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The following is a detailed plan for the next release cycle.

  • C++ language support
    • Mostly Image Added Mostly bug-fixing and performance improvements as mentioned above.
    • Rework Image Added Rework an action to switch header/source (CPP-12920).
    • Deeper Image Added Deeper integration with the Clangd-based engine, especially in the areas where it helps eliminate performance issues and lags (for example, Clangd-based code completion).
    • Investigation Image Added Investigation and fixes for various crashes and memory leaks in Clangd-based engine.
  • Project model
    • BuiltImage Added Built-in Makefiles support (to substitute for the current flow of managing Makefiles projects). CMake - still under development
    • Image Added CMake defaults for new projects (CPP-1887).
    • Use Image Added Use CMake File API (CPP-8238) to allow using Ninja and other generators (CPP-2659).
  • Remote development
    • Investigate Image Added Investigate WSL v2 support opportunities (CPP-16543).
    • Remote Image Added Remote debugging with gdbserver via ssh (CPP-7050).
    • Performance Image Added Performance improvements for remote mode.
  • Debugger
    • Improve Image Added Improve the quality of the experimental debugger for Microsoft Visual C++ toolchain (you can expect some NatVis related fixes in 2019.2.x updates already).
    • Support Image Added Support for .gdbinit/.lldbinit located in project folders.
    • Input/output redirection (CPP-3153).
    • Performance investigations and improvements.
  • Embedded Development
    • Mostly Image Added Mostly bug-fixing (which means your feedback on the recently added functionality will be very important!).
    • Console for GDBServer (CPP-15392CPP-7103).
  • Code coverage
    • llvmImage Added llvm-cov/gcov integration (similar to what was recently added in AppCode).