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You can setup auto-update of Scala plugin Nightly builds in IntelliJ IDEA.
Simply select desired update channel from a drop-down menu at "Updates" tab in Scala plugin settings page.

Or if you cannot do it from plugin settings add "" to custom repositories in Settings -> Plugins -> Browse custom repositories

Build 2019.2.483

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7 Fixed issues
7 Fixed issues
  • SCL-13169 Refactor | Extract variable leads to broken code if the default name is already used
  • SCL-15724 Regression: `Convert to expression in parentheses` refactoring is not available in Nightly
  • SCL-13358 "Convert to argument in parentheses" refactoring works incorrectly
  • SCL-15678 BSP: build toolwindow does not report task progress (2019.2)
  • SCL-15643 sbt 1.3.0 shell output is messy
  • SCL-15711 `make conversion explicit` action throws scala.MatchError
  • SCL-8405 Extract local variable conflicts with method names if method was imported

Build 2019.2.474

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