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Edit–>Find–>Find Text in Project action (Ctrl-Alt-Shift-F) let you look up nodes with property values matching specified text. [MPS-4577]


Make in background

An option to send Make process into background, available in MPS for years, hasn't been quite useful due to issues in MPS threading model. We have been working to improve UI responsiveness during background make, which got better now. Therefore, the setting to run make in background is preserved, so that  once you've opted to send Make to background, all subsequent Make processes start in background right away. There's a new UI setting to control this, Preferences–>Project Settings–>Make/Perform in background, in case you'd like to restore old behavior. [MPS-13440] and [MPS-30037]


Spell-check in BL comments

We employ IDEA's spellchecking mechanism to help you keep your BL comments clean and accurate. [MPS-8630]

Test language

More specific error checking


A new typechecking framework and runtime support to be introduced, which is a total rewrite of the legacy engine.



Root History

[MPS-9402] MPS 2019.2 comes with an action to show VCS history of changes to a specific root. Selection history functionality, well-known from IDEA IDEs, is limited in MPS to a whole root node at the moment. The action is available from editor's context menu: