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Build 2018.3.7

1 Fixed issues
1 Fixed issues
  • SCL-14949 Resources not copying in Scala/Maven project

Build 2019.1.2

72 Fixed issues
72 Fixed issues
  • SCL-14266 Type alias wildcard import from package object - good code sometimes red
  • SCL-14965 Exception when pasting code (emanating from scala plugin)
  • SCL-13750 Syntax highlight error for http4s implicit syntax
  • SCL-14950 go to definition doesn't work for constructor references in 2019.1
  • SCL-14981 Copy to clipboard does not work
  • SCL-14939 Exceptions when opening projects
  • SCL-14951 SBT import fails for cats project, IntelliJ goes crazy
  • SCL-5444 reformat always add indentation to @example content
  • SCL-9625 Inspection: Replace Some(a) with Option(a)
  • SCL-14884 Worksheets: output panel is not showing in 2019.1
  • SCL-14998 IntelliJ 2018.3, Scala Plugin: "Find Usages" on members of private classes does not work
  • SCL-14952 IDEA freezes after file copy and ctrl-space
  • SCL-13947 Scalafmt doesn't reformatting after code_template expansion
  • SCL-9167 Support View -> Show Bytecode action for Scala
  • SCL-14902 java.lang.Throwable exception on starting IDE with Scala plugin
  • SCL-14881 Unexpected 'Illegal inheritence from sealed class' error when using a scala sealed class for Java generic constraint.
  • SCL-14804 Navigate to Class / Symbol: support symbolic method names
  • SCL-12626 Broken imports in generated Udash project
  • SCL-9707 Collection inspection: don't use `unzip` to extract a single component
  • SCL-14908 freeze due to infinite tail recursion in ScalaTemplatePreprocessor
  • SCL-14707 Value overrides nothing when extending trait hierarchy from jar
  • SCL-14879 Extensions are only loaded on second SBT refresh
  • SCL-14664 refactor or reimplement for statements desugaring
  • SCL-14813 bsp: dynamic timeout waiting for connection
  • SCL-14716 Make Scala plugin project buildable without SBT
  • SCL-14957 scalafmt: dynamically choose library version to use based on version field of configuration file
  • SCL-14956 Take .flags into account in ScalacTestDataHighlightingTest
  • SCL-14856 exhaustive match generated code in method definition is shifted
  • SCL-14993 worksheet splitter is too wide
  • SCL-14990 move PsiElement.accept(PsiElementVisitor) to base classes
  • SCL-14995 Rename ScConstructor into ScConstructorInvocation
  • SCL-15033 Generate code: Throwable: AWT events are not allowed inside write action:
  • SCL-14897 Weird self type annotation and ThisTypeSubstitution interaction
  • SCL-14851 InvalidPathException: Illegal char <:> at index 2: /C:/...
  • SCL-15019 Render type lambdas using kind-projector syntax if it is available
  • SCL-8299 Collection inspection: replace if (i < seq.length) Some(seq(info)) else None with seq.lift(info)
  • SCL-14891 Good code red with fs2 streams
  • SCL-15011 Good code red with alias for FUnit and reduce
  • SCL-14857 bsp build toolwindow problem reports: lines off by one
  • SCL-11891 Collection inspection: convert set.contains to set
  • SCL-11892 Collection inspection: convert seq.exists(_ => true) to seq.nonEmpty
  • SCL-14108 Scalafmt For config. file the plugin should open "specify path" dialog at project root directory
  • SCL-14556 Scala plugin doesn't report scalafmt error
  • SCL-14754 Unable to configure "Add fully qualified imports" when scalafmt is selected
  • SCL-14846 bsp: log bsp runner process output
  • SCL-14949 Resources not copying in Scala/Maven project
  • SCL-14927 Good code red: monix.execution.Callback
  • SCL-14806 sync and update to svg icons
  • SCL-14922 Good code red: "trait inherited multiple times"
  • SCL-14986 don't create stubs for local elements
  • SCL-14843 scalafmt settings are not applied
  • SCL-14862 IntelliJ Scala compiler gets it wrong while Scala Scala compiler manages to do the thing
  • SCL-14849 bsp: don't report diagnostics in build toolwindow log
  • SCL-14848 Implement/Override methods intention action does not play nice with kind-projector
  • SCL-14968 Remove bundled HOCON support
  • SCL-14982 MatchError in TypeDefinitionMembers$.privateProcessDeclarations
  • SCL-14983 fix warning about ScalaImportOptimizer progress indicator
  • SCL-14940 implicit instance not found
  • SCL-14886 Good code red: cannot resolve symbol due to change of type member
  • SCL-15021 Good code red: trait companion methods not recognized in Java as static interface methods
  • SCL-15008 Erroneous extra implicit parameter, when using context bounds on apply method
  • SCL-15006 Update channel not saved when pressing "Check for updates" button
  • SCL-15004 @define scala doc tags are red
  • SCL-14888 Test run configuration should allow to specify JRE other than module default
  • SCL-10175 Collection inspection: filtered option
  • SCL-14874 process handler of ScalaCompileServer should be blocking
  • SCL-14894 Good code red - inner class of a generic class
  • SCL-14913 Vararg classparameters have invalid type when accessed from Java code
  • SCL-14892 Override/implement action & caching inconsistencies
  • SCL-14926 SOE on Import Class quick fix
  • SCL-14936 Implicit resolution don't work for implicit classes with higher kind type parameter
  • SCL-14812 wrong "unnecessary parentheses" inspection on repeated argument type