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Typechecking Façade API

As of this release, the new facade API is the only supported way to run typechecking queries. 


The following is a tentative plan of changes to be made in relation to legacy typesystem support. This is subject to discussion.

Typesystem aspect to be deprecated

The aspect that has been responsible for implementation of typesystem and the language used in this aspect will become legacy. With time the language and the runtime support will migrate to a separate plugin.

Checking ("non-typesystem") rules

A new aspect to be introduced that will essentially replace the "non-typesystem" part of " typesystem " aspect. A migration will be provided to extract checking rules from the legacy typesystem aspect.

Typechecking based on Coderules

A new typechecking framework and runtime support to be introduced, which is a total rewrite of the legacy typesystem engine.