid breakpoints in gutter
Usability CPP-14164 Hotkey or action for quick switching to debugger console
Cosmetics CPP-16446 Make the message about read only state of Memory View and Disassembly more friendly
Debugger: GDBBug CPP-17371 disasm: Exception: HIDE_DEFAULT_EDITOR is supported only for DumbAware providers
Bug CPP-16353 "OpenOCD Download & Run" configuration does not work
Bug CPP-7358 GDB: "Evaluate Expression..." reevaluates it on every step afterward
Task CPP-16437 Bundle GDB 8.3
Debugger: LLDBFeature CPP-16661 Support STL types rendering in LLDB for MSVC
Bug CPP-16395 Error messages and exceptions from LLDB & scripts are shown in target output
Bug CPP-16676 Load custom natvis outside project directory is not working
Bug CPP-16675 Failed to show custom natvis in STL container
Bug CPP-17126 Bundled LLDB doesn't work on macOS 10.15 Catalina
Dynamic Analysis ToolsFeature CPP-15480 Location of perf output
EmbeddedFeature CPP-16274 Add search through "Board Config Files" menu, for embedded development
Feature CPP-7105 Embedded development - ARM: Peripheral devices watch
Feature CPP-15548 Support J-Link Debug Probes
Bug CPP-16746 Peripheral Watch - Wrong selected cells coloring
Bug CPP-16394 Stm32CubeMX seems to be OK
Bug CPP-16427 ExecutionException in GDBDriver: Cannot execute this command while the selected thread is running.
Bug CPP-16090 java.lang.Throwable: Synchronous execution on EDT: /usr/local/bin/openocd
Bug CPP-16727 Peripheral: Exception from CSV scratch files
Bug CPP-16383 "OpenOCD Download & Run" configuration: Reset option is changed spontaneously
Bug CPP-16580 Sometimes custom gdbserver leaves "Stopping gdbserver" progress dialog open forever
Usability CPP-16730 Peripheral: Double load button to click
Task CPP-16870 Replace deprecated FileTypeFacory in Embedded plugin
IDE PreferencesUsability CPP-16262 Naming Convention: Hard to understand what column is set when navigating with keyboard only
Usability CPP-17315 Do not swap list items while changing the order with drag'n'drop
Usability CPP-16261 Naming Convention: Lack of copy rule feature
Cosmetics CPP-15977 Remove comma from the last default warning in the list of the clangd diagnostic flags
Cosmetics CPP-16391 Compilation database setting page looks bad
Product DocumentationCosmetics CPP-16166 Error in Tip of the Day description
Project ModelBug CPP-12127 CLion may show unpredictable "CMake Reload" status: [Finished] or [Failed to reload] if CMakeConsole view contains warning messages.
Bug CPP-16283 CLion doesn't import gradle project by default when open build.gradle
Usability CPP-10571 Reload valid CMake configurations even if some of them are incorrect (e.g. toolchains are broken)
Usability CPP-16231 No way to import a build.gradle after opening the project
Usability CPP-13299 Gradle should suggest default JVM path
Task CPP-15530 Project model should track source and include/pch files deletion/creation/modification
Project and File WizardsFeature CPP-2747 "Create new C++ class" dialog should have an option to create files in different cases
Bug CPP-3044 Unable to create new C++ class when CMakeLists.txt is incorrectly cased
RunningFeature CPP-7050 Launch remote targets (launch automatically under gdbserver via ssh for remote debug)
Bug CPP-16840 Broken Run Configuration isn't shown when choose it after group title
Bug CPP-16852 java.lang.NullPointerException when set credentials in GDB Remote Server configurations
ToolchainsFeature CPP-6352 Support Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) toolchain
Bug CPP-16106 "Skip External Changes" stays checked
Bug CPP-17256 ToolSet popup-list: unnecessary space in the beginning of item (Mac Os)
Bug CPP-16361 Problems were encountered while collecting compiler information when create new profile with remote host
Bug CPP-15628 Synchronous execution on EDT: gdb --version
Usability CPP-16903 MSVC compiler support is not experimental anymore
Task CPP-16858 LLDB for Windows: Disable for MinGW
Task CPP-16368 Raise max allowed MSVC version to 16.x
Task CPP-17405 Bundle CMake 3.15.3
Unit TestingCosmetics CPP-15319 Show Test List in read-only mode
User InterfaceBug CPP-17209 Throwable: Cannot find parent scheme Visual Studio for scheme ReSharper
Code Analysis. DuplicatesFeature IDEA-214455 Skip initialization methods during duplicates analysis in ruby files.
Feature IDEA-214460 Do not detect duplicates inside ruby test files.
Bug IDEA-212709 Hide unrelevant options in `Duplicated code fragment` inspection options.
Bug IDEA-209663 Relayout duplicates configurable
Bug IDEA-214457 Distinguish methods calls in ruby files.
Bug IDEA-221014 Many "JavaScript/TypeScript" entries in duplicate settings.
Bug IDEA-217219 Duplicated code tool window numbers the lines from 0
Code Analysis. InspectionFeature IDEA-214558 Reactor inspection: Warn when returning nulls from Flux/Mono transformation functions
Feature IDEA-93333 Chained method calls inspection shall ignore methods which return the same type of enclosing class
Bug IDEA-210888 Offline inspection result file contains incorrect path to project if run command has `..` segments in path to project
Bug IDEA-219976 False alarm "class, interface, or method should not be extended"
Bug IDEA-214550 Intellij shows wrong error on generic methods due to another another argument wrong type.
Bug IDEA-210730 The same spelling error is underlined twice
Bug IDEA-217597 Clicking on checkbox in the Inspections tree leads to `profileChanged` event in `ProfileChangeAdapter.TOPIC`
Bug IDEA-220740 Run Inspection -> Custom Scope value is not persisted
Bug IDEA-188820 Out of memory when exporting code analysis to HTML
Bug IDEA-138441 Methods named like getters are wrongly treated as pure
Bug IDEA-209420 Unable to export Inspection Results as HTML
Performance IDEA-220137 Do not run inspection iterations if LocalInspectionTool returned PsiElementVisitor.EMPTY_VISITOR
Usability IDEA-221001 Quick fixes on an inspection warning should have higher priority than Run/Debug actions
Usability IDEA-30715 "Split into multiple declarations" / "Split into separate declarations" confusion
Exception IDEA-211319 Inspect all sometimes throws "Read access is allowed from event dispatch thread or inside read-action only"
Code Analysis. Language InjectionFeature IDEA-217838 Text blocks: edit injection fragment should trim left spaces
Bug IDEA-212451 Multihost language injection: injected fragment editing causes exceptions and corrupted code
Bug IDEA-218402 Database plugin - SQL syntax highlighting is not working in JavaScript strings if DECLARE is used
Bug IDEA-153979 Injected fragment editor: inserting new lines makes references unresolved
Bug IDEA-211592 Language Injection: no comment is inserted on injecting into java constant
Bug IDEA-211437 Language Injection: close the injected fragment editor on un-injecting
Performance IDEA-207632 PostgreSQL fragment editing slow and unusable
Usability IDEA-211593 Language Injection: 'do you want to insert annotation?' prompting message is misleading in case of missing annotations
Cosmetics IDEA-214467 (un)Inject language or reference action text is not consistent
Exception IDEA-211432 REWA at com.intellij.psi.impl.source.tree.injected.changesHandler.AbstractMarkerBasedInjectedFileChangesHand ler.getReportException
Exception IDEA-221436 NullPointerException when move folders in project tree
Code Analysis. Structural SearchFeature IDEA-182437 Search Structurally dialog should have an inline preview
Feature IDEA-216174 SSR: Auto-insert pair $ when editing search/replace template
Feature IDEA-206520 Add JavaScript/TypeScript existing templates
Feature IDEA-210188 Add type filters for JS structural search
Bug IDEA-210782 Structural search in JavaScript: can't find arrow function
Bug IDEA-193965 Structural Search And Replace: rerun button works incorrectly
Bug IDEA-215017 New pattern cannot be added to Structural Search Inspection
Bug IDEA-210612 Scopes dialog requires 2 OK/Cancel clicks before it goes away
Bug IDEA-210464 SSR: Exporting/importing a template should not include search scope
Bug IDEA-209897 Search for for loop pattern with expression list statement fails
Bug IDEA-214637 Structural search doesn't find lambda with statement body and $statement$ expression inside
Bug IDEA-204454 Structural Replace doesn't have replacement variables anymore
Bug IDEA-217904 IDE fails to load script for structural search which refers to Java plugin API
Bug IDEA-211084 debugger pattern finds all identifiers in JS
Bug IDEA-215457 Allow to search Java methods and constructors in a single query
Bug IDEA-209956 Expressions enclosed in parentheses are replaced twice during Structural Replacement
Bug IDEA-218006 SSR: AssertionError at com.intellij.structuralsearch.impl.matcher.JavaMatchingVisitor.visitClass
Bug IDEA-210460 SSR: Double-clicking a group node in the Existing Templates dialog closes the dialog
Bug IDEA-221361 Replace variable number of parameters with fixed type correctly
Bug IDEA-65982 Structural search and replace doesn't correctly substitute annotation parameters
Performance IDEA-206479 Slow structural search for pattern ArrayUtil.toObjectArray($var$, $class$.class)
Usability IDEA-193706 SSR: provide more information about how to fix "malformed pattern" error
Usability IDEA-216177 SSR: Don't show intention actions in Search Template field
Usability IDEA-201471 SSR: Do not use default input field focus for the Text Area
Usability IDEA-216176 Don't show "pattern does not match anything" hint if pattern contains red code
Usability IDEA-81912 SSR - Restore the last text in the SSR dialog
Usability IDEA-210319 SSR: Irrelevant completion variants when typing $
Cosmetics IDEA-218151 Baseline for filter hint is lower than other text
Cosmetics IDEA-216179 SSR: Ungrammatical message "No template ... found in Project Files"
Cosmetics IDEA-216180 SSR: Don't show quick doc on hover in Search Template field
Cosmetics IDEA-201475 SSR: Darcula: Use the same border for the template editor and the variables filters pane
Exception IDEA-204490 AIOOBE at com.intellij.structuralsearch.StructuralSearchProfileBase.compile
Exception IDEA-218193 MalformedPatternException occurs when specifying malformed search template
Exception IDEA-202169 IOOBE at com.intellij.structuralsearch.plugin.ui.filters.FilterPanel$2$1.getRowRendererComponent(FilterPanel. java:77)
CoreBug IDEA-220128 Endless loop on file type converted from PlainText to C++
Bug IDEA-218430 Freeze forever if use `runProcessWithProgressSynchronously` during processing window focus events on JDK11 (SequencedEvent)
Performance IDEA-220475 Freeze on project opening
Exception IDEA-216312 SOE on find usages in IntelliJ project
Core. DebuggerBug IDEA-221348 In the evaluate window, you cannot cast a char array to an object
Bug IDEA-212608 Make debugger colors customizable
Cosmetics IDEA-222515 Doubled single quote: Source file changed or found source file does not correspond to the breakpoint''s file
Core. Diagrams (UML)Bug IDEA-210021 Undo is not afailable for file after some diagram is shown for it
Bug IDEA-216951 Repaint Maven/Gradle diagram only once per selection change in "Show Paths: Root->Selection" mode
Bug IDEA-217046 Project Modules diagram is empty if root selected in "Show Paths: Root->Selection" mode
Exception IDEA-222053 NewJavaDiagram action causes NPE
Exception IDEA-218015 Attempt to export any diagram to svg image fails with NPE
Core. File SystemFeature IDEA-152607 Non-destructive "safe write" mode
Bug IDEA-219943 PsiModificationTrackerImpl.incLanguageModificationCount() does not always attribute a PSI change to the correct language
Bug IDEA-212025 VFS refresh blocks UI while reading file system under read action
Performance IDEA-211046 RefreshWorker/VFS massive memory usage
Performance IDEA-216453 UI freeze after branch switch caused by file type detection from content (via TemplateDataLanguagePusher)
Performance IDEA-218043 Freezes in scheduleInitialVfsRefresh
Exception IDEA-121210 "VirtualDirectoryImpl#compare: PersistentFS returned duplicate file names ..." on case-insensitive FS
Core. IDE SettingsFeature IDEA-182589 Copy settings back to IDE after disable sync plugin
Bug IDEA-216940 Add code completion for File and Code Templates
Bug IDEA-218848 Unable to import settings ... chrome-user-data ... (No such file or directory)
Bug IDEA-219398 '${DATE}' variable expansion doesn't respect system date format
Bug IDEA-214809 Users which had old Mac OS keymap get switched to new keymap silently
Bug IDEA-198276 Registry returns default values (not the user ones) at early stages of application loading
Bug IDEA-209785 No separator for File templates group when invoke new from Project view
Bug IDEA-209982 Services view: deployment run configurations appear twice in the toolwindow
Bug IDEA-124684 Customize menu and toolbar not persisting/broken
Bug IDEA-217364 Rider build problem connected with FUS.
Bug IDEA-215102 Services view: Run Maven Build action output appears incorrectly in case of Maven run configurations including to the list of RC templates available in services
Bug IDEA-214625 "Check for updates" action does nothing for me in Nightly
Bug IDEA-198533 Template group disappeared when you drag all templates to another group
Bug IDEA-191923 Importing config of old IDE version including custom plugin URL causes incompatible plugin suggestion from this URL
Bug IDEA-217083 SerializationException on second opening Swift PM project in CLion
Bug IDEA-210223 doesn't save re-added file type configuration
Bug IDEA-211157 File and Code Templates shows incorrect include header for Default scheme
Bug IDEA-211988 Speed Search in Settings works incorrectly after not matching search criteria entering
Bug IDEA-210503 Freeze when trying to update IDE from "Settings" dialog
Bug IDEA-218545 Completion for variables in Files And Code templates: no suggestions are shown until some symbols are entered
Bug IDEA-221456 Options for Inlay Hints are rendered too slow
Bug IDEA-219420 "Editor | Inlay Hints" settings are not persisted between restarts
Bug IDEA-219090 IdeaVim causes IDEA to crash on startup
Bug IDEA-211731 Settings for New Project aren't saved
Bug IDEA-100538 Editor: Fall back fonts are not applied on Mac OS
Bug IDEA-221939 Settings for new project are applying only after restart
Bug IDEA-215089 unable to get Update
Bug IDEA-217321 IOException - 'example/path' is not a directory in VFS
Bug IDEA-212194 Windows launcher reports "MaxJavaStackTraceDepth=-1 is outside the allowed range" for any invalid VM option
Performance IDEA-215475 Report settings data to FUS asynchronously
Usability IDEA-202502 "Use console font" / "Use color scheme font instead of the default" checkboxes can't be set by clicking on their text
Usability IDEA-217435 Rename "Custom" page in Settings | Editor | Color Scheme to "User-defined file types"
Usability IDEA-221387 Configure Gutter Icons opens Settings For New Projects
Usability IDEA-136209 "Small labels in editor tabs" should be in "Editor Tabs" configuration section
Usability IDEA-217609 UI cleanup for Settings | Editor | Smart Keys
Usability IDEA-207984 Ambiguous description: small labels in editor tabs
Cosmetics IDEA-217590 Redundant group headers in Settings | Editor | Code Style
Core. IndicesBug IDEA-216640 cannot resolve symbol for some class.
Bug IDEA-218036 `java.lang.IllegalStateException: psiFile is null` ERROR causes editor to break in various ways
Bug IDEA-216643 wrong TODO counter for database console
Performance IDEA-219456 Contentless indices load file content due to file type detection
Task IDEA-216231 Research on possible advantages of a common map for SerializedStubTree & IndexedStubs
Core. JSONBug IDEA-221552 Unit Test fails for custom plugin when trying to load a JSON file
Bug IDEA-212880 Null is cached if schema is applied first time for already existing code
Bug IDEA-216061 Adding new key-value pair into single-line JSON object places comma into the next key while typing
Bug IDEA-212680 Replace with allowed value simply erase a current value instead of proposing available ones.
Exception IDEA-217138 AE at com.intellij.json.psi.impl.JsonPsiImplUtils.getNameElement
Exception IDEA-212654 strange behaviour when working with file name function.json
Core. LicensingBug IDEA-218265 Floating ticket cache isn't removed on IDE shutdown.
Performance IDEA-222244 IDE start takes several minutes when there is no network connection
Core. Navigation and SearchFeature IDEA-160274 Field Call Hierarchy
Bug IDEA-221398 Go to Declarations and Usages from popup doesn't jump to class definition
Bug IDEA-215118 Change in behavior: Navigate->File using maven-backed module-name no longer brings up pom.xml for that module
Bug IDEA-211449 IDEA is unable to find lambda implementations when invoked on library class source
Bug IDEA-216794 Search eveywhere does not search in libraries
Bug IDEA-215360 Ctrl-s doesn't repeat find
Performance IDEA-211967 IDEA 2019.1 freezes while searching for Todo items
Performance IDEA-188959 Calculate line marker tooltip in background thread
Usability IDEA-207052 There should be a way to customize GoToDeclaration behavior
Usability IDEA-219563 "Go to Class" search results vary depending on the way you type them
Usability IDEA-219832 Emoji search doesn't work in "Find in path"
Task IDEA-209480 Remove stub hierarchy
Core. Platform APIFeature IDEA-218478 Register ConcatenationInjectorManager service in the platform
Feature IDEA-215436 Method with experimental\internal parameter or return type should be considered experimental\internal on its own
Feature IDEA-214797 Allow using color palette in themes
Bug IDEA-219855 Unable to build an empty IDEA plugin project with 2019.2 target
Bug IDEA-220367 Deprecate and avoid usage of `UElement.getLanguagePlugin()`
Bug IDEA-216927 Restore UastLiteralReferenceProvider binary compatibility in 2019.2
Bug IDEA-220618 IDEA can freeze when indexing is paused
Bug IDEA-216172 Profiler says that ApiUsageUastVisitor#isInsideImportStatement may be slow
Bug IDEA-210479 A race condition in module structure loading
Bug IDEA-218940 java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/intellij/util/ui/JBScalableIcon when installing plugin built with 2019.2 in pre-2019.2 IDE
Bug IDEA-217883 PsiElement.parentOfType extension function fails when called from a plugin which bundles its own version of kotlin-stdlib
Bug IDEA-204092 ExternalSystemApiUtil#findProjectTasks not static
Bug IDEA-215432 Internal\experimental API member usage inspection must check if declaring class or package is marked internal\experimental
Bug IDEA-217000 Provide an API to hide editor notification from Alt-Enter
Bug IDEA-209724 Smart pointer creation during project disposal leads to "Element from alien project" assertion
Usability IDEA-212107 Need a way to respond to file edit without creating a FileEditor in a plugin
Task IDEA-209921 Deprecate runWriteCommandAction(Runnable)
Task IDEA-217639 Get rid of reflective access in `com.intellij.ide.ClassUtilCore#clearJarURLCache`
Task IDEA-204389 Tons of "Kotlin: 'psi: PsiElement?' is deprecated. ambiguous psi element, use `sourcePsi` or `javaPsi`" compiler warnings
Exception IDEA-214801 NPE at VirtualFilePointerImpl#toString
Exception IDEA-215230 "Project opening should be done in a transaction" exception appears during reopening of LearnProject via "Learn AppCode" on "Welcome to AppCode" window
Core. Plugin ManagementFeature IDEA-211218 Possibility to mark a plugin as internal
Bug IDEA-222061 plugin can not be installed just after IDEA downloading and installing
Bug IDEA-219030 Unable to access Custom Repository in 2019.2 Version of IntelliJ Ultimate Edition
Bug IDEA-219259 Queries in plugin list unavailable during indexing
Bug IDEA-197563 Plugins sync says "not installed" for installed plugins
Usability IDEA-214551 Plugins: typed input is lost on tabs switch
Usability IDEA-205043 Plugin Manager Dialog steals focus when the Settings dialog is opened
Usability IDEA-212691 Filter out invalid plugins when the problem is fixed
Usability IDEA-215108 Plugin manager UI - Include modification date
Usability IDEA-212690 Do not show checkboxes for plugins that are not loaded
Usability IDEA-212701 Place plugin home page above the plugin descripton
Usability IDEA-202747 Provide a link to plugin homepage along the vendor link
Cosmetics IDEA-212695 Replace "Enable plugins" with “Enable required plugins”
Cosmetics IDEA-215084 Fix error message on Plugins page
Exception IDEA-214826 NPE at com.intellij.ide.plugins.newui.NewListPluginComponent.updateEnabledState
Exception IDEA-210339 AE at com.intellij.ide.plugins.newui.PluginUpdatesService.recalculateUpdates
Core. ProfilerFeature IDEA-191888 Add support for Java Flight Recorder (JFR)
Feature IDEA-219359 Provide "Callees list" in addition to "Back Traces" and "Merged Callees"
Feature IDEA-217015 Need own time in methods list
Feature IDEA-216334 Profiler: Set, or suggest to set max stack trace depth for Flight Recorder
Feature IDEA-218137 Profiler: to open zipped collapsed async profiler dumps
Feature IDEA-218102 To attach JFR to already started local process
Bug IDEA-216163 Flame graph based on JFR data not properly rendered
Bug IDEA-215597 Part of tree renderer overlaps table renderer
Bug IDEA-215305 Reset doesn't work in Java Profiler settings
Bug IDEA-221007 Profiler call tree: strange horizontal scroll state after jumping from flame graph to call tree
Bug IDEA-217299 JFR Settings page
Bug IDEA-216934 To start gradle tasks and run configurations with JFR
Bug IDEA-216125 profiler tree speed search freezes EDT
Bug IDEA-215303 There should be 'Run with Profiler' in Gradle toolwindow
Bug IDEA-216560 org.openjdk.jmc.flightrecorder.internal.InvalidJfrFileException: No readable chunks in recording
Bug IDEA-221005 Profiler flamechart: one pixel line on the right of component isn't updated
Bug IDEA-216549 Wrong merged callees tree calculation
Usability IDEA-217815 Fix grammar in Profiler UI
Usability IDEA-216480 More toolbar buttons in profiler Call Tree tab
Usability IDEA-216477 Do not use three rows of tabs in profiler UI
Task IDEA-214653 Correct presentation settings in Java profiler's call tree
Exception IDEA-217284 java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.jetbrains.plugins.gradle.service.project.AbstractProjectResolverExtension
Core. Project SettingsBug IDEA-210798 Dependencies scope dropdown is switching on mouse over
Bug IDEA-222246 Inspection settings are not saved
Bug IDEA-211346 Modules randomly do not load when opening a project
Bug IDEA-221596 JavaDoc and annotations paths may be reordered in *.iml file on save
Bug IDEA-218348 "Load/Unload Modules..." action isn't shown in the popup menu for unloaded module node anymore
Bug IDEA-221500 New module created in Project Structure dialog may get explicit module group assigned breaking grouping by module names
Bug IDEA-217659 On new project creating the file withe name "$PRODUCT_WORKSPACE_FILE$" is created in .idea
Bug IDEA-192893 Project file encoding settings: the 'BOM for new UTF-8 files' option settings are not preserved on project reopening
Performance IDEA-216510 Freezes in ConversionServiceImpl.getProjectFilesMap
Usability IDEA-41940 Provide better diagnostics when the user selects a JRE directory as JSDK home
Exception IDEA-212645 Exception on new project opening
Core. Quick DocumentationFeature IDEA-175215 Better quick JavaDoc for enums
Bug IDEA-212331 Anchor links do not work in QuickDoc
Bug IDEA-211038 Ctrl-Shift-Arrow does not resize quick documentation popup but closes it
Bug IDEA-208812 Inappropriate quick doc for array length
Bug IDEA-216893 Quick documentation is shown even without moving the mouse
Bug IDEA-209629 Too small default size of quick doc popup (causing text clipping by scrollpane)
Bug IDEA-210273 Table columns missing in Javadoc Quick Documentation view for Java 12
Bug IDEA-218115 QuickDoc popup changes its user-defined size on navigating by links
Bug IDEA-220127 Anchor links within the same document don't work sometimes
Performance IDEA-214615 Memory leak in DocumentationComponent through a blinking caret
Usability IDEA-189703 Documentation doesn't appear on hover on the element with warning
Usability IDEA-208365 Always autosize quickdoc popup when it's displayed on hover
Cosmetics IDEA-211247 JavaDoc generated from HTML eats angle brackets in the link title
Exception IDEA-218404 Edit Source in QuickDoc popup toolbar throws NPE
Core. RefactoringsFeature IDEA-124496 Scope Setting for Rename Refactoring
Feature IDEA-129547 Rename module and directory at the same time
Bug IDEA-222073 Error:build: Cannot determine build data storage root for project C:/Users/timur.yuldashev/IdeaProjects/Jigsaw/CannotBuild
Bug IDEA-216354 com.intellij.codeInsight.hint.ShowParameterInfoHandler#getHandlers doesn't respect "order" attribute
Usability IDEA-212081 Names of Copy and Move actions in the context menu should reflect what's going to be copied or moved
Usability IDEA-214702 Do not show 'Scope' setting when rename Java local variable
Exception IDEA-219687 "java.lang.Throwable: AWT events are not allowed inside write action" on Undo during Rename operation
Core. Run | Debug. ConfigurationsFeature IDEA-182193 Intention to create a new Run configuration for executable class
Bug IDEA-219327 Run/Debug actions on toolbar aren't shown until 'Edit Configurations' dialog is opened
Bug IDEA-215194 Run console toolbar is not separated from console editor when new tabs is enabled
Bug IDEA-216291 No paste button in Tomcat Run/Debug configuration Startup/Connection
Bug IDEA-210897 Not possible to paste the value containing equals sign in the environment variables
Bug IDEA-183885 Maven goals executed as 'run before/after' tasks are not run in the Services view despite settings for maven run configurations
Bug IDEA-157989 "Stop" button does not work when the IDE is launched as a background task
Bug IDEA-204416 Running debug tomcat run configuration always launches "Before launch" gulp tasks in debug mode
Bug IDEA-215363 Generate JavaDoc passes java11 style --source-path to java8 javadoc binary
Bug IDEA-214641 Blank area in tool window when turn off all tabs
Bug IDEA-206657 Compound Run Configuration triggers "Run" but not "Debug"
Bug IDEA-131597 Filtering is not applied to "irrelevant" run configurations
Bug IDEA-215196 Runner content ui has left border when its toolbar is not visible and new tabs is enabled.
Bug IDEA-202659 Impossible to start the Debug session for the Tomcat config with Ant/Bash configs in the Before launch section
Bug IDEA-210262 [Environment variables] when pasting several variables with semicolon at the line end - the last entry is removed
Bug IDEA-181448 Run dashboard: after adding RC type to runnable in RD list the existing started configuration is shown there in Cinfigured status
Core. XMLBug IDEA-183886 XML highliting and redefined schemas
Bug IDEA-212646 XML attribute value is marked as error if DTD's attribute type is enumeration containing DTD keyword as value
Bug IDEA-215634 com.intellij.util.xml.DomFileDescription#isMyFile: parameter module is always null
Bug IDEA-192427 Invalid URI resolution for dependent external resources with absolute path (XML schema files)
Bug IDEA-212344 catalog.xsd in IntelliJ platform-impl.jar is outdated
Bug IDEA-210207 XML schema issue - element X is not allowed here (Web.xml)
Bug IDEA-205629 Argument rangeInElement exception when deleting xml tag in Android Studio 3.3
Performance IDEA-212283 DOM: xinclude performance problem
Exception IDEA-212704 Invoking Find by XPath throws ClassCastException
EditorBug IDEA-216997 Method chain parameter hints rendering artifact
Bug IDEA-216360 Code vision selection background overrides editor margin
Bug IDEA-221337 Joining lines performance is slow
Bug IDEA-216456 In-place editing of property values doesn't work in Kotlin files
Bug IDEA-211720 Make brace highlighting consistent with move to matching brace action behavior
Bug IDEA-216417 Clicking on icons in gutter (e.g. overrides/implements) doesn't work if caret is over the folded property value
Bug IDEA-217426 InlayModel.getElementAt returns wrong inlay when multiple block inlays present on single line
Bug IDEA-221335 Exception in plugin aborts the whole Copy/Cut operation
Bug IDEA-217903 Inlay Hints: doubled hints on changing the file extension
Bug IDEA-216745 Inlay hints: Select first item in the list when opening a settings page
Bug IDEA-216746 Inlay hints: Use editor font for editor
Bug IDEA-218508 'Insert imports on paste' doesn't work anymore
Performance IDEA-219760 Editor may start faster
Usability IDEA-218340 Escape required characters when copy-pasting text between different types of string literals
Usability IDEA-216743 Inlay hints: Add explanation text on root page of the settings
Cosmetics IDEA-218101 Rich copy configurable shows wrong scheme names
Cosmetics IDEA-216747 Inlay hints: Increase space between checkboxes and "Black list..." label
Task IDEA-217669 Use same delay for popups shown on mouse hover in editor
Exception IDEA-221262 IAE at org.jetbrains.plugins.github.pullrequest.comment.ui.EditorComponentInlaysManager
Editor. Code CompletionFeature IDEA-199722 Can I make the live template appear at the top of the code completion list?
Bug IDEA-215451 Misspelled keyword messes up following identifier completion
Bug IDEA-221425 Code completion broken and not configurable
Bug IDEA-220191 How do you customize the CompletionPopup background color?
Bug IDEA-218227 Autocomplete pulldown menu does not move with the IntelliJ IDEA main window
Bug IDEA-214469 Live Templates suggestions disappear on non-alphanumeric character input
Bug IDEA-219161 Empty bottom advertisement text in non-completion lookups
Usability IDEA-209784 Basic/Smart completion does not offer package private methods when runtime object type is from another package
Usability IDEA-211557 Code completion dropdown stays open after Shift+Enter (Start New Line)
Usability IDEA-209123 Enable F2 and Shift+F2 shortcuts while code completion is active
Usability IDEA-210660 Make "Jump outside closing bracket/quote with Tab" default behaviour
Exception IDEA-219655 NSEE at kotlin.collections.MapsKt__MapWithDefaultKt.getOrImplicitDefaultNullable
Editor. Color SchemesFeature IDEA-212390 Ability to drag-n-Drop editor color scheme
Bug IDEA-216982 Regression: usage of deprecated api is not highlighted - no strikeout from code style
Editor. Diff and MergeFeature IDEA-204040 Show changes per-changelist in Unified View
Feature IDEA-216868 Diff could tell if binary files are different
Feature IDEA-218189 Show scope background color in Diff window files popup
Feature IDEA-137605 IDEA as external diff/merge - provide proper exit codes
Bug IDEA-218187 Diff/Merge files drop-down has strange files sorting
Bug IDEA-215972 Diff viewer uses general hard-wrap margin instead of language-specific
Bug IDEA-212625 Incorrect highlighting in diff view when last document line is soft wrapped
Bug IDEA-217797 Diff/Merge does not show changes stripes for empty line ranges (insertions/deletions)
Bug IDEA-220960 Compare files doesn't respect Soft wrap option
Bug IDEA-220681 Wrong Differences ignored label
Bug IDEA-216171 'Throwable: Invalid file' when open external diff tool
Bug IDEA-210607 'Apply changes' in diff view does't work
Bug IDEA-215841 Directory diff finds binary content differences in some big binary files, while they are the same
Bug IDEA-220302 Regression in 2019.2: CacheDiffRequestChainProcessor does not honor myRequestChain.getIndex()
Usability IDEA-123813 Preserve diff pane widths when switching between files
Usability IDEA-220861 Merge dialog: Actions buttons should be disabled if file is not selected
Cosmetics IDEA-211780 Escape characters in action name of "Diff \\& Merge"
Exception IDEA-220582 NPE at
Editor. Editing TextFeature IDEA-125325 Join lines in custom file type should handle end-of-line comments
Feature IDEA-211180 Jump outside closing bracket with Tab should jump after the semicolon
Feature IDEA-70189 Java Smart Complete Statement: Complete ternary operator if necessary
Bug IDEA-219192 Can't see hard wrap guide.
Bug IDEA-212623 Folding comments in Java out of FileHeader/Class blocks
Bug IDEA-208782 Fallback font Italic version doesn't work on Mac
Bug IDEA-220956 Error tooltip shown on F2 stays longer than it should, and obscures editor contents
Bug IDEA-216967 Folded values of properties from resource bundles are not changed on property value changing in *.properties file
Bug IDEA-216359 Code vision selection doesn't cover the lines sometimes
Bug IDEA-214755 Folded Javadoc shows the 2nd line when the text starts on the line with /**
Bug IDEA-215896 Folded property value editing: incorrect cursor after Expand invocation in case of long property value text
Bug IDEA-221642 Incorrect parameter popup highlighting range
Bug IDEA-218901 Limit Description width in inspections popup
Bug IDEA-218424 Dialog 'Map Action' is not usable via keyboard
Bug IDEA-211590 Selection highlighting background under inlay vertical when scrollbar is flipped
Bug IDEA-217073 Burmese language literals irreversibly break the editor
Bug IDEA-210470 Fira Code breaks fixed-width alignment on "[[" - double opening bracket
Bug IDEA-211398 Not all ligatures are activated when printing a file
Bug IDEA-217252 Typing new text block method argument doesn't insert closing quotes
Bug IDEA-211304 IntelliJ cuts links after parens
Bug IDEA-211085 Current line number colour incorrectly calculated
Bug IDEA-221995 Undo removing after rename refactor glitch
Bug IDEA-220351 Expandin collapsed blocks dont setup cursor to correct position
Bug IDEA-215776 Plain text file is missing in Create scratch list
Bug IDEA-221610 Need to click twice to unselect identifier that is being renamed
Bug IDEA-215015 Text "jitter" during typing in editor on Windows after dragging editor onto a different monitor
Bug IDEA-217353 Paste inside text block should escape opening/closing quotes
Bug IDEA-167224 Unwrap lambda should add braces if necessary
Bug IDEA-214565 Different indents for Python in commentStart() macro
Bug IDEA-138431 Editor: Ctrl+Left / Right (arrow) does not skip over indent whitespace to prev/next token
Bug IDEA-217406 Paste multiline text into text box should keep indents
Bug IDEA-215278 "Hand" cursor "stuck" in editor
Bug IDEA-207542 TODO highlighting affects following lines
Bug IDEA-218068 Javadoc comments folding captures code on the same line
Bug IDEA-211246 Uncollapsing unchanged framgents should keep scroll position
Bug IDEA-208973 Identifier highlighting is lost after moving line
Bug IDEA-215899 Folded property value editing: if PasteFromHistory (Ctrl-Shift-V) is invoked in value editor, Esc closes editor instead of ChooseContentToPaste dialog
Bug IDEA-204900 Smart Enter fails to add function body if staying at annotation
Bug IDEA-210020 Search highlight color does not change when changing theme
Bug IDEA-221667 Pressing Option-Enter on warning while info popup is displayed and previous warning hasn't been cleared causes cursor to jump in editor
Bug IDEA-211466 Printing (at least on Linux) produces so many artifacts
Bug IDEA-220417 Expand Selection doesn't select text block contents correctly
Performance IDEA-210051 Memory leak in DocumentImpl
Performance IDEA-216728 IDE freezes when editing files
Performance IDEA-211672 Editing of big file with search result Live Preview on is quadratically slow
Performance IDEA-211201 Typing with multiple carets is slow in XML files
Usability IDEA-204308 Multiline TODO popup interferes with editing the TODO.
Usability IDEA-212086 Tooltips for bookmarks should show keyboard shortcuts for navigating to a bookmark and toggling it
Usability IDEA-215414 Toggle Case action must preserve selection if changed text expands
Usability IDEA-208930 Pressing Tab in a selection doesn't prefix first line with a tabulator
Usability IDEA-211756 "Delete to word end" is extremely inconvenient on whitespaces
Usability IDEA-209051 Inspection popup is overlapped by quick doc
Usability IDEA-216380 When folding Javadoc comments do not show ellipsis if full content is shown when folded
Cosmetics IDEA-208775 "Enable font ligatures" unable to click on popup
Cosmetics IDEA-218125 Select all occurrences doesn't release highlight on blur
Cosmetics IDEA-215726 Cosmetics for folded property text editing
Cosmetics IDEA-185041 Tabs rendering for show whitespaces are too intrusive, and space rendering look too much like periods.
Editor. Error HighlightingBug IDEA-211528 Diff change highlighting not propagated to inlay
Bug IDEA-212556 Goto Next Error sometimes shows error tooltip and sometimes doesn't
Bug IDEA-217862 False code inspection on methode reference on protected class for inheritence in different package
Editor. Formatter and Code StyleBug IDEA-147601 Javadoc Code formatting does not indent HTML tags properly
Bug IDEA-212466 "Expected to be final" identifier is not always painted as such in Java editor
Bug IDEA-195707 "'case' on new line" setting name is misleading; behavior should be changed and a new setting added with the old behavior
Bug IDEA-216526 Switch Code Style Scheme does not change the code style
Bug IDEA-188412 Formatter markers don't prevent formatting selection when placed after annotation
Bug IDEA-202587 No possibility to configure indentations for Scala, Kotlin, etc files
Bug IDEA-216085 New EditorConfig file: Selectively disable languages for which no properties (empty sections) are produced
Bug IDEA-173076 Unable to disable formatter using JSP comments (<%-- --%>)
Bug IDEA-217075 EditorConfig options are not properly applied to JavaScript files
Bug IDEA-214727 Unexpected code style modifications on scheme switch
Bug IDEA-211444 Code Style Settings: incorrect variants in drop-down for WrapOnTyping option
Bug IDEA-165776 VCS automatic pre-commit reformat option use a wrong default format preferences
Bug IDEA-215771 When new .editorconfig file is created in the versioned project using New | EditorConfigFile, the prompt to add appears as if it is 'externally added file'
Performance IDEA-218532 Freezes in CodeStyle.getSettings
Usability IDEA-215787 Do not show notification about EditorConfig
Usability IDEA-219423 'Always keep trailing space on caret line' is controlled via editorconfig in 2019.2
Usability IDEA-215728 EditorConfig: preview can be opened only once, it is impossible to open different file as preview
Usability IDEA-216088 EditorConfig: consider making "Add properties as comments" off by default
Usability IDEA-216086 EditorConfig: not clear what Open Preview... means
Cosmetics IDEA-218180 JavaScript language level is used in the Configure indents action name instead of JavaScript
Exception IDEA-217454 NPE at org.editorconfig.configmanagement.editor.EditorConfigPreviewMarkerProvider.getRootDir
Exception IDEA-215353 AE at com.intellij.openapi.util.text.StringUtil.assertValidSeparators
Exception IDEA-214694 java.lang.Throwable: Control-flow exceptions (like ProcessCanceledException) should never be logged
Editor. Intention ActionsBug IDEA-219577 Create File intention popup does not support speed search in the options popup
Bug IDEA-218163 CreateFileFix creates files in sources instead of resources locations in Gradle / Maven projects
Bug IDEA-220487 Create File Intention: in the target roots drop-down the inconsistent slashes are used (in case of missing directories)
Bug IDEA-155352 Unwrap Statement produces broken code
Task IDEA-217596 Redesign tooltip for warnings/errors on scrollbar
Exception IDEA-211266 Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.application.impl.NoSwingUnderWriteAction.lambda$watchForEvents$0
Editor. Large FilesBug IDEA-216265 Large file editor: closing and reopening tab does not preserve state
Bug IDEA-218382 Support for large files in IDEA 2019.2 doesn't work if the plugin is installed
Bug IDEA-216905 Focus is not in editor when opening large file
Bug IDEA-216257 Large file editor: Status bar widget is painted incorrectly with hidpi screen
Bug IDEA-216267 Large file editor: no context menu
Task IDEA-209329 Integrate Large File Editor into the platform
Infrastructure. Packaging and InstallationFeature IDEA-194148 Publish 'intellij.platform.testFramework' module as a Maven artifact
Feature IDEA-164251 Include com.intellij.testFramework.vcs into some binary distribution
Feature IDEA-195719 Extract Java support to a separate plugin in IntelliJ IDEA
Bug IDEA-215898 After rejecting and closing EULA dialog - warning is shown "An illegal reflective access operation has occurred"
Bug IDEA-218394 "IDE and Plugin Updates" doesn't show a warning if there is no compatible plugin with the newer IDE version
Bug IDEA-217164 Installing IntelliJIdea and Android Studio Missing Reg Entries
Bug IDEA-205907 2018.3.x silent installation leaves javaw.exe process hanging
Bug IDEA-212759 Linux, tar.gz installation: IDEA fails to start: `Cannot find VM options file.`, `Error: Could not find or load main class com.intellij.idea.Main.`
Bug IDEA-217984 2019.2 EAP Won't Start: "Initial heap size set to a larger value than the maximum heap size" custom Xmx is replaced with -Xmx2048m
Bug IDEA-200887 "Failed to load JVM DLL" on a fresh copy of Windows 10
Bug IDEA-215000 Critical Startup Error while launching IDEA from scratch
Bug IDEA-210993 IDEA with JBR 11 starts with error via idea.bat
Bug IDEA-209778 Silent install. Unable to install in the 'Program Files' folder
Bug IDEA-219214 Patch update from 2018.3 to 2019.2 doesn't work
Usability IDEA-218032 Windows: Prevent IDEA to prepend its own PATH entries
Task IDEA-199662 Get rid of additional png files which are currently packaged with IntelliJ-based IDEs
Task IDEA-187832 External build systems support: extract `java` specific features into separate module
Task IDEA-219542 Enable Bytecode Verification by default
Task IDEA-211824 Bundle Kotlin 1.3.31 with IntelliJ IDEA
Task IDEA-220738 Bundle Kotlin 1.3.50 with IntelliJ IDEA
Task IDEA-209379 Bundle Kotlin 1.3.40 with IntelliJ IDEA
Task IDEA-209378 Bundle Kotlin 1.3.30 with IntelliJ IDEA
Task IDEA-217538 Bundle Kotlin 1.3.41 with IntelliJ IDEA
Task IDEA-214695 Provide a special variant of svg product icon for 16x16 images
Plugin Development (DevKit)Feature IDEA-219619 plugin.xml: highlight EP/EP-attributes annotated with @ApiStatus.Experimental
Feature IDEA-211630 IDEA UI Guidelines: "Action" text capitalization
Feature IDEA-212463 Devkit: resolve "keymap" in plugin.xml
Feature IDEA-220700 plugin.xml: suppress spellchecking for EP attributes marked with @NonNls
Feature IDEA-219724 Devkit: support <projectListeners> (2019.3+)
Feature IDEA-212745 Devkit: <depends> checking
Feature IDEA-207289 plugin.xml: highlight duplicate <depends>
Feature IDEA-211486 Devkit EP declaration: suggest to change declaration via 'qualifiedName' to 'name' in main plugin.xml
Feature IDEA-211503 Devkit: specifying ApiStatus.ScheduledForRemoval without Javadoc
Feature IDEA-206060 DevKit: deprecate Project Wizard
Feature IDEA-203877 Help to write PersistentStateComponent correctly
Feature IDEA-211634 IDEA UI Guidelines: verify capitalization for EP properties annotated with @Nls in plugin.xml
Feature IDEA-202010 Highlight services/components with identical interface and implementation classes as redundant in plugin.xml
Feature IDEA-215242 Show warning for <group> elements with class specified and ID not specified
Bug IDEA-217581 Devkit plugin.xml I18n: take into account all ConfigurableEP/InspectionEP classes
Bug IDEA-209536 plugin.xml validity inspection doesn't highlight plugin actions which refer to platform action class
Bug IDEA-211131 Bundled plugins: highlight generic <idea-plugin> "url" values
Bug IDEA-217183 DevKit: PluginXmlDomInspection should not request icon from implementation-detail plugins
Bug IDEA-211136 Bundled plugins: highlight <change-notes> and <version>
Bug IDEA-209681 Devkit: do not require description for Intention not registered in plugin.xml
Bug IDEA-212261 IDEA UI Guidelines: "Action" text capitalization via resource bundle
Bug IDEA-221095 Devkit: resolve EPs when used via xinclude or <depends>
Bug IDEA-201589 Sometimes exceptions from plugins are reported as core problems
Bug IDEA-209589 Missing recent API inspection must not emit warnings in tests sources
Bug IDEA-186526 Plugin.xml validity inspection troubles in InspectionGadgets.xml
Bug IDEA-219140 Devkit: support <applicationListeners> (2019.3+)
Bug IDEA-211126 Bundled plugins: highlight vendor "email" and "url"
Bug IDEA-182359 Good code red: plugin.xml
Bug IDEA-211225 Bundled plugins: highlight <idea-version>
Bug IDEA-209587 Missing recent API inspection: clarify the message if return type of a method was changed
Performance IDEA-211555 Freeze on completion in XML file
Usability IDEA-204988 Plugin DevKit: Group inspections in settings
Cosmetics IDEA-215768 where is `Machine Learning Assistant Code Completion` ?
Task IDEA-208472 Devkit: allow user to specify modules which are included into single plugin for component registration check
Task IDEA-221351 Devkit: include 'com.intellij.modules.platform' dependency by default in plugin.xml templates
Task IDEA-216155 @ScheduledForRemoval: inspection that warns if API marked with SFR must already be removed
Task IDEA-214817 Remove support for <helpset> from Devkit
Plugin. FreeMarkerBug IDEA-210630 Inspections are not executed on FreeMarker/Velocity files even with "data language" selected
Bug IDEA-215153 Freemarker inspections "Type mismatch: built-in 'long' is not applicable to 'date'"
Plugin. MarkdownFeature IDEA-213112 Markdown HTML
Bug IDEA-213108 Exception while editing go snippet in markdown file
Cosmetics IDEA-221369 Make grayscale antialiasing the default in Markdown preview
Plugin. Settings RepositoryBug IDEA-181296 Incompatible plugin with new IDEA version shown as `installed in another IDE`
Bug IDEA-219853 Cannot enable nor trigger IDE Settings Sync
Bug IDEA-220697 Intellij 2019.2 cannot sync settings on linux
Bug IDEA-204195 settings sync says "Switch Structure" plugin is missing but it isn't
Plugin. Shell ScriptFeature IDEA-215578 [Shell script] add Run Debug configuration support
Bug IDEA-219544 shell script format problems with locale
Bug IDEA-215997 [Shell script Run config] "Main" configuration doesn't run if Shell script config in Before Launch section
Bug IDEA-222424 Execute shell script without ENTER confirmation
Bug IDEA-221031 Shell script removes '/' slash from execution command
Bug IDEA-220421 Java classes are suggested in completion popup
Bug IDEA-212765 Shell Script hangs on EDT a rather big file
Bug IDEA-215398 [IntelliJ Shell plugin] Reuse Terminal tabs when launching script
Bug IDEA-216406 Shell Script plugin: Exception on quick documentation
Bug IDEA-219427 Shell Script command appended to current Terminal command line
Bug IDEA-220072 Bash functions missing in the Structure view
Bug IDEA-218250 Cant define working directory for ShConfigurationType
Bug IDEA-215361 ShellScript plugin: correct shfmt download link for windows
Bug IDEA-215936 Shell Plugin :: Tab Size In Editor Doesn't Match Size Configured In Settings
Bug IDEA-219928 Builtin Shell Script plugin causes color syntax error after bash variable substitution using escape character as last character in replacement string
Bug IDEA-222093 Shellcheck instances aren't killed
Usability IDEA-215355 ShellScript plugin: if attempt to download the shfmt formatter in "Settings | Editor | Code Style | Shell Script" fails, display error in the dialog itself
Cosmetics IDEA-215998 [Shell Script Run config] space is missing in Run Anything dialog
Cosmetics IDEA-215367 [Shell Script] Settings | Editor | Code Style - incorrect symbol in the first option about Binary ops
Plugin. Task ManagementBug IDEA-216363 Broken password authentication when using JIRA Cloud
Bug IDEA-207486 [Task Management] the task dropdown in the toolbar is disabled for the newly added server in the fresh IDE installation
Plugin. TerminalFeature IDEA-204536 Terminal: Add support for hyperlinks
Feature IDEA-116253 font zooming does not work in terminal tool window
Bug IDEA-217587 Double shift doesn't use selected text from the terminal
Bug IDEA-212321 Terminal focuses itself on startup
Bug IDEA-222498 Cannot move focus to next window when terminal is active
Bug IDEA-217705 IntelliJ EAP: No caret in terminal if text is rendered as an URL
Bug IDEA-219391 JetBrains Runtime Path is incorrectly added to PATH in built-in terminal
Bug IDEA-180204 Terminal output garbled after specific file has been printed out
Bug IDEA-215394 Terminal tab crashes with Ion shell
Bug IDEA-214782 Terminal cannot override IDE shortcuts when running with JBR 1.8.0_212 or JBR 11
Bug IDEA-218875 Connector-TtyConnector threads are leaked
Bug IDEA-191614 Terminal should soft wrap long lines (and not break links)
Bug IDEA-220774 Terminal failed to start on Windows (blocked by antivirus)
Bug IDEA-219379 Terminal sessions are lost on every major update
Bug IDEA-151310 active tool window resize hot key dose not work
Bug IDEA-214512 Re-ordering terminal tabs shows unexpected confirmation dialog to terminate running process
Bug IDEA-141263 When changing Theme to Darcula Terminal view remains white
Bug IDEA-160356 Terminal isn't capturing Ctrl-E
Bug IDEA-219599 2019.2 JBTerminal throws java.lang.Throwable: Directory index may not be queried for default project
Bug IDEA-208433 Terminal environment variables settings are not per project
Performance IDEA-218535 Freezes in com.jediterm.terminal.model.hyperlinks.TextProcessing
Usability IDEA-153536 Support native OSX shortcuts in the terminal
Exception IDEA-163345 "Could not set clipboard: cannot open system clipboard" (#171.584)
Plugin. TextMate BundlesBug IDEA-220816 TextMateServiceImpl fires file type changed event every time on startup
Bug IDEA-221617 TextMate freezes during Find in Path
Bug IDEA-216740 TextMateHighlightingLexer freezes
Bug IDEA-219368 IndexOutOfBoundsException when use "Replace All"
Bug IDEA-219004 'Install' php script files without extension are not registered as PHP files with textmate enabled
Bug IDEA-220388 Disabled Insert paired brackets is ignored
Plugin. YAMLFeature IDEA-212876 Made an option to disable (or change) key sequence paste feature
ServicesBug IDEA-215370 Services view: SplitToNewTabs should be disabled if nothing is selected
Bug IDEA-215345 Services view: if GroupByType is true, all services splitting to new tabs leaves the empty AllServices tab with group node
Bug IDEA-215088 Services view: run configuration output is shown for the incorrect RC node in case of changed RC types available in Services list
Bug IDEA-220601 Services: text in speed search popup is red even if the tree contains matched nodes
Bug IDEA-215458 Services View: GroupConfigurations... action results are not reflected in the Services Toolwindow UI
Bug IDEA-215427 Services. Database. by the remained "console" item
Bug IDEA-220472 Services View: for the Compound Run Configuration Debug is disabled
Bug IDEA-220860 Services View: when grouping by both status and type wrong configurations are run if run is invoked on status node
Bug IDEA-218447 Services tool window shall have a quick shortcut
Bug IDEA-215095 Services view: with 'flatten services' on the 'group by type' should work or be disabled
Usability IDEA-215692 No distinction between running Spring Boot Application in new Services Toolbar
Usability IDEA-218441 Services View: Sort By options are confusing
Usability IDEA-220113 Bring Status filter back to Services
Exception IDEA-215161 Memory leak detected: '
Services. DockerFeature IDEA-210768 Docker. Support --ulimit command line option
Feature IDEA-184888 Docker. Support --ipc command line option
Feature IDEA-218179 --network is not a recognized docker build option
Bug IDEA-215621 Services. Docker. Impossible to split any set of parent nodes
Bug IDEA-210195 Attached console shows up twice
Bug IDEA-178818 Docker - Client is newer than server (client API version 1.24, server API version 1.23)
Bug IDEA-217917 Services. Docker. Two "Jump to Source" navigation items from the deployed containers/compose apps
Bug IDEA-203226 Docker: NPE at attempt to save changes in the deleted container
Bug IDEA-207582 Cannot use more than one terminal in container using exec `/bin/bash`.
Bug IDEA-215186 ServicesView. Docker. Jump to source/F4 from a container doesn't work
Bug IDEA-209817 NPE containerId was not specified when building a container without running it
Bug IDEA-221970 Docker plugin errors with Docker Enterprise
Bug IDEA-205733 docker-compose: red code `scalar value is not allowed` for network's `ipam.config.subnet`
Bug IDEA-188377 Docker Run/Debug configuration doesn't parse port range
Bug IDEA-215636 Docker. Docker-machine: Idea freezes at choosing Files tab
Bug IDEA-216884 Docker: `Numeric value: (2147516561) is out of range of int` for windows containers with unusual exit code
Bug IDEA-217411 Can't run windows container when volume binding is specified
Bug IDEA-215204 Services View. Docker: Impossible to save port/volume bindings for a container
Bug IDEA-215704 Docker. Container. Save fails if "Publish all ports" in case of port range: port is already allocated
Bug IDEA-217101 Docker. "Port is already allocated" error at saving changes in container Name/volumes with port bindings
Bug IDEA-215185 ServicesView. Docker. Delete from keyboard doesn’t work
Bug IDEA-217480 Docker: Building image results in java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Argument for @NotNull parameter 'client' of com/intellij/docker/agent/DockerAgentDeploymentImpl$BuildImageCmdWithCleanup.forConfig must not be null
Bug IDEA-211945 Docker. Files Chooser: java.lang.AssertionError at refreshing content with some expanded folders
Bug IDEA-222447 Docker: Impossible to call "Create..." a container for an image in case of existing run configurations
Bug IDEA-212161 Docker. Files Chooser. Open in the Editor: change the "Failed to make writable" to another description
Bug IDEA-212789 Docker. Exec doesn't work for containers which are run from Dockerfile/image
Bug IDEA-179900 Docker exec tab does not correctly wrap
Bug IDEA-215707 Docker. RunConfig. java.lang.NumberFormatException at changing ports to anything invalid in "Run options" field
Bug IDEA-217078 Dockerfile Syntax Error in ADD URL
Performance IDEA-217045 Docker. FileChooser: expanding folders/opening files from docker-machine containers leads to freezes or makes idea work slowly
Usability IDEA-217908 Docker: Service view is collapsed after container start / restart if there are more than one docker connections
Usability IDEA-156211 Docker. Create a container from an image. Don't show the second "Create...".
Usability IDEA-209884 ServicesView. Docker. The corresponding item should be selected in the ServiceView after running docker run configuration
Usability IDEA-212607 Docker. Files Chooser tab. Provide possibility to "Collapse All"
Usability IDEA-216329 Dockerfile detection: always show the "Disable this notification" link
Cosmetics IDEA-212174 Docker. Files Chooser. Files tab. Icon to view files is not correct
Cosmetics IDEA-212171 Docker. Files Chooser. Remove "lock" from all the files, display it before the path
Cosmetics IDEA-212173 Docker. Files Chooser. Files tab. Make a more indent after the path in the bar and the tree
Cosmetics IDEA-212178 Docker. Files Chooser. Refresh. Display another progress icon="spinner" and in another place
Task IDEA-193122 Docker: migrate to docker-java to v3.1.0
Meta Issue IDEA-195017 Docker: Simplify the access to container file system
Exception IDEA-217088 Docker. Exceptions on disconnecting from Docker while run configuration is pulling the image
Exception IDEA-219940 Docker: com.github.dockerjava.api.exception.NotFoundException: {"message":"no such exec"} at attempt to edit some exec tabs
Services. Password ManagementFeature IDEA-163275 Allow storing passwords using KWallet
Bug IDEA-216476 Keyring returns null instead of unlock request
Exception IDEA-185926 Password storage doesn't work: secret_password_store_sync error code 32576
Services. SSHBug IDEA-222345 Allow users to update known_hosts in a one click
Bug IDEA-220121 SSHJ: SSH authentication fails when the only authentication method is a One-Time Password via keyboard-interactive
Bug IDEA-218686 "gssapi-with-mic" authentication method is not enabled in new implementation of SSH client on SSHJ library
Bug IDEA-217026 Problems with ProxyCommand (initial title: Latest EAP, ssh auth broken)
Bug IDEA-220958 SSHJ: ConnectTimeout option is being read from config as milliseconds but should be read as seconds
Bug IDEA-220081 SSHJ: Hash hosts in known_hosts file setting ignored
Bug IDEA-216655 2019.2: SSH tunnel with ssh-agent no longer understands "~" in IdentifyFile spec
Bug IDEA-220693 SSHJ: Authentication process terminates if kerberos authentication fails
Bug IDEA-216800 SSH tunnel does not work
Bug IDEA-216656 2019.2 — SSH tunneling always reports connect timeout
Bug IDEA-216714 SSHJ: Failure when SSH config contains IdentityFile with encrypted key
Bug IDEA-217092 Auth failure with "Unsupported keyboard interactive request" log message for 2FA
Usability IDEA-214834 Tools | Start SSH Session usability problems
User InterfaceFeature IDEA-69682 Make scrollbars more visible
Feature IDEA-101757 Copy status message to clipboard
Feature IDEA-218792 Skip minimised and fullscreen windows in Activate Next Window action
Feature IDEA-203207 Touch Bar: Options on the Touch Bar should be filtered when searching in popup
Bug IDEA-208339 No gap in log search field
Bug IDEA-210532 "New HTTP request" action looks bad with new popup design
Bug IDEA-219898 Double shift on modal makes it no responsible
Bug IDEA-211028 Tabs panel is not scrolled to just opened tab
Bug IDEA-210887 Notifications settings group list elements are centered
Bug IDEA-210873 Bad description text wrapping in "IDE Fatal Errors" dialog
Bug IDEA-192504 Enter Full Screen & Exit Full Screen does not execute when invoked via find action
Bug IDEA-217369 IntelliJ LaF: Selection bar on Actions tab in Search Everywhere is grey
Bug IDEA-216920 The height of tabs of composite editors is too low
Bug IDEA-212346 Scrollbar does not reflect the size of the content in Version Control tab while resizing it
Bug IDEA-219479 New License Dialog: Show error message in bottom part
Bug IDEA-215945 Editor notification actions can't be triggered from Alt-Enter menu
Bug IDEA-221112 Incorrect text painting in goto class
Bug IDEA-217861 Borderless UI: Path to file is not updated after toggling main menu
Bug IDEA-217907 Error message in status bar is truncated
Bug IDEA-218687 Select the only plugin on the right on search
Bug IDEA-214821 Tabs: There is a double top border when database console is opened
Bug IDEA-218593 Project window does not restore "maximize" state
Bug IDEA-211513 Project Structure -> Artifacts: Type ComboBox is too narrow
Bug IDEA-220046 Editor tabs: editor tabs icon jumps down on tabs layout changed
Bug IDEA-208847 Memory leak in InternalDecorator
Bug IDEA-97714 Add "Associate With File Type" to the editor tab context menu and menu
Bug IDEA-221532 "Recent Files" list flickers on hovering
Bug IDEA-204463 Touch Bar: Items in "Add to Favourites" list disabled in IDEA UI are not disabled on the Touch Bar
Bug IDEA-216416 Plugins changelog is missing
Bug IDEA-218587 Linux native menu: Both native toolbar and idea main menu are shown on toggling View | Appearance | ShowToolbar (or NavBar...)
Bug IDEA-218782 'null' user account name when trying to sync settings on freshly installed IDEA
Bug IDEA-210978 Freeze on "Mark object" (F11) in "Inspect object" (Alt-Click) popup
Bug IDEA-212737 Borderless UI: Project name keeps the default font on changing appearance font
Bug IDEA-221755 Project opened from fullscreen is windowed
Bug IDEA-221491 Tab placement none doesn't work with table layout
Bug IDEA-216567 Borderless UI: Diff window has wrong icon in borderless mode
Bug IDEA-218020 Project Dimension Service is broken for Structure Popup
Bug IDEA-217393 No longer see "Administrator" in the title bar when Rider is running as Administrator
Bug IDEA-220057 NPE in NotificationsManagerImpl.findWindowForBalloon
Bug IDEA-216203 Splash screen doesn't gets hidden after loading
Bug IDEA-221330 Tabs painting artefacts after disabling tabs
Bug IDEA-222403 UI in Presentation mode is broken after switching from full screen to presentation mode
Bug IDEA-153291 IDE opens on a last known location when external monitor is detached: outside of screen
Bug IDEA-214800 Keymap switcher on Mac shows Windows keymap at first position
Bug IDEA-210827 DarculaButtonUI.isSquare(Component) uses wrong instanceof test
Bug IDEA-168007 Non-retina triangle icons in context menu
Bug IDEA-218080 "Open Project" dialog does not appear if opening a project via "Open Recent" main menu
Bug IDEA-208645 Text disappears in "IDE Fatal Errors" dialog box
Bug IDEA-218345 Deadlock while loading AllIcons' subclasses because of circular references
Bug IDEA-206619 Message from file-level notification is shown on top of Alt-Enter menu
Bug IDEA-217146 IDEA freezes in Inspection Tool Window
Bug IDEA-214477 Invalid background color in plugin settings header's labels
Bug IDEA-211946 Borderless UI: Path in title bar for tabel contains odd information
Bug IDEA-131794 Tree selection changes on double-click expansion
Bug IDEA-215943 Expand button for "No proxy for" field insert spaces instead of commas
Bug IDEA-217016 Empty project window remains open when opening another project selecting "This window" option
Bug IDEA-216341 Tabs in color themes: ToolWindow.HeaderTab.hoverBackground is applied incorrectly to an inactive tool window tab
Bug IDEA-220663 Empty frame when project is opened in current window
Bug IDEA-199472 Tool windows broken when opening project
Bug IDEA-216428 Debugger: hidden content (like Memory View) appears again after restarting of debugger session
Bug IDEA-212035 Editor tabs change color even when a modal dialog is hovered
Bug IDEA-207914 Validation message doesn't fit explanation text
Bug IDEA-217057 Visibility icons flickering in completion popup
Bug IDEA-214885 2019.2 EAP: gradle task 'buildSearchableOptions' throws exception UIDefaults.getUI() failed for MyOptionButton
Bug IDEA-207320 Empty system tray icon with no popup hint or right-click menu
Bug IDEA-217595 Modifier icon is not visible in editor tabs
Bug IDEA-211279 Column resizing doesn't work in TODO table
Bug IDEA-222310 Unify Dark Appearance
Bug IDEA-217563 Project name and file path is not shown on window title bar after reopening project if "Main menu" is switched off
Bug IDEA-218766 Internal error when trying to open a project from Finder via "Open With"
Bug IDEA-215129 Borderless UI: current file path is shown with non-native slashes on Windows
Bug IDEA-220837 Cannot switch between the Debug Console tab and Debugger tab using keybindings anymore
Bug IDEA-194702 moving a floating mode window from a screen to another freezes intellij
Bug IDEA-208560 QuickDefinition popup is enlarged each time it is opened for markdown file
Bug IDEA-221233 Smooth mouse wheel scrolling mishandles some burst scroll events on Windows
Bug IDEA-216347 Tabs in color themes: ToolWindow.HeaderTab.underlinedTabForeground / underlinedTabInactiveForeground don't work
Bug IDEA-167805 Keyboard navigation in debug tool window
Bug IDEA-212553 New Tabs UI: IDE no longer shows tips when no editor tabs are open
Bug IDEA-212788 Messages view freezes IDE
Bug IDEA-222526 Esc doesn't close Evaluate Expression window
Bug IDEA-220729 "Open" project link doesn't work on Welcome screen
Bug IDEA-218645 Tab scrolling with touchpad has inverse axis
Bug IDEA-217129 [Open Recent] when trying to open an already opened project - a new empty IDEA window is opened
Bug IDEA-221666 "Copy Reference..." -> "Absolute Path" or "Content Root Path" does nothing if called from Project tree context menu.
Bug IDEA-221860 'Exit from Fullscreen' is broken on mac
Bug IDEA-218342 IDEA crash on a dropdown filtering
Bug IDEA-216860 Unnecessary empty project frame is shown together with Welcome screen when open deleted project
Bug IDEA-220770 Services View: when grouping by both status and type is used, the toolbar buttons are disabled for the collapsed top nodes and enabled for expanded ones
Performance IDEA-208610 Memory leak in MouseDragHelper
Performance IDEA-215642 Many seemingly random freezes soon after one another
Performance IDEA-208611 Memory leak in IdeGlassPaneImpl
Performance IDEA-216525 Freezes in CustomHeader
Usability IDEA-212381 If a line has a navigation icon with a keyboard shortcut, the shortcut should work anywhere in the line
Usability IDEA-211874 Tabs: tabs UI wastes space on left border of a tab
Usability IDEA-215127 startup option became less useful in borderless UI
Usability IDEA-218003 editor tabs should have left/right borders
Usability IDEA-219185 New License dialog: Wrong dialog size
Usability IDEA-212332 Next/previous error navigation should immediately show error tooltip
Usability IDEA-210746 Rename "Move Right" and "Move Down" actions to "Split and Move Right" and "Split and Move Down"
Usability IDEA-76396 Make MouseWheel scrolling smooth
Usability IDEA-116865 Add the ability to bind "Jump to Editor" to a key other than escape
Usability IDEA-18213 MacOSX: Use Cmd+Enter instead of Ctrl+Enter
Usability IDEA-217044 Better wording for "Autoscroll to source", "Autoscroll from source" and "Scroll to source"
Usability IDEA-211210 Duplicated Mnemonic For Edit > Column Selection Mode and Macros actions
Usability IDEA-119140 "Find in path" dialog missing tabstop for "File mask(s)" checkbox
Usability IDEA-211035 Tabs Placement: None should affect only tabs visibility
Usability IDEA-210028 AspectJ: unable to set ajc compiler path
Usability IDEA-218869 New error tooltip with action is hard to use for multi-line error
Usability IDEA-104317 Javadoc with images using the data: scheme are shown as broken images.
Usability IDEA-211957 Feedback for "Show intention actions" with no intentions
Usability IDEA-55081 Allow date format customization
Cosmetics IDEA-212649 Borderless UI: Several dialogs have cropped input fields on appearance
Cosmetics IDEA-216437 "Low Memory" message has the wrong text and link is broken
Cosmetics IDEA-215341 Rename Search Everywhere tab heading in Tool Window
Cosmetics IDEA-214996 New tabs UI: There is no border between database console/table editor and Toolbar/Navigation bar when tabs are hidden
Cosmetics IDEA-221352 "Multiple libraries contain the file" text doesn't fit the popup header
Cosmetics IDEA-211770 Remove Edit icon from Run Configurations combobox
Cosmetics IDEA-211558 Wrong indent in drop-down menu
Cosmetics IDEA-215990 Wrong capitalization in Settings > Editor > File Types
Cosmetics IDEA-156617 Menu icons are blurry on Retina screen
Cosmetics IDEA-206252 Ability to hide menu bar, no2
Cosmetics IDEA-212776 Don't show powered by for intentions provided by bundled plugins
Cosmetics IDEA-204326 Run configuration editor should use default IDE font for all fields
Task IDEA-216075 Convert New File action to the same popup design as New Class
Task IDEA-216355 Debugger: do not underline tab if there is only one tab in a group
Task IDEA-215788 Remove group headers where they are not needed (in Preferences)
Task IDEA-221926 Always show the newest progress text in the status bar, do not group it with older processes
Task IDEA-202744 Implement browse button inside combo boxes
Exception IDEA-212642 IllegalArgumentException: Width and height cannot be <= 0
Exception IDEA-216781 Exception occurs on opening Spelling tab in Settings
Exception IDEA-217476 NPE at com.intellij.openapi.actionSystem.impl.ActionButton.performAction
Exception IDEA-215340 org.jetbrains.concurrency.InternalPromiseUtil$MessageError: Service not found
Exception IDEA-216197 Kubernetes: com.intellij.diagnostic.PluginException: Icon cannot be found in 'KubernetesIcons.Kubernetes_Y' at calling context menu on helm template file
Exception IDEA-217273 Exception occurs on opening a project from Welcome screen
Exception IDEA-217899 Exception occurs on accessing "Show Image Thumbnails" context menu item
Exception IDEA-198352 "java.lang.Throwable: null topic; dialog=class" after invoking "Context help" ("Help" button, F1) in a dialog with no help available
Exception IDEA-202927 Exception occurs on applying "Show F1, F2, etc. keys on the Touch Bar" option
Exception IDEA-211366 NPE when trying to open a project from Welcome Screen
User Interface. Action SystemBug IDEA-220573 It takes a long time for context menu to appear when right-clicking on 1000 files in a directory
Bug IDEA-221936 Enter Full Screen action is missing
Usability IDEA-218224 Request: always offer "show in explorer" when it's a file in the file system
User Interface. Console ViewBug IDEA-124688 Console scroll to the end - jumps on the end of the line sometimes
Bug IDEA-214944 Small fields in Editor > General > Console
Bug IDEA-199225 Console output doesn't combine folds when the prints happen some time apart
Bug IDEA-184208 Console horizontal scroll position lost on output
Bug IDEA-217414 Incorrect handling of ANSI colors in terminal
Usability IDEA-205899 Allow to restart IDE scripting console
Exception IDEA-214526 isDumb should be used only under read action: ConsoleViewImpl
Exception IDEA-212586 Empty Exception Summary
User Interface. ControlsBug IDEA-214489 List drop own of Combobox with jbPopup remains when dialog is moved
Bug IDEA-147414 Project Area can't resize
Bug IDEA-125108 Alphabetical sorting in File Structure doesn't persist after closing
Bug IDEA-218270 Toolwindows in 'Window' mode are hardly accessible
Bug IDEA-215616 Pipette in Color Picker is missing
Bug IDEA-219939 Missing scrollbars don't allow to properly edit Run Debug configurations
Bug IDEA-215589 Disabled action in the popup should not be selectable
Bug IDEA-215218 [Debugger tabs] all tabs are opened after IDE restart with Undocked view mode
Bug IDEA-214991 "Replace" field has increased height
Bug IDEA-216374 Can't customize touchbar anymore
Usability IDEA-199407 No ability to call "Export File Location" dialog from export settings window
Cosmetics IDEA-215220 [Debugger tabs] add a tooltip to the icon under which all tabs options are shown
Cosmetics IDEA-214806 "JRE" combobox is cut in Maven Runner Settings
Cosmetics IDEA-215252 Git Login window — the width of Username and Password fields is not equal
User Interface. Find, Replace, UsagesFeature IDEA-146832 Add the "In selection" checkbox on the find tool equals to the replace tool
Feature IDEA-109899 Automatically escape special symbols for "Find" and "Find in Path" dialogs if "Regex" ("Regular Expression") is checked
Feature IDEA-210362 Recently Edited and Recently Viewed scopes in Scope Chooser
Bug IDEA-214836 IDE freezes in "Find in path" while scrolling through found files
Bug IDEA-216479 "Find in Path..." stopped working with archives (.jar, .zip) when searching in Directory
Bug IDEA-205551 Memory leak: project via UsageInfo2UsageAdapter via ThreadLocal
Bug IDEA-216434 Selected Files scope is missing
Bug IDEA-215905 Update 'Open in Find Tool Window' for Documentation pop-up
Bug IDEA-202674 IntelliJ froze after trying to open result from find in path dialog
Bug IDEA-173424 Find in Path results sorting in random order
Bug IDEA-219877 Shortcut for Open in Find Window in Find in Path on Mac is Ctrl+Enter although tip says Cmd+Enter
Bug IDEA-166862 Find/Replace: Do Refactor button disappears
Bug IDEA-172063 find in path preview hides file extension if filter mask is set, even if several extensions are allowed
Bug IDEA-211547 Search Everywhere: Items found in "Top Hit" section are invisible
Bug IDEA-216936 "Find in Path" called with a selected changelist does not set Scope
Bug IDEA-215907 Update the appearance of the pin icon in Find in Path pop-up
Bug IDEA-215902 Replace icon for 'Open in Find Tool Window' in 4 popups
Bug IDEA-218573 "Directory not found" error occurs when a path to library *.jar is specified as a Directory in "Find in Path" dialog
Bug IDEA-217542 Scopes list empty
Bug IDEA-191582 FindInPath & ReplaceInPath: Regexp: incorrect behavior in case of malformed replacement string
Usability IDEA-212226 Find in Path dialog: option to open results in a separate tab should be keyboard-accessible
Usability IDEA-56579 Find Usages dialog could preserve option values
User Interface. FocusBug IDEA-221394 Focus is lost when switching project using "Recent projects"
Bug IDEA-200078 Double Shift activates wrong main window
Bug IDEA-221988 Escape key does not return focus to the Editor
Bug IDEA-215107 The cursor is gone after "Find in Path..." dialog
Bug IDEA-189984 Can't type in detached editor tab on Mac
Bug IDEA-216227 Show Diff with Working Tree: when action as invoked, focus stays in previous location
Bug IDEA-221400 Projects stop switching using Cmd+` after exiting full screen
Bug IDEA-215976 IDEA 192.5118.1 hangs after start on macOs
Usability IDEA-200871 Tool Window should NOT transfer focus unconditionally.
Usability IDEA-211276 Refactoring preview "Do Refactor" cannot be handled from keyboard because it does not gain focus
Exception IDEA-215495 AssertionError: Already disposed: Project (Disposed) on almost every action in IDE
User Interface. GraphicsBug IDEA-217895 DND in trees on macOS shows doubled image on HiDPI
Bug IDEA-220577 Menu icons in Presentation mode are large
User Interface. Keyboard InputBug IDEA-219266 Navigation Bar dropdown doesn't show up on ⏎ key in 2019.2
Bug IDEA-187355 µ, when extracting method
Bug IDEA-218926 Stretch left keybinding doesn't work
Bug IDEA-220414 "Jump Outside Current Bracket/Quote" does not work with Emacs Tabs
Bug IDEA-219679 Keymaps plugins don't work in AppCode and DataGrip
Bug IDEA-203286 Paste From History appends paste history number to pasted content.
Bug IDEA-216141 Typing Alt+Letter is broken on macOS in IDEA 2019.2 because of a mnemonic related issue
User Interface. Look and FeelFeature IDEA-216532 Theme metadata: new property "since"
Feature IDEA-218113 Theming: update metadata for 2019.2 keys
Bug IDEA-215057 High contrast is selected, but IDE is in Darcula
Bug IDEA-209654 Buttons have yellow shadow in Darcula theme if IDEA is launched with clean settings
Bug IDEA-221356 "Cannot set High contrast theme" error on attempt to set High contrast theme
Bug IDEA-219715 Borderless: ellipsis in window title when moving between displays with different DPI
Bug IDEA-215462 Can't use custom theme
Usability IDEA-219108 Checkboxes for plugins are right next to scrollbar, leading to frequent operator error
Usability IDEA-204653 Color Scheme reverts to Darcula from *Default* light color theme after restart if IDE theme is Darcula
Cosmetics IDEA-211553 Combobox popups have no border in Darcula theme
Cosmetics IDEA-215545 Plugins settings: Tabs bar has dark purple color in High Contrast theme
Cosmetics IDEA-215271 Weird line between items in Inspection settings
User Interface. NavigationBug IDEA-200255 New 'Go to Class' dialog sometimes doesn't show anything
Bug IDEA-220990 Configuration 'Use "CamelHumps" words' does not appear in 'Find Action...' window
Bug IDEA-215299 Search Everywhere: results not filtered for command
Bug IDEA-217470 Next enabled option will be selected if disabled one was called from keyboard
Bug IDEA-214915 Home and end keys don't work in floating navigation bar
Bug IDEA-216744 Search Everywhere: "/appearance" command does not shown full list of options
Bug IDEA-211202 Settings tree: some items in the tree are not selected from from the first attempt
Bug IDEA-208584 Not all commands are shown in the Search Everywhere dialog
Bug IDEA-212385 Recent files action in splitted windows
Bug IDEA-206631 Show definition should be available in dumb mode for files
Bug IDEA-217535 Focus stays on the the latest active element in the popup action list when cursor is on disabled item
Performance IDEA-217855 Go to Action: don't init all configurables on EDT
Usability IDEA-215418 Clearing `Toggle Changed Only Files` should disable checkbox toggling behavior
Usability IDEA-220792 "Recent Files" popup no longer remembers it's dimensions
Task IDEA-217686 Not clear what In-place Descriptions menu item means
User Interface. Project ViewFeature IDEA-212612 Project pane: Open Files
Bug IDEA-215752 Nested sources folder not showing in Project view after updating to 2019.1
Performance IDEA-217348 UI Freeze when deleting file (StructureTreeModel update in non-interruptible read action)
Performance IDEA-192253 Hangup on rendering project view containing Unicode file names
Performance IDEA-218590 AutoScrollFromSourceHandler may lead to freezes
Usability IDEA-85947 Need to rename "synchronize" context menu item
Usability IDEA-172513 Visibility of class is not shown in project tree
Task IDEA-178054 Problem with understanding hierarchy in directory tree
Version ControlFeature IDEA-220779 Add recent commit messages into completion list
Feature IDEA-212693 Support Issue Navigation from annotate/blame commit tooltips
Feature IDEA-178283 Add 'Copy as Patch to Clipboard' to the Shelf view
Feature IDEA-218460 Browse Repository At Revision: support Annotate
Feature IDEA-182495 Show git file history for multiple directories in project view
Feature IDEA-210641 Add VCS status and scope information to file quick documentation
Feature IDEA-73223 More completions in commit message editor. Not only for file names, but method/field names, etc.
Bug IDEA-195923 Alt key does nothing on "Files Merged with Conflicts" dialog
Bug IDEA-211694 External files from ignored folders are suggested to be added to git
Bug IDEA-215701 .hgignore is created under project configuration files
Bug IDEA-130903 Detaching 2nd project from project window not removes its version control dir from main project settings
Bug IDEA-222352 Checkout dialog with preselected Git does not show inputs at once
Bug IDEA-218809 "Paths Affected in Revision" window is not shown anymore if to close the underlying diff
Bug IDEA-217856 Find action: "Changelists: Enable changelist conflict tracking" cannot be enabled and does not exist in settings
Bug IDEA-215906 Update project counts locally modified files as updated
Bug IDEA-218028 Cannot change the global paths filter in the Update Info tab
Bug IDEA-216506 Shelf SIlently doesn't rollback changes if partial changelists option enabled and non modal commit is used
Bug IDEA-217562 .gitignore completion: *. proposes weird results
Bug IDEA-221535 Non-modal commit: Commit button in not getting enabled when only unversioned files selected
Bug IDEA-215708 Project configuration files are treated as external files
Bug IDEA-218141 Upsource Integration plugin do not create review after commit in IntelliJ IDEA 2019.2 beta
Bug IDEA-216285 Missing tooltip when selecting hunks for partial commit
Bug IDEA-210743 Subversion: incorrect working copy is detected if the project is located below the repository root and <Project> VCS mapping is used
Bug IDEA-222387 Non-modal commit: Decrease indent before node
Bug IDEA-209722 Annotate action behave wrong if other annotations added
Bug IDEA-216389 Deadlock: com.jetbrains.changeReminder.predict.PredictionService
Bug IDEA-221627 Non-modal commit: Checked unversioned files are unchecked on Ctrl + K
Bug IDEA-221637 Unversioned files selected in "Local Changes" are not checked by default in commit dialog on "Commit Project" invocation
Bug IDEA-222654 Actions are duplicated in Commit Dialog
Bug IDEA-217487 View Files from Add Project Configuration Files notification does not list some project files.
Bug IDEA-216607 Undo in the editor removes checkbox in the commit pane
Bug IDEA-115100 Maven project import sets Subversion VCS for submodules, if there is a folder or file called .svn in parent folders
Bug IDEA-218842 Diff In Commit-dialog: In Unified View the first chunk is not in focus on dialog opening
Bug IDEA-220599 Import Patch into Shelf broken
Bug IDEA-215930 Rewording commit by shortcut (F2) invokes edit changelist dialog instead reword dialog
Bug IDEA-217608 Changed File Tree are not updated on a second opening of updated
Bug IDEA-215922 Non-modal commit: Commit button is disabled in project after git repository is initiated there until reopening
Bug IDEA-196619 Move to another changelist action only offers changelists not assigned to the file chunks
Bug IDEA-215920 Non-modal commit: file name completion in comment doesn't work
Bug IDEA-184345 Regression - Git Branch Spacebar Functionality
Bug IDEA-215928 'View Commits' link looks active but does not open commits list, if the tab has been closed
Bug IDEA-217202 New file is not added to VCS sometimes
Bug IDEA-210224 Synchronous execution on EDT: unshelveChangeList on Update Project
Performance IDEA-219152 IDE is freezing for 30+ seconds due to a lot of ignored files
Performance IDEA-208591 Do not load shelve file content in EDT
Performance IDEA-207515 IntelliJ freezes when a lot of GIt roots are registered in the project
Performance IDEA-218483 ChangesViewManager may load it's state lazily
Usability IDEA-218356 could you please stop popping annoying "Adding file to VCS" messages
Usability IDEA-217486 "Add file to .gitignore" should create .gitignore if it doesn't exist yet
Usability IDEA-163530 Preselect VCS in Enable VCS integration
Usability IDEA-207787 Silent Unshelve silently ignores a file if it doesn't match the base
Usability IDEA-216299 Do not show first changed file in the Diff Preview of the Local Changes view if nothing is selected
Usability IDEA-216646 Non-modal commit: confusing checkboxes on empty changelists
Usability IDEA-203413 Silent Shelf should shelve in the background
Usability IDEA-211599 Add an ability to skip "Calculating whether something should be added to this commit"
Usability IDEA-212285 Local Changes Toolbar is hard to find in toolbars customization settings
Usability IDEA-212624 Rename action button in Ignore files dialog
Usability IDEA-166965 Changelist name displayed in dropdown is cropped
Usability IDEA-136691 Don't show update info for pull if it is emprty
Usability IDEA-216362 Non-modal commit: on Git | commit invocation for some file it should ecome not only checked but also selected in the LocalChanges
Usability IDEA-222144 Get from Version Control should default to Git not CVS
Usability IDEA-216547 Resolve Conflicts: keep focus in the files list after resolving conflicts by Accepting Yours/Theirs
Usability IDEA-219936 Ignore file update should work through document, not PSI
Usability IDEA-216488 Do not show "View 0 commits" after unsuccessful update with conflicts on rejected push attempt
Usability IDEA-216910 New commit flow: please, allow me to revert changes from diff without checking changed files
Cosmetics IDEA-217029 Use one-pixel splitter for diff preview in Local Changes and Shelf
Cosmetics IDEA-206878 'Add Files to VCS': missing window title
Cosmetics IDEA-221406 Typo in "Project from Version Control"
Cosmetics IDEA-216408 Non-modal commit: Commit options popup does not change color scheme properly
Task IDEA-216383 Change "Amend Commit" action shortcut not to conflict with "Group By -> Module" action
Task IDEA-217255 HierarchicalFilePathComparatorTest is in different package than testee
Task IDEA-219688 Non-modal commit: Remove "Commit" action from "Local Changes" tab toolbar and popup
Task IDEA-217302 Remove "VCS History Cache Settings" panel from "Version Control" -> "Background" settings
Exception IDEA-215307 .ignore: Read access is allowed from event dispatch thread
Exception IDEA-217482 Synchronous execution on EDT on "Fix and Commit" on commit line separators
Exception IDEA-214643 NPE in VcsPushDialog
Exception IDEA-217161 ISE: "Unexpected state: Grafting" when reverting changes with conflicts was interrupted
Exception IDEA-214504 "Project opening should be done in a transaction" on checkout project from git
Version Control. GitFeature IDEA-125239 gitignore right click?
Feature IDEA-208154 Show notification explaining the reason of Rejected force push
Feature IDEA-164356 Let push a branch which is not current branch
Feature IDEA-119995 Git: provide possibility to abort merge process
Feature IDEA-218129 Support interactive prompts from all Git commands
Feature IDEA-173936 Smart checkout could use shelf instead of stash
Feature IDEA-52643 Update/Pull/Merge Info should list new commits (the newly received part of the log) instead of the files
Feature IDEA-168476 git interactive rebase: Add "drop" option
Feature IDEA-207634 Rework the Compare Branches dialog to use a Log tab with proper filters
Bug IDEA-217098 CLion keeps adding excluded folders to .gitignore despite turning it off in the settings
Bug IDEA-216387 "Show repository at Revision" fails to load file contents
Bug IDEA-220499 Git merge --no-commit still perfroms a commit if conflicts occur
Bug IDEA-220907 Git Update Project Info doesn't share recent filters with the main Log instance
Bug IDEA-215904 Git Config parsing breaks if config file includes option without a value
Bug IDEA-217573 Comments are not properly highlighted in .gitignore
Bug IDEA-209375 NPE in GitVFSListener
Bug IDEA-220504 Git | Pull is broken because missing some GitBundle properties
Bug IDEA-214543 Deadlock when checking out new project from Git
Bug IDEA-222091 When changing themes VCS Diff empty panel stays unchanged
Bug IDEA-215676 Deadlock on IDE exit (GitUntrackedFilesHolder)
Bug IDEA-216462 Show Diff with Working Tree: don't let focus the label at the top of the dialog
Bug IDEA-214900 Synchronous execution on EDT: VcsRootProblemNotifier
Bug IDEA-216114 Related files computation fails with VcsException: bad object
Bug IDEA-210229 Wrong baseline for branches statusbar widget
Bug IDEA-210221 Synchronous execution on EDT: git unstash
Bug IDEA-170401 Canceled Commit task reports that the file has been committed while it has not
Bug IDEA-222125 Update project notification incorrectly considers recents when calculating number of commits matching filter
Bug IDEA-190333 (Git) UnStash Changes dialog does not open if there is a stash with message without colon
Bug IDEA-219235 Add to gitignore on a folder in Unveresioned files node adds all its children to the gitingore
Bug IDEA-214683 Git authentication does not work when username includes parentheses
Bug IDEA-220998 Cherry-pick without dialog doesn't synchronize file system changes to the VFS
Bug IDEA-219276 Commit-dialog: Git options are misisng in project with mixed vcs
Bug IDEA-199498 3-way merge shows wrong hash of incoming commit during interactive rebase.
Bug IDEA-215673 Show Diff called from Annotations context menu opens wrong file
Bug IDEA-216783 Creating new tag with existing name silently fails (git)
Bug IDEA-217569 Rename selected branch from Branch Popup do not affect repos which contain this branch as current
Bug IDEA-217398 Synchronous execution on EDT: Resolve from the Notification after rebasing with conflicts
Bug IDEA-216785 Vcs Log: hash range doesn't work in multi-repository projects
Bug IDEA-221660 Git | Branches | Show Diff with Working Tree should be a Frame
Bug IDEA-217872 Changing the Update Info Filter in the Settings doesn't activate the "Apply" button
Bug IDEA-222440 In multi-repository project with synchronous branch control current branch is listed among Common Local Branches with all branch actions
Bug IDEA-217208 Git | Pull hangs if pull.rebase is set to interactive
Bug IDEA-217242 Git hooks don't run unless you open "Commit Options" popup
Bug IDEA-216602 Modification of .idea/.gitignore should not require any confirmation
Bug IDEA-216661 Update Info Tab: don't remember the branch filter
Performance IDEA-212048 Intellij freezes when opening git window with large commit message
Performance IDEA-220438 Don't use reflection to read git config via ini4j
Performance IDEA-218198 UI hanging due to Git filesystem access on main event queue thread (GitRootConverter.convertRoots)
Usability IDEA-152791 File with reverted staged changes is highlighted as changed (blue)
Usability IDEA-216137 Notification after Update Project is displayed not immediately after the progress completes
Usability IDEA-83415 IDEA should "git commit" when possible instead of always calling "git commit --only" with paths
Usability IDEA-149015 Rename "Git | Revert" action to avoid confusion with `git revert` command
Usability IDEA-212324 Hide "Branch deleted" popup when clicking "Delete tracked branch"
Usability IDEA-208989 On project open gpg card password asked due to spawned 'git ls-remote'
Usability IDEA-220048 Add a setting to select Shelf or Stash as a preferable method to preserve local changes
Usability IDEA-81532 Git: cannot force add a file which is on .gitignore list
Usability IDEA-216382 "Compare with Current" could produce confusing results
Usability IDEA-216729 Update Info: it is confusing that the tab remembers filters for subsequent updates
Usability IDEA-219644 For multi-module project - single module branch compare shows multiple module diffs
Usability IDEA-209664 Git double-dot: add 'Swap branches' action to the Compare with Current branch action
Usability IDEA-221787 "New Branch" and "New Tag" in Git log context menu should be top-level items
Usability IDEA-122038 Abort cherry pick & view cherry-pick status should be available from UI
Cosmetics IDEA-221248 Typo in the description of interactive rebase.
Cosmetics IDEA-216439 Git pull from remote repository - "N files updated in 0 commits" message after updating to PS-192.5118.33
Cosmetics IDEA-221703 Tag dialog: change tooltip text on Validate button
Exception IDEA-215869 Synchronous execution on EDT: "Git | Merge Changes"
Exception IDEA-216463 A "couldn't parse status line" exceptions happen regularly on various Git operations
Exception IDEA-208359 Synchronous execution on EDT: git in merge
Exception IDEA-221695 Throwable at org.jetbrains.git4idea.ssh.GitXmlRpcHandlerService.getXmlRcpPort
Version Control. GitHubBug IDEA-209158 GitHub Pull Requests: middle pane is not getting update on Refresh
Bug IDEA-209405 Github Integration forces HTTPS
Usability IDEA-196905 If no github account is configured attempt to push/pull to repository with 2-step authentication always fails: token is not accepted/generated
Cosmetics IDEA-205384 Github: correct displayed error message on incorrect credentials providing
Version Control. Local HistoryUsability IDEA-73911 Implement user-friendly method toString in class com.intellij.history.core.revisions.RecentChange
Cosmetics IDEA-195993 Recent Changes dialog needs some spacing
Cosmetics IDEA-220623 Recent Changes dialog design
Version Control. LogBug IDEA-209131 If the project name contains an underscore '_', the underscore does not appear in the Log Paths combobox.
Bug IDEA-216882 Diff is not available for changes in external repositories Log
Bug IDEA-219575 memory leak
Bug IDEA-167341 Intellij 2016.3.x builds run out of memory
Performance IDEA-178090 High memory consumption of git indexing for projects with huge merge commits
Performance IDEA-217010 VcsLogManager leaks project
Performance IDEA-217125 Git log component update is very slow
Usability IDEA-219083 Commit details: soft-wrap doesn't wrap if there are long words in the text
Usability IDEA-207672 `Log Indexing for "SAT" Stopped` message is confusing
Usability IDEA-207711 Show columns settings should be preserved for additional Log tab
Usability IDEA-193806 Display errors which affect displayed information in the Log
Exception IDEA-217847 Sometimes the UI breaks after clicking "View Commits" from the Event Log
Exception IDEA-217277 update failed for AnAction(com.intellij.vcs.log.ui.actions.CompareRevisionsFromLogAction) with ID=Vcs.Log.CompareRevisions
Exception IDEA-209317 Git double-dot: VcsException: fatal: bad revision when branch name is incorrect
Version Control. MercurialBug IDEA-195145 Lots of WARN in idea.log from HgStatusCommand about 'No such file or directory'
Bug IDEA-220350 Push commits dialog (mercurial): should enter remote URL on every push
Usability IDEA-73341 Mercurial: allow adding ignored files
Version Control. PerforceBug IDEA-208851 Perforce plugin cannot figure out a symlink is not "modified without checkout" when the target is reverted.
Version Control. SubversionPerformance IDEA-219881 Performance improvement in SVN operations
Usability IDEA-219245 Add Subversion ignore action to Unversioned Files Dialog
Version Control. TFSCosmetics IDEA-215448 Add Items to TFS window - there is no "NO" option. Should be either both (text and button) No or Cancel
Web. Flash and FlexFeature IDEA-216599 AIR SDK 33 Android 64-bit arch
Bug IDEA-222595 Unable to debug Flash/Flex on Android
Code InsightFeature PY-36009 Support = expressions in f-strings: f'{expr=}' in Python 3.8
Feature PY-33886 Support PEP 572 -- Assignment Expressions
Feature PY-23087 Namespace Packages via pkgutil not supported
Feature PY-35512 Support PEP 570 -- Python Positional-Only Parameters
Bug PY-32268 Multiple source roots with the same namespace package breaks completion of certain import statements
Bug PY-34312 pytest.mark.parametrize trailing comma unsupported
Bug PY-33034 Can't resolve TensorFlow 1.12 subpackages
Bug PY-37589 False positives with tensorflow 2.0 rc
Bug PY-36884 Unresolved references for some modules in stdlib with 2019.2 EAP
Bug PY-5906 PyCharm code inspection doesn't understand ctypes Arrays
Bug PY-36997 SOE when trying to invoke string literal in Django project
Bug PY-37515 Unnecessary string interpretation in annotation
Bug PY-36004 Support named Unicode escapes (\N{name}) in re
Bug PY-36003 Allow 'continue' in 'finally' clause
Usability PY-20976 Order of suggested imports could be more sensible
Usability PY-15603 Copy Reference for Python contains "#" instead "."
ConsoleFeature PY-26292 Custom names for Python Console tabs
Bug PY-37204 Python Console documentation/parameters info don't work
Bug PY-25480 "Emulate terminal" receives Enter twice
Bug PY-31986 "Use existing console for run with Python" does not always use the existing console.
Bug PY-26264 Wrong caret position on user input
Bug PY-37078 "AttributeError: can't set attribute" on opening debugger interactive console
Bug PY-32658 No input shown for input() when "Emulate terminal in output console" is checked
Cosmetics PY-35587 Add Python icon to "Run File in Console" action
DebuggerBug PY-36942 Placing breakpoint in runtime in a template kills Python process
Bug PY-37120 Debugger hangs on syntax error
Bug PY-36252 Syntax warnings in debugger console
Bug PY-36415 Jupyter debugger prints warnings to output after PyDev merge
Bug PY-36512 <CTRL>+<ALT>+E incorrectly evaluates named function and variable references.
Bug PY-36993 Debugger ignores breakpoints on the last scope line with IPython 7
Bug PY-37150 Exception when starting debugger on pytest: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'f_locals'
Bug PY-36422 pydevd AttributeError: module '_pydevd_bundle_ext.pydevd_cython' has no attribute 'trace_dispatch'
Bug PY-37188 Slice evaluation in Data Viewer shows util variable name (like __py_debug_temp_var_262330507)
Bug PY-31603 Concurrency visualizer reports too many threads
Bug PY-37124 Breakpoint in "" are ignored
Bug PY-37092 Can not debug programs with `os.fork()` (which works in PyCharm 2019.1)
Bug PY-36350 Debugger doesn't stop on breakpoints in IronPython
Bug PY-35999 PyCharm doesn't take "Ignore library files" option into account while debugging
Bug PY-37063 Variable in Debug with own class Series not inspectable
Bug PY-37212 No Traceback in Debugger's Console
Bug PY-33148 Debugging hangs in 2018.3.1 when byte strings arguments are passed to exec or spawn
Bug PY-37012 Paths passed to _NormPaths must be str
Bug PY-35915 Evaluation error when evaluating list comprehension loop variable
Bug PY-37033 Debugger functions like "Step into", "Run to cursor" and so on have stopped working after PyCharm upgrade to version 19.2
Bug PY-32021 Can not attach to process with python 3.7 x32 (win32)
Usability PY-34602 SciView Data Columns Text Horizontal alignment is centered instead of left align
Exception PY-36726 Exception on breakpoints for multi-process programs on Python 2.7.11 and earlier and on Python 3.6.1 ( elif WIFSIGNALED(sts) TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not callable
EditingBug PY-35163 Complete current statement for class method
Bug PY-35461 Closing triple quotes of f-string are not deleted automatically on removal of the opening ones
Bug PY-32269 Parameter completion no longer works once an equals sign has been added after the partial parameter name
Bug PY-32872 No correct completion for closing triple quotes for f-strings
Bug PY-35434 Quotes inserted inside f-string text part before closing brackets, punctuation marks and whitespaces are duplicated
Bug PY-33901 Closing quote in f-string is duplicated when manually inserted
Usability PY-36639 Auto completion popup shows up in prefixes for subsequent implicitly joined strings
Usability PY-32808 Typing "f" for f-string in front of existing string brings up autocomplete
FormatterBug PY-27615 Auto-formatting sometimes breaks formatted string in a way that breaks the formatting
Bug PY-33656 Parts of an f-string literal joined via backslash are not properly aligned
Bug PY-26422 fill paragraph problem with formatted strings
InspectionsFeature PY-34945 Support PEP 591 -- Adding a final qualifier to typing
Bug PY-16688 Unresolved reference for pkg_resources namespace packages defined in multiple source roots
Bug PY-35531 @typing.overload breaks attribute inference of __init__ methods
Bug PY-34622 False positive "Package requirements are not satisfied" when the package is installed in the terminal
Bug PY-20174 Nested module attribute is not resolved if there is a class with __all__ inside it
Bug PY-22204 False positive "is not used" for uninitialized variables with PEP 526 type annotation
Bug PY-35544 Type checker does not recognize subclass-superclass relationship when enclosed in Optional
Bug PY-37054 False "line too long" erros
Bug PY-37415 'Global variable undefined at module level' inspection doesn't work if the variable is reassigned
Bug PY-37623 Globals undefined on the top-level are not reported for subsequent functions
Bug PY-35242 Incorrect code compatibility inspection warning for contextvars in python 3.7
Bug PY-33830 False positive "Class must implement all abstract methods" for abstract classes
Bug PY-21530 False postive redundant parentheses when calling `to_bytes`
Bug PY-22117 False positive "Redeclared variable" for variable annotations and iterable unpacking
Interpreters SettingsFeature PY-33406 Allow using Python interpreter from Windows Store
Usability PY-35588 Updating the list of existing Conda interpreters results in changing the size of the Add Python Interpreter window
Usability PY-35940 Interpreter widget isn't available during indexing
Usability PY-34932 Loading the list of conda interpreters is done without any progress indication
Exception PY-34928 If "powershell.exe" is not in PATH "Add..." action for Project Interpreter fails with the exception
RefactoringFeature PY-21287 Inline method/function refactoring
Bug PY-36721 Inline Function leaves unused imports in file when definition is removed
Bug PY-36803 Imported names are reimported again after inlining a function
Bug PY-36486 Refactor -> Inline function: Case of first char is changed after refactoring (File(...) -> file(...))
Bug PY-36463 Function inlining should be disabled for definitions from binary modules
Bug PY-36658 Refactoring -> Inline: PyCharm does't refactor if imported method has type definition in pyi file
Bug PY-36471 Function inlining shouldn't create a variable for the target instance if it's not used in the method's body
Bug PY-36373 Inline refactoring is not allowed in case when function/method has lambda function
Bug PY-37335 Function inline refactoring: inline this invocation only is available on function declaration
Bug PY-36502 Refactor -> Inline function: PyCharm doesn't rename variable with identical names
Bug PY-30214 "Invert boolean" refactoring is always disabled
Bug PY-35975 Reformat code action doesn't doesn't work in case with assignment expression
Bug PY-22656 'Optimize imports' groups 'typing' module along with external dependencies (EAP regression)
Bug PY-36465 Removing a definition on "Inline Function" should remove its typing overloads
Bug PY-36464 Function inlining should be disabled for overridden methods
Bug PY-36469 "Inline Function" shouldn't copy its docstring
Bug PY-36491 Refactor -> Inline: Line with comment is not moved from function
Bug PY-36642 Function inline does not import elements with names that already present in the scope
Bug PY-36497 Refactor -> Inline: Functions is renamed from correct to not exist name
Bug PY-36655 Inline refactoring: `Number of occurrences: -1`
Bug PY-36467 Removing a definition on "Inline Function" should be allowed for functions referenced in __all__
Bug PY-36461 Function inlining should be disabled for all special methods
Bug PY-36714 Inline function keeps function type comments at places of invocation
Bug PY-27749 Bogus 'String occurrences found" when renaming variable used in f-strings
Bug PY-36485 Refactoring -> inline function: Name of function is trimmed
Exception PY-36484 `kotlin.KotlinNullPointerException` is raised when inline refactoring is called for unused import
RunFeature PY-11372 Add support for macros in run/debug configurations
Bug PY-28866 GDAL_DATA env variable not set when running script
Usability PY-29858 Enable running and debugging while indexing is in progress
SkeletonsBug PY-36504 Stubs for failed binary modules are re-generated constantly
Exception PY-37241 Skeleton generation for lxml.builder fails with TypeError
Test RunnerBug PY-15021 Suggest to create a Pytest test for "Navigate | Test | New Test..." instead of a Unittest test
Bug PY-35394 Pytest parallel tests running is broken if setUpClass contains some output
Bug PY-35090 GoTo navigation on pytest fixture jumps to a wrong one
Bug PY-23394 Tox runner does not obey new runners
Bug PY-35423 ModuleNotFoundError: No module named '_jb_serial_tree_manager' when EnvFile plugin is used
Bug PY-18501 ImportError: No module named pytest_teamcity tox.ini and pytests
Cosmetics PY-30196 Rename Tox to tox
Exception PY-37571 AssertionError when trying to run Tox tests
No subsystemBug DBE-8610 Cannot change severity of inspection 'Delete or update statement without where clause'
Bug DBE-9124 «Modify Table» dialog (⌘F6) shows several DDL commands even when a user didn't modify something
Bug DBE-8871 Can no longer add "external schemas" in schema list (Redshift)
Performance DBE-8694 EAP Consuming Significant Resources - Even at Idle
DB ConnectivityBug DBE-9052 Error: "No subject alternative DNS name matching localhost found." when connecting to Redshift with "Use SSL" enabled
Bug DBE-8715 Oracle: the message under the "Test Connection" button disappears
Exception DBE-8823 IAE at com.intellij.database.model.DataSourceSnapshotManager.$$$reportNull$$$0
DB ConsoleFeature DBE-447 Naming on database console result tabs
Feature DBE-1878 Database console: on switching to deselected schema suggest quick fix to select it in data source properties
Bug DBE-7458 Redshift decode - improper autocomplete/hint(?) and improper warning
Bug DBE-7388 Name database console files so they can be sorted
Bug DBE-8827 Opening the default or connection database console does nothing when you've deleted the scratch file
Bug DBE-8525 Vertica: Explain Plan Diagram Fail
Bug DBE-9068 Can't execute selected part of SQL query in .cs file
Bug DBE-8316 Changes to SQL Script on shortcut in Database view aren't detected. PyCharm seems to cache the SQL Script.
Usability DBE-8145 Inconsistency in read-only mode
Usability DBE-5983 Database Console: query result tabs are messed up
Usability DBE-989 Caret shouldn't move when an error occurs in database console
DB DiffFeature DBE-8977 Compare table contents
Bug DBE-7401 Database Changes window shows first change in queue regardless of selection
Bug DBE-8835 Schema diff comparison with DDL. Don't show differences for native and default words
Bug DBE-8995 Database diff case unsensitive not fully working
Bug DBE-8376 Diff marks difference on tables without changes
DB IntrospectionFeature DBE-5661 Improve support for partitioned tables
Bug DBE-8503 MariaDB Schema error with disabled event scheduler
Bug DBE-8115 Can not synchronize Azure database, getting error "SQLServerException: Reference to database and/or server name in 'master.sys.schemas' is not supported in this version of SQL Server"
Bug DBE-7588 Cannot Connect to PostgreSQL instance. ERROR: column n.xmin does not exist
Bug DBE-4856 Azure: db_id() doesn't work, we need a workaround
Bug DBE-6300 MS SQL Server DB introspection fails with OutOfMemory for a production-size database 12872+ tables
Bug DBE-7342 AWS Aurora MySQL: procedures sync fails with `PROCEDURE lambda does not exist`
Bug DBE-8310 DDL data source: unknown schemas appearing in Database tool window when editing DDL script
Bug DBE-8344 Viewing or editing procedures on DB2 for i (AS/400) systems fails
Bug DBE-8504 DB Synchronize failure
Bug DBE-9015 Server crash issue when using DataGrip with AWS Aurora
Bug DBE-8648 Special character in MySQL database prevented PhpStorm from retrieving table contents (rows)
Bug DBE-8405 Database schemas not updating
Performance DBE-8380 Introspection takes forever and hangs datagrip
Exception DBE-8577 MS SQL: attempts to introspect inaccessible database causes exceptions like[S0001][916] The server principal… is not able to access the database… under the current security context
DB RefactoringBug DBE-8303 MySQL create index: Column ordering is always defaulted to ASC
Bug DBE-9050 Invalid Nullable type composition for ClickHouse LowCardinality
Bug DBE-8889 Sqlite Constraint Check lost when table is modified
Bug DBE-9017 When adding a SMALLINT type column with width and UNSIGNED, the width digit ignored.
DB Schema ViewsFeature DBE-4807 Show table/column comments in database tool window (tree) for all elements at once
Feature DBE-4336 Show database column default value in database tool window
Bug DBE-8463 Create new schema by right clicking on schemas for MySQL
Usability DBE-1476 Change shortcut for Refresh action in Database Tool Window
Usability DBE-8483 MySQL: Database Connections tree shows character sets instead of databases
Data Import & ExportFeature DBE-2640 [Feature Request] Download query output as markdown table
Bug DBE-9098 Can't import data from a CSV that includes IDENTITY column data to a SQL Server table
Bug DBE-5165 Import File Not working correctly
Bug DBE-8323 Cassandra: incorrect blob data export as sql inserts
Bug DBE-8732 CSV Import - please swap default LOB from Text to varchar(max) to better support modern (post 2005) versions of SQL Server
Data ViewsFeature DBE-87 Full text search in database
Feature DBE-5971 Easily show all rows of the result ignoring page-size setting
Feature DBE-7980 Set NULL via typing
Feature DBE-5804 Preview BLOB content in table documentation
Feature DBE-3251 Easily change number of result rows
Bug DBE-8058 Can't edit table in data editor in Apache Cassandra using DataGrip
Bug DBE-9021 Navigating to referenced and referencing rows from data grid doesn't put quotes around UUID's.
Bug DBE-8557 "Limit page size to" no longer limits max query row count
Bug DBE-8433 Using FWD and BACK button on table views re-issues the query
Bug DBE-8817 Colors are stuck in filter
Bug DBE-8717 Comment to name query result tab leads to "unresolved table editor"
Bug DBE-8788 BLOB Record modifications in Database explorer, after automatic reload, shows a Java object reference
Bug DBE-8511 Database Tool - Go To Related Data queries entire table
Bug DBE-8531 Different SQL code color in DataGrip (sql editor and filter)
Bug DBE-7701 While creating a new row, any boolean column with a default value set cannot be editted before the row is comitted to the database
Bug DBE-8470 Db2: can't edit `decfloat(16)` grid value
Bug DBE-7911 Cannot insert new row into table with identity column in postgresql 10 and 11
Bug DBE-8857 Query width gets wider and wider with each return (visual bug)
Bug DBE-8453 Can not open table editor for Apache Ignite database: Failed to parse query. Table "UCP" not found
Usability DBE-8318 Filter History no longer showing up after 2019.1 release
Exception DBE-8761 Artifacts in service windows when view result of SQL query
Navigation & SearchFeature DBE-8080 Introduce All Data Sources and per-Data Source search scopes
Feature DBE-5592 Filtering in Go-to-table navigation
Feature DBE-8897 Full text search enhancement - result list(s) should be ordered
Feature DBE-6452 Option to restrict Navigate to Table/Routine/Class to connected Data Sources
Bug DBE-8448 Unable to search database table from quick search
Bug DBE-8963 When Ctrl+clicking on a table name in SQL, the Database window doesn't quite scroll that table on the screen
Usability DBE-8895 Find Usages | Sort by line number
Usability DBE-8875 Show files in "Attached Directories" by default when pressing Ctrl+Shift+N (Go to Files)
SQL CompletionFeature DBE-8410 IS NULL and IS NOT NULL as combined completion items
Feature DBE-4499 suggest join conditions based on column / table name matching
Bug DBE-8686 SQL code autocomplete works incorrectly
Bug DBE-4713 SQL completion failing on create table
Bug DBE-9046 Database tools: no autocomplete for table name when typing 'alter table' with postgres
Bug DBE-8552 Problem with cast postfix
Bug DBE-8785 Some objects are not loaded in the completion popup
Usability DBE-8918 'VARCHAR' is completed as 'VARCHAR()'
SQL Format and StyleFeature DBE-8321 EXPLAIN should be fromatted similar to CREATE VIEW
Feature DBE-7551 FOR XML formatting
Feature DBE-8451 Oracle: align CONSTANT keyword
Bug DBE-6170 The "Place comma" setting is ignored when "Wrap" is set to "Wrap if long"
Bug DBE-8666 Redshift: formatting SQL breaks syntax
Bug DBE-8334 Unnecessary space before comma in ALTER TABLE when several ADD instructions
Bug DBE-7497 Align of data types in alter instructions of SQL formatting is broken in 2018.3.1
Bug DBE-8328 SQL code style should support RETURNING on a separate line
Bug DBE-8951 Stupid formatting of subqueries when they are not collapsed
Bug DBE-8845 Cursors need to be left-aligned
Bug DBE-8452 Oracle: align CASE Expressions in pl/sql block
Bug DBE-8986 Extra indent of the line after where clause
Bug DBE-8888 Indent Missing in SQL Formatting of While Loops in Stored Procedure SQL files
Bug DBE-5853 indent incorrect with ms sql server-style column aliasing
Bug DBE-8974 SQL Pre-formatter doesn't handle commas when the setting is specified in the Common section
Bug DBE-8841 SQL formatting: "New line after ALL, DISTINCT" doesn't work when the comma at first
Bug DBE-8767 SQL formatter mangles blank-padded literals in Postgres
Performance DBE-8257 SQL paste stuck (in PhpStorm)
Usability DBE-8978 The combination of Code Style settings and source line breaks cause ugly result
SQL GeneralBug DBE-8314 Endless inspection
Bug DBE-8499 DataGrip UI hangs when (or right after) introspecting Oracle DB.
Bug DBE-7941 Todo-comments in the text of database server stored objects
Bug DBE-6474 DataGrip does not operate properly with identifiers containing CRLF
Bug DBE-6538 Oracle SQL plus dialect: formatting changes and corrupts the query
Usability DBE-7315 Automatically add commas when drag'n'drop columns to the query
SQL GenerationFeature DBE-8466 Db2: support xml index specification generation
Feature DBE-7893 Procedure is missed in Generate menu
Feature DBE-8467 Db2: support index key expression generation
Bug DBE-8404 Db2: support SQL Generator 'CREATE OR REPLACE' option
Bug DBE-8401 Db2: support SQL Generation for table's distribution clause
Bug DBE-8527 afrom generates wrong code with reserved column name
Bug DBE-8826 After editing a package, the last ; is removed during submission to database
Bug DBE-6261 Oracle: DDL script for VIEW misses column names defined in the view header
Bug DBE-8468 Db2: support type hierarchy
Bug DBE-8400 Db2: support SQL Generation for generated columns with identity options
Bug DBE-8962 Wrong Snowflake DDL generation
Bug DBE-7107 MSSQL: incorrect DDL generated for char columns
Bug DBE-7960 PG11:Exception happens when generating definition for partion table which is in different schema of its parent table.
Usability DBE-8430 Add pre-selection when creating new objects
SQL HighlightingFeature DBE-8593 Intention: Convert multiple equal with OR to IN and vice versa
Feature DBE-8597 Column name hints in INSERT
Feature DBE-8570 Add inspection for using LIMIT (or similar clause) inside EXISTS call
Feature DBE-1197 Highlight values in insert statement with select clause
Feature DBE-8630 Folding long numbers
Feature DBE-8513 Missing support for UPDATE mutation syntax in ClickHouse
Feature DBE-8514 Missing support for IP types in ClickHouse
Feature DBE-8598 Inspection: Check for TOP/OFFSET
Feature DBE-8697 Inline parameter hint provider
Feature DBE-8330 Datagrip literals auto-injection
Bug DBE-8738 Inspection "VALUES clause cardinality" false positive when used with "OUTPUT inserted INTO"
Bug DBE-8294 Oracle false positive sql inspection: Nested aggregate calls are not allowed
Bug DBE-8394 Inspection for implicit string truncation
Bug DBE-8718 PostgreSQL CREATE OPERATOR using the FUNCTION keyword instead of PROCEDURE
Bug DBE-8814 Inspection of "Using CASE instead of conditional function and vice versa" shouldn't be enabled on MSSQL Server 2008
Bug DBE-9006 Unreachable code inspection is reported for Oracle package
Bug DBE-8289 MariaDB syntax error - ADD COLUMN IF NOT EXISTS
Bug DBE-9003 Datagrip editor showing syntax error for amazon redshift query. In the attached screenshot when the isnull statement is in the same line as select clause the query gets executed but when the isnull is in second line it gives a syntax error.
Bug DBE-8383 Inspection: aggregate-related problems
Bug DBE-8281 Inspection: Adding not null column without default value
Bug DBE-8397 Editor incorrectly reports "JSON standard does not allow such tokens" and other errors for postgres sql file
Bug DBE-8399 Unused subquery item inspection isn't triggered
Bug DBE-3890 create tablespace db2 fail
Bug DBE-8299 PostgreSQL: No error if RENAME COLUMN is used together with other ALTER TABLE action.
Bug DBE-8866 Allow to enter query with reluctant quantifier in MATCH_RECOGNIZE / Row pattern matching query for the databse tool
Bug DBE-7455 MariaDB EXCEPT and INTERSECT support
Bug DBE-7491 Add syntax highlighting for PL/pgSQL "special commands" (#variable_conflict)
Bug DBE-3773 SQL: Inspections: Sybase: Ambiguous column reference: two different columns cannot have the same alias
Bug DBE-8850 Exasol DROP INDEX grammar error
Bug DBE-5460 Datagrip does not understand exception joins (db2 iseries)
Bug DBE-8396 Redundant alias inspection
Bug DBE-8277 Inspection: Table variable is never used
Bug DBE-9095 Syntax highlight for ASYMMETRIC KEY
Bug DBE-9105 SQL error when using quoted shame and a table name starting with a number on 2019.2.2
Bug DBE-8306 Inspection: Unable to resolve variable
Bug DBE-9056 Columns referenced from PostgreSQL variables with RECORD data type result in unresolved reference error
Bug DBE-9084 IDE don't recognize 'VALUES (expression) table value constructor' in MariaDB 10.3 and above
Bug DBE-8398 False positive "unreachable code" warning
Bug DBE-8482 Snowflake Recursive CTE Parsing Error
Bug DBE-8939 "unreachable code" error when viewing an SQL Server stored procedure
Bug DBE-8690 Materialized CTE break formatting
Bug DBE-8940 Postgres SQL editor does not support PARTITION BY HASH
Bug DBE-8763 DataGrip says "Aggregate calls are not allowed in ORDER BY" clause of non-aggregated query
Bug DBE-6327 TODO colors doesn't work in console
Bug DBE-8416 Postgres inspector does not recognize grouping() function
Bug DBE-8752 SQL: PostgreSQL: VALUES clause cardinality: inspection gives false warning with select into
Bug DBE-8637 partition by join is not recognized in "Oracle SQL*Plus" Dialect
SQL RefactoringFeature DBE-8559 Intention to replace GROUP BY with DISTINCT and vice versa
Feature DBE-8207 Suggest to refactor several INSERTs into one INSERT
Bug DBE-7709 Incorrect placing for table's alias
Bug DBE-9093 Intention 'Replace IN expression...' corrupts code
Bug DBE-7514 Useless quick-fix 'Create table definition' in injected SQL
Bug DBE-8807 [PLUGIN] Unable to rename table variable
Bug DBE-8652 Disable the Extract Routine refactoring for GoLand as it doesn't seem to do anything
Usability DBE-8960 'Expand column list' should be available if caret is after '*'
Usability DBE-8325 SQL: add refactoring: introduce table alias
SQL ResolveBug DBE-5766 Unresolved savepoint
Bug DBE-8388 Problems with resolve when commenting a type
Bug DBE-5033 DataGrip does not recognize trigger logical tables DELETED/INSERTED when using ALTER TRIGGER

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