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Debugger: LLDB16661Bug16676Load custom natvis outside project directory is not working16675
Code: DocumentationTaskCPP-16321Provide default black list for C++ parameter name hints
BugFeatureCPP-Support STL types rendering in LLDB for MSVC16652Wrong name hint if literal operator is used inside function call
UsabilityCPP-17012Add parameter hint before NULL
BugCPP-Failed to show custom natvis in STL container17105Don't show parameter hint before NULL in case of non-pointer
Debugger: LLDBBugCPP-17126Bundled LLDB doesn't work on macOS 10.15 Catalina
Code: ClangdBugCPP-16345Name hints do not handle brace elision in aggregate initialization
BugCPP-16627Hint '&' in pack expansions
TaskCPP-16823Namehints and Comments
BugCPP-17103Namehint for BinaryOperator with multiple macros
Code Analysis. InspectionBugIDEA-219976False alarm "class, interface, or method should not be extended"
CorePerformanceIDEA-220475Freeze on project opening
Core. File SystemBugIDEA-219943PsiModificationTrackerImpl.incLanguageModificationCount() does not always attribute a PSI change to the correct language
ExceptionIDEA-121210"VirtualDirectoryImpl#compare: PersistentFS returned duplicate file names ..." on case-insensitive FS
Core. IDE SettingsBugIDEA-211731Settings for New Project aren't saved
Core. Platform APIBugIDEA-220367Deprecate and avoid usage of `UElement.getLanguagePlugin()`
BugIDEA-220618IDEA can freeze when indexing is paused
Editor. Diff and MergeBugIDEA-220302Regression in 2019.2: CacheDiffRequestChainProcessor does not honor myRequestChain.getIndex()
Editor. Editing TextBugIDEA-220351Expandin collapsed blocks dont setup cursor to correct position
BugIDEA-219192Can't see hard wrap guide.
CosmeticsIDEA-208775"Enable font ligatures" unable to click on popup
Infrastructure. Packaging and InstallationBugIDEA-219214Patch update from 2018.3 to 2019.2 doesn't work
Plugin. Shell ScriptBugIDEA-220072Bash functions missing in the Structure view
BugIDEA-219928Builtin Shell Script plugin causes color syntax error after bash variable substitution using escape character as last character in replacement string
Plugin. TerminalBugIDEA-221853Terminal crashes
Services. DockerFeatureIDEA-210768Docker. Support --ulimit command line option
FeatureIDEA-218179--network is not a recognized docker build option
BugIDEA-217917Services. Docker. Two "Jump to Source" navigation items from the deployed containers/compose apps
BugIDEA-179900Docker exec tab does not correctly wrap
BugIDEA-207582Cannot use more than one terminal in container using exec `/bin/bash`.
ExceptionIDEA-219940Docker: com.github.dockerjava.api.exception.NotFoundException: {"message":"no such exec"} at attempt to edit some exec tabs
Services. SSHBugIDEA-220121SSHJ: SSH authentication fails when the only authentication method is a One-Time Password via keyboard-interactive
BugIDEA-220693SSHJ: Authentication process terminates if kerberos authentication fails
User InterfaceFeatureIDEA-218792Skip minimised and fullscreen windows in Activate Next Window action
BugIDEA-192504Enter Full Screen & Exit Full Screen does not execute when invoked via find action
BugIDEA-153291IDE opens on a last known location when external monitor is detached: outside of screen
BugIDEA-219898Double shift on modal makes it no responsible
BugIDEA-199472Tool windows broken when opening project
ExceptionIDEA-202927Exception occurs on applying "Show F1, F2, etc. keys on the Touch Bar" option
User Interface. ControlsBugIDEA-219939Missing scrollbars don't allow to properly edit Run Debug configurations
User Interface. Find, Replace, UsagesFeatureIDEA-109899Automatically escape special symbols for "Find" and "Find in Path" dialogs if "Regex" ("Regular Expression") is checked
BugIDEA-219877Shortcut for Open in Find Window in Find in Path on Mac is Ctrl+Enter although tip says Cmd+Enter
User Interface. FocusBugIDEA-221400Projects stop switching using Cmd+` after exiting full screen
User Interface. Keyboard InputBugIDEA-219266Navigation Bar dropdown doesn't show up on ⏎ key in 2019.2
BugIDEA-218926Stretch left keybinding doesn't work
User Interface. Look and FeelBugIDEA-219715Borderless: ellipsis in window title when moving between displays with different DPI
User Interface. NavigationBugIDEA-200255New 'Go to Class' dialog sometimes doesn't show anything
User Interface. Project ViewBugIDEA-215752Nested sources folder not showing in Project view after updating to 2019.1
Version Control. GitUsabilityIDEA-219644For multi-module project - single module branch compare shows multiple module diffs
Code InsightBugPY-36004Support named Unicode escapes (\N{name}) in re
BugPY-36003Allow 'continue' in 'finally' clause
ConsoleBugPY-37204Python Console documentation/parameters info don't work
BugPY-37078"AttributeError: can't set attribute" on opening debugger interactive console
DebuggerBugPY-35999PyCharm doesn't take "Ignore library files" option into account while debugging
BugPY-36942Placing breakpoint in runtime in a template kills Python process
BugPY-37012Paths passed to _NormPaths must be str
BugPY-36993Debugger ignores breakpoints on the last scope line with IPython 7
BugPY-37150Exception when starting debugger on pytest: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'f_locals'
BugPY-37188Slice evaluation in Data Viewer shows util variable name (like __py_debug_temp_var_262330507)
BugPY-37124Breakpoint in "" are ignored
InspectionsBugPY-37054False "line too long" erros
DB ConsoleFeatureDBE-1878Database console: on switching to deselected schema suggest quick fix to select it in data source properties
DB DiffFeatureDBE-8977Compare table contents
BugDBE-8995Database diff case unsensitive not fully working
DB IntrospectionBugDBE-9015Server crash issue when using DataGrip with AWS Aurora
DB RefactoringBugDBE-9017When adding a SMALLINT type column with width and UNSIGNED, the width digit ignored.
Data ViewsBugDBE-9021Navigating to referenced and referencing rows from data grid doesn't put quotes around UUID's.
Navigation & SearchFeatureDBE-8897Full text search enhancement - result list(s) should be ordered
BugDBE-8963When Ctrl+clicking on a table name in SQL, the Database window doesn't quite scroll that table on the screen
SQL CompletionBugDBE-4713SQL completion failing on create table
BugDBE-9046Database tools: no autocomplete for table name when typing 'alter table' with postgres
UsabilityDBE-8918'VARCHAR' is completed as 'VARCHAR()'
SQL Format and StyleFeatureDBE-7551FOR XML formatting
FeatureDBE-8451Oracle: align CONSTANT keyword
FeatureDBE-8321EXPLAIN should be fromatted similar to CREATE VIEW
BugDBE-8334Unnecessary space before comma in ALTER TABLE when several ADD instructions
BugDBE-8986Extra indent of the line after where clause
BugDBE-8328SQL code style should support RETURNING on a separate line
BugDBE-5853indent incorrect with ms sql server-style column aliasing
BugDBE-8841SQL formatting: "New line after ALL, DISTINCT" doesn't work when the comma at first
BugDBE-8666Redshift: formatting SQL breaks syntax
BugDBE-6170The "Place comma" setting is ignored when "Wrap" is set to "Wrap if long"
BugDBE-8974SQL Pre-formatter doesn't handle commas when the setting is specified in the Common section
BugDBE-8888Indent Missing in SQL Formatting of While Loops in Stored Procedure SQL files
BugDBE-7497Align of data types in alter instructions of SQL formatting is broken in 2018.3.1
BugDBE-8452Oracle: align CASE Expressions in pl/sql block
BugDBE-8951Stupid formatting of subqueries when they are not collapsed
UsabilityDBE-8978The combination of Code Style settings and source line breaks cause ugly result
SQL GeneralBugDBE-6474DataGrip does not operate properly with identifiers containing CRLF
BugDBE-6538Oracle SQL plus dialect: formatting changes and corrupts the query
SQL GenerationBugDBE-8962Wrong Snowflake DDL generation
SQL HighlightingBugDBE-9006Unreachable code inspection is reported for Oracle package
BugDBE-8939"unreachable code" error when viewing an SQL Server stored procedure
BugDBE-9003Datagrip editor showing syntax error for amazon redshift query. In the attached screenshot when the isnull statement is in the same line as select clause the query gets executed but when the isnull is in second line it gives a syntax error.
BugDBE-8940Postgres SQL editor does not support PARTITION BY HASH
BugDBE-7491Add syntax highlighting for PL/pgSQL "special commands" (#variable_conflict)
BugDBE-8398False positive "unreachable code" warning
BugDBE-3773SQL: Inspections: Sybase: Ambiguous column reference: two different columns cannot have the same alias
BugDBE-7455MariaDB EXCEPT and INTERSECT support
SQL RefactoringBugDBE-8807[PLUGIN] Unable to rename table variable
BugDBE-7709Incorrect placing for table's alias
UsabilityDBE-8960'Expand column list' should be available if caret is after '*'
SQL ResolveBugDBE-5033DataGrip does not recognize trigger logical tables DELETED/INSERTED when using ALTER TRIGGER
BugDBE-5766Unresolved savepoint