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JavaScript name suggestions: don't conflict with the global 'name' variable
No subsystemBugWEB-38612"Do not show hints for current method" does not work for Javascript
BugWEB-38087ESLint Language server execution timeout on Windows WSL
UsabilityWEB-38832Can't choose task (gulp, grunt, npm) via arrow keys when field is empty (fresh RC)
DartFeatureWEB-11590Support AngularDart
BugWEB-38651dart problems view issue suggestions don't handle angle brackets
BugWEB-38346Auto insertion of /// unexpected by the Dart Plugin
JSONBugWEB-33444JSON Schema mappings are stored with platform-dependent slashes
BugWEB-38658Fix type in JSON schema validation for browserslist when used in package.json
JavaScriptBugWEB-3883337675404 not found in "api" project
BugWEB-38649Flow: no clickable links in the error tooltips
BugBugWEB-38488NPE when creating a new object property
BugWEB-38666Incorrect auto import when copy/pasting code between files
WEB-38647Unresolved methods of mixins
BugBugWEB-38534JS: do not show members from unknown namespace in top-level completion
BugWEB-37675404 not found in "api" project
WEB-38758Type evaluation is broken for destructuring patterns in for-of
BugWEB-38757TypeScript type aliases shouldn't be shown in 'extends' clause
PerformanceWEB-38032Performance problem with suggestions and completion in project with redux-saga
JavaScript. FrameworksBugBugWEB-38448False 'unresolved' error in angular templateWEB-38725Angular: Support quickfixes in EL for qualified references
BugWEB-11206AngularJS: Wrong "Unknown HTML tag attribute" warnings
BugWEB-38825Angular support doesn't recognize type when QueryList is used in *ngFor
BugWEB-37854Typescript - issues with generic inference from index signatures
BugWEB-38760Angular - no completion item for *ngTemplateOutlet directive
BugBugWEB-38554Angular, Native Script: provide extension to contribute to template contextWEB-38174Angular: intentions doesn't work if method is prefixed with `this.`
BugWEB-38734Angular: find usages of private component fields in templates
BugWEB-38153The variable type is not resolved when using 'slice' pipe
UsabilityWEB-38425UI improvements for inspections and completion presentation for Angular components
CosmeticsWEB-38979Angular: provide UI for --defaults parameter in new project wizard
CosmeticsWEB-38956Do not show error about missing Angular template property when class is not yet defined
JavaScript. InspectionsFeatureWEB-2385Detect accidental =+ instead of += on string variableBugWEB-38726Inspections: Typo (Spellcheck) inspection is doubled for the arrow function
BugWEB-38543Cleanup fixes reported from "Missing module dependency" inspection
JavaScript. RefactoringFeatureWEB-38801'Introduce variable' for destructuring patterns in variable declarations
FeatureWEB-32725Postfix templates for destructuring
FeatureWEB-38308Inspection and cleanup for redundant await/return Promise.resolve() and Promise.reject()
BugBugWEB-34393Extract variable shouldn't be available on 'export default function' when corresponding function has overloadsWEB-38745Refactoring: Move is too slow and changes import unexpectedly
BugWEB-34668move statement up - last array/object item - same line comment - incorrect comma
LintersBugWEB-38922eslint6 not working
TypeScriptBugWEB-38509move file under path mappings "*" to "*" breaks references
BugWEB-38422Move statement doesn't work inside enums
BugBugWEB-38270TypeScript editor sometimes stop workingWEB-38606TypeScript: no auto completion for rvalue of setter when parameter type is inferred via getter
PerformanceWEB-38440Slow augmentation resolution in angular projects